Sunday, December 30, 2018

795 Controle op de burgers, door hun eigen regering....

( Ter nagedachtenis aan Arjen Kamphuis, nu al vergeten....) 

Het lijkt er op dat de USSR en Oost Duitsland nog niet konden  tippen aan de huidige VS:

List of government mass surveillance projects

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This is a list of government surveillance projects and related databases throughout the world.


Snapshot of Boundless Informant's global map of data collection

European Union[edit]

  • Data Retention Directive: A directive requiring EU member states to store citizens' telecommunications data for six to 24 months and allowing police and security agencies to request access from a court to details such as IP address and time of use of every email, phone call, and text message sent or received.
  • INDECT: Research project funded by the European Union to develop surveillance methods (e.g. processing of CCTV camera data streams) for the monitoring of abnormal behaviours in an urban environment.[1]
  • Schengen Information System: A database kept for national security and law enforcement purposes.



  • In August 2014 it was reported[2] that law-enforcement agencies had been accessing Australians' web browsing histories via internet providers such as Telstra without a warrant.
  • It was reported[3] that Australia had issued 75% more wiretap warrants in 2003 than the US did and this was 26 times greater than the US on a per capita basis.



DGSE base near Domme in southwestern France






United Kingdom[edit]

United States[edit]

top secret document leaked by Edward Snowden to The Guardian in 2013, originally due to be declassifiedon 12 April 2038.

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