Sunday, November 16, 2014

405 Are they working on Putin himself, in Brisbane?

There is no doubt that the Neocons, who really want to controle the world, ( and they know that if they do not do drastic things, the BRICS will controle it in 20 years time, maybe a lot earlier) hate Putin like no one else in the world.

People have openly speculated: will something happen to Putin, while in Brisbane ? ( at the G20 meeting)
I see the fact that Russian war ships go to Australia,to be in the neighbourhood while Puytin is there, as a silent sign to Australia: make sure nothing happens to our president, or else...

There is an enormous weight on Putin's shoulder.
But luckily he is mostof the time in Russia, and surrounded by friends who support him.

The there is the G20 meeting in Brisbane.
The eyes of the whole world look at him.

Is there room for improvisation on the part of Obama, of Harper, of Abbott?
I do not think so.
I think it was all prepared:  What will they say?

Harper said to Putin:  "Get out of Ukra├»ne".
Obama said: "Russia is a danger to the world."
Cameron said: "Russia deserves more sanctions."
Abbott said: "I want to run him over likein rugby."
Merkel said: "SApeaking to Putin will be useless."

They treat himn like a lepper.

For a few hours it was in the news that Putin wiould leave early, because of all the negative criticism.
Then the Russians said: No we will not leve early.
But they did indeeed leave several hours earlier, because Putin wanted to get some extra rest.

Now, my question is : Was this a well planned bullying campaign, kind of orhestrated ?  Top break Putin's  menta; resistance. To make im l;oose his temper. To induce him to start a war ?

I think it is possible.
Now they were able to see him and speak directly to him.
Normally people are smiling and saying nice things to each other.
But this time they were really negative, in the presence of Putin himself.

It may be a planned campaign. A well calculated act.

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