Wednesday, February 22, 2012

201. News: A baby died in Syria! Not news: 500.000 babies died in Iraq...

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Today an American journalist died from a rocket attack, in Homs, Syria.

Yesterday she witnessed and filmed a dying baby in Homs. She told us 2 babies died that day.

Its all on CNN, its in our Dutch newspapers.

How terrible ! What an animal, this mr. Assad !

That is the conclusion they try to brainwash us into.

What is the reality ?

1. If there were no armed rebels in Homs, the government troops would seize the city within 2 hours,  and nobody would die anymore.

2. These rebels get arms from other countries who dislike the shiites, with whom Assad is allied.
(  USA, Israel, Saudi Arabia.)
Do they give these arms to help democracy in Syria ?
Of course not: look what they did with the shiite revolte in Bahrein !  ( shiites are 70% of the population )

We read that Marie Colvin, the journalist that got killed, was a tough cookie.
Yet she says in her last video: "The babies death was just hearth-breaking".
I believe her.
But where was this brave hero when her country purposely killed 500.000 babies in a few years time, in the years from 1991- 1996, in Iraq ?
When not 2 babies, but 300 got killed, every day, for 5 years in a row ...

Where was she ??   I think she was one of these heroes: ( Journalists)

500.000 Marie !

And let me add some quite important facts about these 500.000 babies:
1. They died because of the sanctions against Saddam Hussein.
    The sanctions were in place because 'Saddam still had some Weapons of Mass Destruction'.
    Was that true ?
    And the Brittish and US governments knew it was not true.
    A Brittish diplomat who was responsable at that time, Carne Ross, has repented and confessed on
    camera that they lied about it: ( Carne Ross)

2. One baby dies on camera, and the effect is that half the world is sure now: Assad is a criminal.
     500.000 babies die, off camera, for no reason at all.
     Well, not for a reason that Saddam was guilty off.
     The reason that these babies died was simple:
     Israel has been trying to destroy Iraq for years. Anything that weakens a strong arab country is good for Israel: they want to continue killing the Palestinians without the risk that a strong arab country takes revenge. ( The Yinon Plan)

3.  500.000 innocent babies die.
     A journalist asks the responsable US person, Madeleine Albright: "Was it worth it ?"
     Here is what she replied: "We think it was worth it."

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