Sunday, July 31, 2011

155. 911 continued...

Every now and then I read some 911 information. 
The offer is so huge (on the internet alone) that one can spend a full life reading it all. So the trick is to find the good stuff. 
It doesn't have to be recent to be good. 

An author that I discovered today was Dr. Frank Legge (Perth Australia.) 
In my own words he says something like this: 
"The official explanation for the collapse of the Twin Towers and of WTC 7 is that the iron was weakened by the fires. 
But the fires were not at all homogenous ( and symmetrical) through the buildings.  
Some area's were much hotter, others had hardly any fires ( like parts of WTC7).
Yet all three the buildings came down very symmetrically. 
This is only possible if the iron in the whole building would 'give up' to support the building at exactly the same second. 
Even with a perfect homogenous and symmetrical fire this would be very improbable to happen. 
For it to happen in three buildings is nothing less than a miracle." 

My suggestion: 
What we could do is this: any high rise building that has to be demolished will ( from now on) be handed over to the scientists who wrote the NIST report. 
The are allowed to build a fire as symmetrical and homogenous and as hot as they can, using all the kerosine they like. 
If ever they succeed to cause a symmetrical collapse  (straight down) all 911 Truthers will 'rest their case'.  

Here is the article of mr Legge.
( Do not miss the 118 eye-witness statements of firefighters who heard explosions: here.
Read also the very convincing rebuttal of the 'softening metal' theory: here. ) 


Another article, which is a chapter from a book that was published last month, also made an impression on me. 
It shows to what detail Truthers have studied the subject, and how convincing they are when they show us that the head of the CIA was telling lies under oath to the 911 Commission. 
Here is the article. 
Here is the book and the reviews. 

The one star reviewer on Amazon ( RT, 2 july 2011) sees 3 groups of 911 activists:
1. The crazy ones, possibly secretly funded  by the government, to damage the imago of all truthers.
2. The Truthers who know that parts of the US government and the Mossad (and possibly some Al Quaida agents) did 911. 
3. The Truthers ( like RT himself) who just want to show everybody in the world how impossible the official version of 911 is, and who ask for better investigation to find out who is guilty. 

I, Jan Verheul, belong to the second group. 
But I will always search for facts that falsify my hypothesis. 

The 3rd group asks for futher investigation, and this is normally 'the wise thing to do.'
But we are in 2011 now, and already in 2004 David Ray Griffin was criticised rightly for just asking 'new investigation'. ( see George Trinkaus.) 
It just means that nothing will happen. 
There will never be a new investigation as long as there is no revolt. 
Because the ones who did it all, who were behind the 'inside job' are still the ones in Power. 

Here is how Trinkaus analyses the situation and shows us the ineffective stance of Griffin : 

"So, in his Part Two, Griffin abandons Inside Job, mounts a safer horse and gallops on toward his Conclusion, his final posture. This is, incredibly, a plea to the government for a "full investigation." The impetus for such a phenomenon would come from the Fourth Estate. "It is only when the press leads the way that there can be an official investigation," declares Griffin. OK, class, let's get this straight. A fascist military junta, on the heels of a stolen election, blows up 3000 people, then on this pretext goes to war in three theatres, one being its own citizenry, to whom it declares, "You are either with us or against us."

The junta threatens another national-security event bigger and uglier than 911. It squelches all police-agency investigations. It rigs two bogus official investigations. It conducts a cover-up and big-lie propaganda in the mass media and in the foundation-funded left media, both of which the junta has under its totalitarian control. All the above Griffin, in his own elusive way, has acknowledged in pages preceding. Still the coy professor is insisting that right action under these extenuating circumstances is to petition that same fascist government and its controlled media. Well, I guess that's just the sensible, respectable, reasonable, and grown-up thing to do. Had we but world enough and time ...

George Trinkaus has an interesting CV and website
Here he mentions some books that show us how the Media are used to mislead all of us. 

A Mass-Media Bibliography
It's not just spin, folks. Meet the pro-active media campaign. A few practitioners of propaganda in the 1920's wrote about their work with a candor never encountered today.
How We Advertised America by George Creel (1920). The author directed the selling of World War I to a gullible public. Archive
Public Opinion by Walter Lippman (1922). A journalist writes honestly about the media culture. Free E-book
Propaganda by Edward Bernays (1928) “The father of Public Relations” writes with surprising candor about his work.
Two media critics neglected today:
The Mind Managers by Herbert Schiller (1973). The author was at work on media criticism decades before it became fashionable. Way deeper than the Norman Soloman's of today. Case studies of The National Geographic and other established brain-washing media.
The Rape of the Masses by Serge Chatokin (1940). Subtitle: "The Psychology of Totalitarian Political Propaganda." (Rare)

This is what it all result to, according to mr Trinkaus: Roll over, Machiavelli!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

154. Breivik.

This blog:

Update 3 and 5 sept 2011:

Is it possible that Breivik was a patsy, a brainwashed guy in a much bigger plot ?

Here is some information that points in that direction:

1)  One man who knew Breivik quite well just could not imagine that  Breivik did what he did. His explanation is that Breivik was brainwashed. ( Video )

2) There is a right wing website Gates of Vienna ( muslim bashers) who say that Breivik did write comments on their website every now and then, and always in GB english, as is learned on scandinavian schools. Yet his manifesto is in American english ...
They say that the manifesto mentions authors that are well known in Amerika, but hardly known over here.
They signal that the American Embassy has been montitoring extremists.
Reading this, I ( J.V.) ask myself  : Were they  looking for islamists, or were they really looking for an extreme anti-muslim that they could brainwash?

3) The 'News in English' newssite has a few interesting things :  

 Breivik has, according to newspaper Dagens Næringslive, told police that he used NOK 6 million (USD 1.1 million) for his terrorist plot.
Breivik was found to have declared a taxable income of just NOK 5,223 (USD 960) in 2007.

- Lippestad ( Breiviks lawyer, in Veterans Today wrongly translated by 'Google translate' as Lippe City ! )  told that Breivik had discussed his “travelling activities” in Norway and “very many countries” in “large parts of Europe,” during which time he had taken “around 20″ trips. 

4) Breivik has many quotes of an influential Scandinavian blogger in his Manifesto. This blogger, Fjordman, is in reality a certain whose father was a communist and looks 100% jewish.  There are more reasons to think this Fjordman was a pro- Israel agent: ( Bollyn ) ( Fjordman )

5) Then there is Veterans Today  that has a newspaper article translated by Google Translate.
(Breivik= Brewick. Lippe City is Breivik 's lawyer Lippestad. NOK is norwegian money.)

Breivik made telephone calls to the police during his killing spree.  Veterans finds the behavior of the police during the killing very inadequate and finds this suspicous. Also  the video of the reenactment of the killings on Utoya give the impression that the police have sympathy for Breivik, Veterans  says.

6) A commentor on Veterans Today , a certain Confused , at 16 august , writes:
 Michael Reshetnikov, the head of the opposition Belarussian Party of Patriots told online that that Breivik visisted  Belaruss three times this year, and that Breivik has trained under the  Bela Russian KGB general majoor Valery Lunev.
This  Valery Lunev is now CEO of  Far West LLC at  Dubai.
Far West LLC is a company that coordinates and does mercenary work... I  hope I summarise this correctly. They work for Halliburton and were founded by them.( Dick Cheney, Iraq, expenses plus )
Some of their work is approved by the CIA.
Another company they work with is Dilligence LLC, which was started by former intelligence people ( CIA, MI5 ) and they began in Iraq in 2003.

This makes us wonder if he worked alone, and if not: who were his sponsors ?
Who may have talked him into this ? And what was their goal?

One comment on the Breivik terror which I read somewhere and found interesting:   In the USA it will be easy for the government to pick up critics and put them in jail without any form of justice. Thanks to the 911 attack, which made the Patriot Act possible. (The thousands of papers were miraculously written in a few weeks time... or were they prepared before 911 ?)
Europe does not have such a  law.
Some wild attacks like Breivik's might do the trick. Collateral advantage: Utoya shows that it's dangerous to criticise Israel. ( We knew that after the murders on Olaf Palme and Anne Lindh.)

My original blog, written in july: 

It is 23 years ago that I have made the transformation:
Before 1988 I was defending immigrants in discussions with people who were 'against foreigners'.
After 1988 I began to realise that they became so numerous that our society was bound to get in trouble.
I understood that any group of people, any society will get in trouble from big influx of people.
The larger the number of immigrants, the bigger the problems.
The more different the immigrants, the bigger the problems.

From 1990 to 2003 I was a critic of large scale immigration. Not a critic of muslims.
I was a big fan of Pim Fortuyn, and lay down flowers at his house the day after he was murdered. There were thousands of people who did the same.
Fortuyn was afraid of the muslims, but for me the problems were not a result of their religion, but only of the large number of immigrants, and the big difference, genetic and cultural.
Fortuyn was my hero because he was able to put large scale immigration on the agenda without being crushed in all the media.  No way! He was so eloquent that he crushed rivaling politicians. On camera!

I was angry. When I looked around in the world I saw ethnic groups living together for centuries and still fighting one another: Blacks and whites in the USA, Hutu's and Tutsi's in Rwanda, Blacks and Arabs in Sudan, Kurds and Turks, Basks and Spanish, Serbs and Croats etc. etc.

Now we were creating the same situation in our own country. In a very rapid way.
Why were we setting all the conditions right for ages of ethnic strive?  For endless human suffering?
To what avail?
How was it possible that discussions on this subject were impossible?
Why was anyone who pointed at these tragic examples of multi-ethnic societies accused of fascism ?

In 1996 I studied the theory of an evolutionary psychologist,  J. P. Rushton. His book explained it all: ethnic groups are different in appearance ànd in behavior because of different conditions in the location of their evolution. Not only IQ's are different, but also behavior-preferences.

To make a long story short: I learned that it was especially jewish theorists who teached us that all people are the same. That IQ does not exist. Cannot be measured. Race does not exist. We  are all the same. Its just the upbringing that makes us differ.
The Stephen Jay Goulds,  Lewontin's and Boas's of this world.  They fooled all of Academia, for decennia.
Why ?

Well, if people are only different because of their different upbringing, then immigration is not a long-term problem: after a few decennia we will all have the same culture and there will be no problems anymore.

This took care of the academic world.( Blog 85)

The Holocaust industry took care of the rest.  Discrimination was the biggest sin that one could perpetrate in the years between 1970 and 2000.  The years of limitless immigration.
Anyone who wanted to stop this immigration was ostracised: he was a Nazi.
His political career was ended before it began.
He was branded for life, as well as his children.

Mr. BREIVIK, READ MY LIPS:   you are a fan of Israel because they hate the muslims, just like you.

But what you did not see yet is this: It's these jewish interests that brought the muslims in your country!

What you missed is that we all were accused of being fascists if we criticised immigration, but at the same time Israel did not let any immigrants enter their country !

What you don't know is that some of the earliest muslim-bashers were fierce left wing pro-immigration activists in their earlier lives. ( David Horowitz, Leon de Winter). (Blog 78)

Just like it is jews who created your muslim-hatred, it is the same jews who did everything to get our countries full of muslim immigrants ! (Blog 136)

It may be true that social democrats were instrumental to the large scale immigration, but it was the doctrine that 'all people are the same' which made it possible.  It was the extreme bashing of immigration-critics that prevented all discussion.
Who gave us these wrong idea's ?
Who made every discussion impossible?
Their names were Boas, Popper, Lewontin, Gould etc.
The fact that they did not believe their own theories can be deduced from the fact that non of them criticised Israel or the jewish religion.
Israel that throws people out of their own country instead of letting strangers come in.
The jewish religion that says that non-jews are closer to horses than to jews.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

153. Murdoch.

Hacking telephones of people is a crime.

But Murdoch's crime is so much bigger.

He is an important part of The Media that are misleading us for decennia now.

For example on 911.

Architects and engineers who have a close look at the event cannot believe what the Murdochs of our world tell us.
They ask for a real investigation.

No one has told it better and with more authority than Dr. Alan Sabrosky.

Sabrosky is former director of the US Army War College.
A professor at Georgetown univ. and at John Hopkins university.
He is a US marine Corps veteran,  and a man with jewish ancestry.

Sabrosky is convinced that 911 was done by Israel.

Look at this recent interview:  video.

Here are some of the Architects and engineers who ask for a real investigation:

( The whole list is here.)

Architects, degreed and licensed.

Architectural Professionals

William Tickell, architectural staff
B.A. Architecture Cal Poly SLO
San Luis Obispo, CA

Engineers. Degreed and licensed.