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372 Freedom of the press. Russia versus the USA.

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The case of Gaza 2014. 
1 Diana Magnay lost her job at CNN. ( Volkskrant)
2 Ayman Mohyeldin lost his job at NBC ( Huffington Post )

The invasion of Iraq.
Opponents of the invasion lost their job:
3. The Phil Donahue show was cancelled a few monts before the invasion. Donahue was the only voice opposing the invasion.
4.Peter Arnett doubted the Iraq inbvasion and told the people so. He lost his career shortly after.

5. Dan Rather speaks out
If we journalists, including my self, had right from the beginning had  been asking the necessary tough questions and doing our reporting, rather than be like a sort of stenographers, I do think the Iraq war could have been prevented."   ( Rather) 
Why did you not do your job, Dan ?  
D. Rather:  " Fear is present in every journalist: of loosing your job, of your company going broke, of being labeled as unpattriotic etc.  "  

6. Rageeh Omar: "I did not really do my job properly in Iraq. ( Omar

Some journalists got killed: 
7. Michael Hastings, who toppled the highest rank general in Iraq, McCrystal,  and had a new scoop coming, decided to go undercover, as he knew his life was in danger.
A few hours later his car drove at very high speed against some trees in Hollywood. ( Hastings

8 Gary Webb wrote about the connection of the CIA with the Nicaraguan Contra'sand their hand in the import of drugs into the USA.  Webb committed suicide, but apparently had shot himself 2 times in the head.  Does not happen often. Willy van Damma and others are sure he was 'suicided' by his ennemies. 

How it works. 
Instead of forbidding to say some things, it is more a matter of promoting the right person. 

9  A conversation between BBC top journalist Andrew Marr and Noam Chomsky
Marr: How can you know that I'm self-censoring? How can you know that journalists are...

Chomsky: I don't say you're self-censoring - I'm sure you believe everything you're saying; but what I'm saying is, if you believed something different, you wouldn't be sitting where you're sitting.

10  Murdoch journalisten klappen uit de school:  Outfoxed. 

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