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359 New York mayor is part of the 1 % , of course.

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When a highrise building suddenly falls down, there is always a thorough investigation done.
The cause of the catastrophe is meticulously studies, just like with airoplane where the black box was introduced for this purpose.
Building WTC7 fell down for unknown reasons.  The organisation which was responsable at that time for these investigations was FEMA.
FEMA wrote: a thorough investigation will be necessary.
Then NIST took over the FEMA job, and in the NIST report WTC7 was not mentioned at all !
Of course this was too incredible, so years later NIST wrote the result of their findings about WTC7.
They said:  Building WTC7 fell down in about 9 seconds, and for 6 seconds this was with the speed of free fall.  ( This implies: underlying structures were not broken by the weight of the upper stories falling on them, but they dissociated ( fell apart) themselves from their own 'weakness')
Whence the weakness?
From 'office fires',  NIST said.
Remember: this is a steel frame building, able to withstand the impact of  2 airoplanes hitting it.
Able to burn for days and still stand tall, as fires in Bilbao and other places in the world have shown.
( I have to check about the exact seconds etc.)

But NIST says that some burning coimputers and chairs and books have caused the miracle that each floor broke into pieces at exactly the right milisecond: First story 48. Some miliseconds later story 47. Some miliseconds later story 46.
It happened faltless.  On the video's we see that never one story was a milisecond to early or too late.

Miracles happen. Not in my life, but  in American politics they happen everyday.

But high-rise building must be safe. So there are regulations. After every accident, the regulations must be adjusted so that accidents cannot happen again.
That is why shortly after 911 tere were suggestions and plans to make regulations more strict.
But of course : a year later the new regulations had not materialised, and later nobody talked about them anyore.
Officially this means that the American government accepts the possibility that it will happen again.

Based on these ideas a group of people in New York are trying to force the government to do a thorough investigation into the collapse of WTC9.

They gathered about 67000 signatures which must be enough for an investigation, if the City Council does vote pro.
The Mayor shows that he is not at all concerned about the truth.

He uses the usual arguments: 'All this nonsens is very hurtfull for the people whose beloved ones were killed in the fall of WTC7" he says.   But a lot of relatives of the victims have put their signature under the request.
Of course they want to know.

I think 911 is a very important event, because it shows so clearly the difference between reality and the lies of the government.  The government needs a long list of miracles to explain what happened on 911.

I do not believe in miracles.


De Blasio blasts 9/11 truther ballot initiative

Bill de Blasio
Bill de Blasio is no fan of the 9/11 truth movement.Photo: 

Mayor Bill de Blasio on Thursday denounced an effort by an off-shoot of the 9/11 truth movement to force the city to investigate the collapse of 7 World Trade Center during the terrorist attack 13 years ago.
"From what I've heard it's absolutely ridiculous," a peeved Mr. de Blasio said in response to a reporter's question. "And it's inappropriate, after all the suffering that went on 9/11 and since. It seems to be this is a very insensitive and inappropriate action."
The so-called High Rise Safety Initiative, a group of 9/11 conspiracy theorists who reject the government's explanations for the collapse of 1, 2 and 7 World Trade Center, recently submitted tens of thousands of petition signatures to force a question onto the November ballot, as reported by Crain's. They hope to give voters the chance to compel the city to investigate the collapse of 7 WTC, which they consider to be suspicious.
The ballot initiative would have to be confirmed by the City Council first, and Mr. de Blasio said Thursday that it was his hope the council would reject the measure.
"I believe the City Council will share our view that this should never be on the ballot," he said, with Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito nodding in agreement beside him.
In 2009, the city successfully challenged in court an attempt to include a referendum on the ballot calling for an investigation into 7 WTC's collapse. But even if the council rejects this latest effort, the High Rise Safety Initiative could still put its question to voters by collecting enough signatures.

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