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301 Israel did 911

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There are some well-informed people who dare to state in the open that Israel did 911.  Or: 'The Mossad did it.'

Well, there is at least quite a lot of circumstantial evidence that points the finger at Americans who also have an Israeli passport, and who are known to be more loyal to Israel than to the USA.  ( Two of them Richard Perle and Douglas Feith, were once convicted for spying on behalf of Israel, if I remember it well) .

Then there is the PNAC report, written by ( al,most exclusively ) jewish Neocons.
In this report they describe what they wish for: war. But they will not get it, because the American people do nto want war, unless...... they would be attacked, like they felt attacked by Japan in Pearl Harbor.  (It is now known that they knew about Pearl Harbor coming and let it happen: exactly to cause public anger ( led by the Media), so that America could go to war. )

911 was the 'New Pearl Harbor' that the PNAC Report wishes for. And the Wars have started. Not all of them though, but the ambitions were very high: 'To take out 7 countries in the next 5 years" ( As presidential candidate Wesley Clark said in 2007.)

I do agree with the statement: Israel did 911, or at least: zionists in the USA made sure that an attack planned by some arabs was not halted and would be sucesfull.

Alan Hart says that Israeli' are 'penetrating every arab government, military organisation or terrorist group , whatever.'
But the same is true for many organisations in the world, and government departments of the USA: They are Controlled by Zionists.

Here is a recent blog by a Dutch author to corroborate this:
 ( Controle over the OPCW: Replacing the boss of OPCW by their own man;  Telling Carla del Ponte - ICC-  to take a hike ) ( Cowbird)

This blog is an inventory of these 'sources'.

These people say: Israel did 911.

1. Dr. Alan Sabrowski, former director of the US Army War College.

Sabrosky has one jewish grandmother, but he finds it his duty to state what he sees as the truth.

A short Article on ICH: ( article)

Video:  9/11 TRUTH: Jewish Ex-Marine SPEAKS OUT on Israeli Involvement

2. Alan Hart and Dr. Kevin Barrett.

( Part 1. 6 min: Zionism cannot change. 8 min:Half of money in Congress comes from Zionists.)
( Part 2 ,with quotes from Israeli's that prove that Israel was never in danger. )
( Part 3: USS Liberty. 1948: 90.000 well aremd Israeli's against 20.000 arabs)
( Part 4 Israel wags the dog. From minute 5:  'I'm gonna break a rule now. Basically I don't speak about 911, because it makes you ae easy target of attack, and that takes away the attention of your main message. I think it probably started out as an all muslim operation.  But:  From almost the day that Israel was born it had its agents penetrating every arab government, military organisation or terrorist group , whatever. So they would certainly have penetrated this, and my guess is , at an early point they said to the bad guy's inthe CIA : "Hey, this operation is running. What shall we do? And the Zionists and the Neocons said: Let's use it.)
( Part 5 on min 3: The oil industry needs stability. Saddm potential enemy for Israel. Iran could never start nuclear war on Israel. Iran fuzz is to obscure 911 etc. )
( Part 6  Stolen Nukes.)

3.  Ken O'Keefe: Vietnam Veteran, activist:
 " 911 was An Israeli zionist False Flag attack, Ken O'Keefe."

These people say: Israeli's involved.   

1. On Amy Goodman, In Counterpunch, In 'The Forward.'
Christopher Ketcham, Part 1.      ( Part 2)

2.  On Fox News: ( Karl Cameron's report )

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300 Jewish elite try to conquer the world in 1945.

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In 1946 some Jewish people have tried to convince Stalin that Russia and the USA should merge into One World Power, who would dominate the rest of the world.
( Baruch Plan for World Government)

Some decades earlier there were some Brittish people who aspired to form a World Government, but a closer look shows us that in reality these people were jewish too, although they presented themselves as Christians.
(Cecil Rhodes a.o.)

To show Stalin they meant business they gave him a fine present: all factories of Germany were dismantled and sent to Russia. ( See: 1. Emperical conclusions...)

Germany was going  to be an arcadic country: no industry, just farmers would live there.  This was the plan of another jewish power-broker: the American minister of justice, Henry Morgenthau. ( Wikipedia ) ( Irving) ( Many links )
The Morgenthau Plan would cause 20 million germans to die from hunger, according to most sources (a.o. President Hoover). But one source, Freda Utley,  calculated it would cost 30 million German lives.

The Morgenthau Plan was presented to Churchill in Canada, in november 1944. Churchill first was angry and devastated by the proposal, but later he was forced to agree with the Plan.

The Morgenthau Plan was the policy during 1945, 1946 and 1947, when it was abandoned.
During these 3 years it cost about 3 million Germans their livers. They died from hunger and misery.

Why was it abandoned?

Well, Stalin had understood that this merger with the USA was probably in reality  nothing else  but a peaceful take-over, and he refused.
I am not sure when this was clear to the West: after all these German industries had arrived in Russia, or already before.

Then The West needed a strong Germany as a buffer against a strong Russia.
Also it had become clear in these few years that a non-industrialised germany would be a big handicap for other European industries.

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299 Syrian 'rebels' planned Syrian revolt, it was not Assad's killing of protesters.

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Beste bezoeker, Op deze blog houd ik recente ontwikkelingen in Syrië ten aanzien van de verwachte opstand op 15 maart 2011 bij. Als Nederlands politicologe van Syrische afkomst probeer ik op deze manier mijn bijdrage te leveren.

Over mij

Mijn foto
Beste bezoeker, Op deze blog houd ik recente ontwikkelingen in Syrië ten aanzien van de verwachte opstand op 15 maart 2011 bij. Als Nederlands politicologe van Syrische afkomst probeer ik op deze manier mijn bijdrage te leveren.

zaterdag 26 februari 2011

Syrische opstand verwacht op 15 maart 2011

De organisatoren van de Syrische opstand hebben gisteren op Facebook 15 maart uitgeroepen totde dag waarop de Syrische revolutie ontketend gaat worden. Eerder werd op 5 maart een 'Syrische dag der woede' aangekondigd die echter gedoemd was te mislukken.

De reden voor de keuze van 15 maart is, volgens de organisatoren, het feit dat ze tijd nodig hebben om het volk te mobiliseren en warm te maken voor de opstand, maar ook door organisatorische redenen. Deze voorbereiding achten ze essentieel om te voorkomen dat deze opstand, net als de eerder aangekondigde 'dag der woede', niet zal slagen. Daarnaast hebben de organisatoren als reden genoemd het feit dat de revolutie in Libië nog vol aan de gang is, met als gevolg dat alle media aandacht op Libië gericht is.

Op de Facebook pagina van de Syrische opstand, die momenteel 24.500 leden telt, werd verder aangegeven dat in acht Syrische provincies al groepen zijn gevormd die verantwoordelijk zijn voor de lokale organisatie en mobilisatie van burgers.

De berichten en reacties op de Facebook pagina zijn zeer lovend en enthousiast. Het blijft echter de vraag of de woorden ook daadwerkelijk in daden zullen worden omgezet. Ik hoop het van harte!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Beste Iba,

    Je bent echt een zeer dappere meid! Het opkomen voor vrijheid en mensenrechten is een taak van ieder mens. Echter, niet alle mensen hebben het lef om uit hun schulp te komen.

    Als Assyrische vluchteling uit Turkije weet ik als geen ander hoe het is om onderdrukt te worden in een land waar geen vrijheid is zoals we dat kennen hier in Nederland.

    Ook in Syrië worden veel Assyrische mensen die opkomen voor hun vrijheid en rechten onderdrukt en vervolgd.

    Lang leve de strijd voor de vrijheid!!
  2. Wat gek, ik dacht dat de opstand spontaan was. Ik dacht ook dat de 'revolutie' een reactie was op de bloedige repressie van vreedzame spontane protesten.

    Stomverbaasd was ik dan ook toen ik er achter kwam dat er op 11 maart 2011 een enorme wapensmokkel vanuit Irak naar Syrië werd onderschept. Tot zover de vreedzame en spontane opstand.

    Er zijn uiteraard helemaal geen regionale machten die zo ontzettend veel belang hebben in een regime-verandering in Syrië, dat ze bereid zijn om via provocateurs een gewapende opstand uit te lokken.

    Neem deel aan deze site
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