Monday, August 11, 2014

382 The West financed the Ukraïnian revolt for years

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At the worst period, when Russia was completely in chaos,  suddenly Ukraïne decided to split away from Russia.
Who suggested this split to the then Ukraïnian politicians, back in 1992?

In 2004 there were elections in the Ukraïne, and Yanukovich was elected.

Then a protest started, because an exit poll had shown very different results from the later official results for that area. It was decided to have the ele11ctions again. The old results were dismissed.

Otpor was working full speed to crate an orange Revolution.
George Soros's 'humanitarian agents' had done their destabilising work for years.

And they succeeded: Now a pro-American president won, Victor Yushenko.

His presidency was not very succesfull, and in 2010 the Ukraïnians voted for the more pro-Russia candidate again.
NB: These governments are all oligarchs and thieves I think. It is not that I think Yanukovich is a better man than Yushenko.  Here I only want to show that The West has tried to separate the Ukraïne from Russia.

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