Monday, November 10, 2014

401. A very different culture

Just by chance i reaqd this article about something that happened in India.

A 45 yeasr old woman was stripped naked and she was put on a donkey and drivenb through the village.
Why? Because the villagers thought she had killed her male cousin.

For me, as a man from Holland, the most remarkable on the whole event is: the very angry reactions of all the people who react to the news.

My idea would be:
1. The villagers tried to determine if she was guilty. I do not think that an official judge is better at this than the villagers are.
2. In my culture ther eare enough women who would enjoy it to drive naked throug a village on a donkey.  But no one would like to go to prison for 10.  That is the  punishment that a government would give the woman.
3. Now suppose that the woman was not guilty of the killing of her nephew.  Then she was paraded naked, which is bad, if you are innocent. But a judge could have put her in jail for 10 years, even if she is not guilty.

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