Monday, August 11, 2014

381 Information Clearing House: hugely important website for me.

This blog:

A certain mr. Tom Feeley has one of the best websites on the net.  For many years already:

I hope it works when you try it .
Today  it does not work.

On the website of The Saker we read why:  Tom and his family are threatened.

He complained about it before.
And I must say: if I were creating the NWO, I would also stop sites like ICH.

I have learned an awful lot from ICH.
As well as from

It would be a tragic loss if one of them would no longer be there.

But I am afraid that is what the future will bring us: These people are so powerfull, and they must notice that more and more people no longer believe them.  More and more people see what is really happening in the world.
So websites that do what ICH does, they have to find a country where they feel safe.

I know that is hosted in Malaysia.

I remember that The Saker will set up a site in another country ( was it Iceland?) 

Already in 2008 Tom Feeley and his family where threatened. 
Here you can read about it: ( 2008 threats

It would be a big loss if ICH woudl disappear, not in the least while ICH has video's still working that have disappeared everywhere else ( like Pilger's  "The war you don't see")  , and I have linked to them extensively.

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