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361 Flight MH 17 went down: Cui bono ? And: the Neocon modus operandi.

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60 hours ago the Malayusian airliner with 295 people aboard was brought down above Easter Ukraïne.
Almost 200 Dutch people died in the crash.

I have spent the last 2 days reading about the possible actoprs who brought it down, ans writing on a Dutch website:
Here you find most of my posts:

Here are my two first posts:

Johan Vermeulen, do 17 juli 2014 18:08Reageer op Johan


Een heel droevige zaak.
Waarschijnlijk door de separatisten neer gehaald, maar dan in ieder geval zonder de bedoeling om een neutraal verkeersvliegtuig met 280 mensen neer te halen. 
Als ik een schuldige moet aanwijzen: de gezagvoerder van Malaysian Airlines. Je vliegt niet over oorlogsgebied waar enkele dagen eerder nog een vliegtuig is neergehaald.

My second reaction came 10 minutes later: 
2e reactie. 
Wat de toedracht ook is: dit is een catastrofe voor de separatisten. 

De machten in de Media zullen hen schuldig verklaren, ook al is hier uiteraard sprake van een droevig ongeluk: dit is oorlogsgebied waar vliegtuigen brandbommen gooien op burgers, en waar die burgers zich verdedigen door te pogen die vliegtuigen neer te schieten. 
In zo'n gebied horen geen burgervliegtuigen te zijn.


I am quite proud of these two reactions, within half an hour of hearing about the crash.
- I identified the Kiev Air Traffic Control as the actor that is most responsable. ( This is a war zone ) 
- I immediately understood that this would only lead to immense negative propaganda versus the Separatists. 
- I was sure that those who downed  the plane  ( separatists, I thought) did not intend to kill civil passengers.   

Now, 60 hours later, only one thing changed:  
I learned that operating a missile that can take down a plane at 10000 meter, with a speed of 500 miles/hour is very difficult. Only well trained specialists can do this.  ( A man wrote on The Sakers blog: I studied 2 years in aeronautics. I would need 1 year ewxtra study and a lot of practice before I can launch a Buk. ) 
Also it is very, very questionable weather the Separatists had a launcher that was able to function well. They probably did not. 

I have spent the last 2 days trying to show the people that it would be very imp[robable that these Separatists would have done it, or could have done it. 
And I made a 'cui bono' analysis. 
This shows that if the Separatists had done it , it must have been by accident. 
But if the Ukraïnians did it, it was probably on purpose: they benefit a lot from it.  And above all their masters:  The American Neocons who want to controle the world and see Russia, and especially Putin, as a big obstacle. 

The reason for this blog is this: 
Although I knew ( from experience ) that the Media are used to demonise the opponent, and that this was going to happen to the Separatists,  Iam still flabbergasted at how this can happen. 
I saw it happening in these 60 hours. 

Of course there were the ususal nitwits who started blaming Putin for it etc. but our prime minister came on tv 24 hours after the crash and stood firm: "We will not accuse anybody. We will investigate thoroughly. I spoke to president Putin and he will cooperate and also wants a thorough investigation."

He was criticised for it, but I was happy with it of course.
Now, I did not look much tv and did not look many video's about the crash area.
But only another24 hours later, our president came on tv again, and now he was very angry about Putin. He had called Putin again, and it was an intense conversation, he said.
What happened?
The whole day we saw and heard on tv:
The OVSE investigators were denied access to most of the area where dead people are.
We heard a soldier saying:  I must ask my superior. I cannot let you in.

To this, our president Rutte added: We saw video's where people were taking personal possessions from the dead. It made him very very angry, he said.

I was surprised. This sudden change.  Later Rutte came in the news with Cameron and said they would be firm on Putin.

Now, we may not forget that our country has 200 deaths, and that this brings a lot of emotion.
Rutte has to cater to those people too.

This is the situation in my opinion: 

From the militia's point of view: 
Ukraïne is at war.  It is people who are fighting for survival.
They saw their family and friends killed, and no one in the world was interested.
They are fighting real fascists,. but the world writes about them as if they are the fascists.
Nobody helps them, not even Putin. ( Not that we know.  At least he let the Novorussians down: they are killed by Kiev, and Putin does not invade, like in the Crimea. )

Now a plane comes down ( probably done by their opponents, the beloved fascists of the West, and now all the media in the world come to them and demand cooperation.

Why? Are these 300 people ( crash victims) so much more human than the 500 innocent Ukraïnians who were burned alive sometimes by the friends of these demanding visitors?

There seem to be several groups of resistance. Sometimes they compete with each other.
Why would they listen to Putin? Putin who let them down?

From Putin's view: 
I am accused of supporting the revolt.
If I ask these rebels to cooperate with OVSE, it is like giving proof to m,y accusers thatthey are right.
The accident happened above Ukraïnian soil. We have nothing to do with it.
You think that we did it?  What could possibly be the positive effect of killing 300 innocent people?
You think the Separatists did it with our assisitance? Same question:  What could be their motive?
Listen, the Americans diod spend 5 billion $ to destabilise the Ukraïne. They drove out the legal president who had already signed an agreement to have early electionbs, after which he would abdicate. Yanukovic had also taken out of service the police, it was part of the agreement on 21 february.
The Americans ( Joe Biden) wanted that.
But then, the next day, the fasciust militia took over power in Kiev and ousted Yanukovich.
The new putch government immediately took measure that were negative for the Russian speaking Ukrainians:  about the use of the language etc. They were second class civilians.

This lead to an uprising.
Now a plane has been taken down, and wqe have nothing to do with it.
Why are you asking us to solve the problems which you caused yourself? All by illegitimate action ! Why ? Please tell it to me. Explain !

For months you say that we support the rebels. Only once we saw a picture of such a man. In the NYT. But the NYT was wrong and had to apologise.

The fact that America is wielding influence in Ukraïne is well documented:  Victoria Nuland on video ( 5  billion $, Lets make 'Yats' president. ) Hillary Clinton speasking at NED ( "Everywhere in the world we have people on the ground, stimulating uprisings'. )

Yet if Russia would do sometjhing like that, it would be bad. And after months of aacusations: no proof delivered yet!

I understand that mr Rutte is angry about the problems they face in Eastern Ukraïne. But how am I to blame?  And what exactly did these soldiers do wrong?
If you want me to help you, can you tell me who is in command over there? Can you give me his tel nr?
Are you sure that these soldiers have time to help you? They are fighting for their lives at thjis very time !  Your friends are bombing civilians, right now.  You remember what you did when you beleived Ghadqaffi would begin to bomb his civilians, in the future?  You attackedf him.  Here you help the people who are killing civilians for months.
And now you want me to help you ?

But these are the things I learned / these are my observations: 
In just one or two days the sentiment of the people in Holland changed.

They hate Putin. The hate the separatists.
(Not all of the people do that, but those whose  idea about the world comes only from passively listening to the MSM, and whodo not think for themselves.)

How come ? 
It must be the video's of the dead people. The families in mourning. 
Plus: all these MSM repeating the Americans who say:  we think Russiua ans Separatists must be responsable. 
So it is this combination:  an atrocity, a disaster, visisble human suffering, combimed with the suggestion that you know who did it.
This changes peoples minds very quickly.
They fortget to think. They do not want to hear it anymore.  You canprove whatever you want.: it does not help anymore.

Now: Those neocons who planned all this ( I have no proof, but I am not afraid to use it as a working hypothesis) know exactly thatit works like this.
As they write in the PNAC report: 'we need an atrocity like Pearl harbor'.

As they told the men from Srebrebnica: give us 5000 dead muslims ands we can come in and help you.
As they did with the sick man standing before the barbed wire.
As they did with the Raszak 'massacre'. ( Kosovo)
As they did with the 'incubator babies'.
As they did with 911
As they did with Gahdaffi having already killed 5000 people ( was not true)
As they did with Ghadaffi going to bomb his people
As they did with Assad  supposedly throwing gas,
As they did with the Maidan snipers.
As they did with the Odessa killings.
As they did with the MH 17 plane.

All of the above did not happen, or were perpetrated by the Americans ( proxy's)  themselves !

All were reasons for them to start to destroy another country.

All they need: visisble human suffering ànd the alleged criminal who caused it.


Today I read a fine article which I agree with fully: The human price of Neocon havoc.

Also: Pepe Escobar  The Saker  Haaretz: Russia-Sepa conversations   Ray McGovern. Stephen Cohen 

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