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409 Wie is er agressief: Amerika of Rusland?

Hier is een korte samenvatting:


A.  American Agression. (Not enough space here, just the numbers.)     Relevant Websites    
- Since WW2: America tried to have Regime Change in 55 countries.                 (1)
-    ,,      ,,       America achieved Regime Change in 36 countries.                         (2)
-    ,,     ,,        America threw bombs on 33 countries.                                            (3)
- Since 2003: America threw bombs on 7 muslim countries.                                 (4)
- America had clandestine (military) operations in 200 countries since 1798.      (5)

B.  Russian Agression  (Year and country)    ( all defensive in character)
- 1945:  Creation of the Iron Curtain. But: Napoleon and Hitler attacked Russia badly. So:
  After defeating 80% of Hitler’s army, Stalin demanded a buffer against Western invasions.     
- 1956:   Buffer-country Hungary wants to leave. Russia refuses.
- 1966:   TsjechoSlowakia buffer country wants to leave. Russia refuses.
- 1979:   Brzezinsky funds Afghans who rebel against the communist government, in order to
   lure the Russians into Afghanistan, and ‘give  them their Vietnam’.Russia takes the bait. (6)
-1994-2002. Chechens want to break free and succeed in 1996.  Then in 2002 they attack
  Dagestan and commit terror in Russia. Russia responds very harsh.
- 2008.  Georgia attacks Ossetia brutally. Russia defends the Ossetians (ethnic Russians).    

C.  Attacks on America:   2001:  attack 911.Who did it?  No trial, no verdict, no proofs. 

D.  Attacks on Russia.
1812 Napoleon conquers Moskow. The Russians drive him back till Paris, and then go home.
1914 August 1: Germany declares war on Russia.
1917 The Russian Revolution was paid for and organised by American corporations and
         bankers. Motive: keep Russia poor and uncompetitive. ( 7) ( 8) (9)
1941: June 22. Germany attacks Russia. Russia fights 4 years and looses 27 million people.

E.  Who is in power?  In America:
International politics of the USA are dominated since 20 years by the Neocon-agenda.
Neocon-guru  Leo Strauss teaches that a government is allowed to lie to its people.
The Neocon roadmap is the PNAC report of 2000. It says: America must rule the World for another 100 years. We must be able to fight two wars simultaneously, in different theaters.
But these are modern wars! Modern warfare:  You don’t fight yourself. You better let your ennemies kill themselves. You use extremists like wahabites, salafists and nazi’s. You train, fund and coach them. (10) (11)
Specialty of the house:  False Flag operations. Why? The problem with people is: they don’t want wars…You must make them furious at your victim, to get your war.  So you need a False Flag.  Essential for a False Flag: Blood, Human Suffering and instant Fingerpointing. And: you need controle over the Media. Immediately accuse your opponent as the perpetrator.
Succesfull examples: 911 and MH17. The opponents were immediately accused. Again and again. The blood makes people furious and this fury is directed at the accused: revenge we want!  Later proof of innocence will not be accepted: the MSM will not disclose it, and human psychology resists. See: Confirmation bias; Cognitive dissonance.

Who is in power?  In Russia.
Putin’s speeches tell us who he is and what he wants. He wants (wanted) to cooperate with the west, but cannot accept that NATO slowly puts Russia in checkmate position. Under Yeltsin the West robbed Russia. NGO’s and puppets (Georgia) are used to weaken Russia.(12) (13)

What’s the problem?
America is the old Empire with huge debts (16 trillion $) and only suicide-energy shalegas. The BRICs have oil, gas, little debts and huge production power. The GDP of the BRICs is already higher than the GDP of the US and EU combined. More and more bussiness is done ouside the US $. Inevitably they will dethrone the rotten Empire. But the US still has an  incredible army. They spend 700 billion $ a year for defense, just as much as all other countries in the World together. So the US is dangerous like an old lion. They may use nuclear weapons in order to create enough fear to keep the rest of the world in place. Russia is their prime victim. Ukraïne could be the way to get an alibi for an atomic bomb.  
An extra problem is that people in The West have no idea about all this.
The MSM are controlled by the Americans, and these Media tell us the US-narrative for 70 years now.  If the USA would use a nuclear weapon, they might even get away with it!
‘Its the spin, stupid.’  War is peace. Perpetrator is victim. George Orwell.

H.  Crimea?
Kosovo was allowed to leave Serbia, because the Kosovo parliament did vote on it. “Then it’s OK,” everybody said, back then.  In Crimea it was not only parliament, but also a referendum that said: “lets leave Kiev”.  Then the Crimeans asked Putin if they could join Russia.
The men in Green were there legally (by contract with Ukraïne) and were passively making sure that Kiev did not dare to interfere with the voting. That is democracy. (14)

J.  Novorossia ?  
Putin understands that Ukraïnians like to live in a welfare state like Western Europe. He symphatised with the Maidan protesters. He also disliked the extreme corruption of Ukraïne. On 21 february a peacefull change of government was agreed upon. But then a coup was done.  Friends of the USA like Yats (as mrs. Nuland calls him) and Poroshenko  (“Our man” according to Wikileaks) used nazi’s bullies and started to threaten the people of Russian origin.  “Lets throw a nuclear bomb on them,” Timoshenko said. “They are subhumans” Yats said. “We will bomb them” Poroshenko says.  And he does bomb them. We all have a Responsablility to Protect the Novorossians, but so far only Russia does this, and they cannot even be open about it, because if they are, Nato will use this to get troops into the Ukraïne !    

       Relevant websites:  Google these sentences:

(1)  Overthrowing Other People’s Governments: The Master List
(2)  KryssTal: USA backed coups. 
(3)  William Blum USA bombings of other countries
(4)  Breitbart Glenn Greenwald: Peace Prize president has bombed seven 
(5)  Global Policy forum US military and Clandestine operations in foreign
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(10)  Rebuilding America’s Defenses PNAC.
(11)  William Rivers Pitt The Project for a New American Century 
(12)  Does the USA sponsor revolutions? (YouTube)

(13)  Secretary Clinton Delivers Remarks at the National Democratic Institute (Youtube)

(14)  Professor Reinhard Merkel Crimea law
(15)  A‘The Hague’ extra: Christopher Black lawyer Rwanda global (about the ICC)

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