Saturday, February 11, 2012

196. Pallywood

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There is a video that shows us how Palestinians are 'shot' and wounded by supposedly Israeli gunfire.
The Israeli use it to 'prove' that Palestinians are faking atrocities.
They call it 'Pallywood', a reference to Hollywood, which I find well chosen, as Hollywood is a purely Jewish vehikel.

The suggestion of course is:
"How much of the Palestinian suffering is unreal, staged?
Maybe a lot of it ! "

Well, each link below shows you 24 pictures of Palestinian suffering that clearly is not faked:

Neither was this  one:

There is more than enough Palestinian suffering that never reaches the Media. 
Why fake it? 
Whose idea was this? 

If you look at the second video, we hear about a court case in France.
I may look in to that later, to find out what it was.
For now it will do that we know that a French journalist has used the fake pictures, and  later was accused of this fakery. 

I heard that the fakers spoke about 30 Palestinian death. 
But a newspaper in the US spoke about just a few death. 
What may have happened? 

Was this a well organised con trick? 
Is this Pallywood:  planned, scripted, prepared and executed ?  

It does not look like that at all. 
If it were, the number of casualties would not have been contradictionary
If it were, all camera's would have been 'in the complot'. 
You don't commit fraud and let it be filmed by outsiders ! 

For now I see only 2 possible scenario's: 
1.  These French journalists came too late, after the real shooting, and asked the Palestinians to re-enact  it for them.  As some real people died, without camera's being present, the Palestinians did not consider this fraud, and re-enacted the shooting.  They naïvely  trusted the foreign journalists with their cameras.

2.  The whole thing was plotted from the beginning to the end, and all of the foreign journalists were in the complot.  

I need to know more than I know now to judge which of these possibilities is most likely.

One thing is for sure:  
If the Palestinians had something like Pallywood, a professional con- industry, they  never would have cameras on the scene  except their own cameras.  

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