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193. Big Brother Israel.

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Israel is controlling me and you in many ways, and for many years already.

As Israel Shamir puts it:
"The formidable Jewish Lobby is just the visible tip of the iceberg, while below there are miles and miles of solid ice: media lords, chief editors, their favourite university pundits – in short, the Masters of Discourse".

Israel is controlling me and you in many ways, and for many years already.

Their Scientists and Media have brought us our multi-ethnic problems, as they falsely told us that races do not exist and IQ is a fraudulent concept, while vilifying every critic of mass-immigation as a fascist.  We had no defense against mass-immigration.  That will weaken us for all future. 

But I want to write a little bit about another Big Brother aspect of the Zionists. 
(Very shortly, as I have little time right now).

In America every telephone bill is processed by an Israeli company named Amdocs.  This means that of every American person they are able to find out whom they are and were in contact with. 
Is it a good idea to support a presidential candidate? 
Lets check what contacts he had. 
Did he call anti-Israel people? Was he ever called by them? 
Does he have many jewish contacts? 

This is a legal way for knowing everything you want to know about all people. 

ISSSource has learned leaders of the three major software companies, Sergey Brin at Google, Steve Ballmer at Microsoft and Larry Ellison at Oracle have been working with Israel’s top cyber warriors and have now come up with new version of a Stuxnet-like worm that can bring down Iran’s entire software networks if the Iranian regime gets too close to a breakout, according to U.S. intelligence sources. Google, Microsoft and Oracle had no comment on the issue.

Note: Brin, Ballmer and Ellison are all jewish, of course.
If they can bring down such a top secret enterprise, they can bring down anything in this world.


Comverse is in origine an Israeli information technology company, which was founded by Jacob (Kobi) Alexander. 
It is situated near to the Mossad headquarters , in Herzlya. 

One of their most intriguing products is software that is used by many governments all over the world, for phone-tapping
Around the year 2000 it became known that this software in itself was used by Comverse ( Israel) to spy on all their clients: the program secretly sent info from the wire-tapping to Israel: ( Wikipedia
Fox News brought the news, and also Le Monde. 
Of course, investigations were never mentioned later on. 
In The Netherlands there were also grave doubts and questionable situations: ( Zembla doc)  (*)

"Investigatiors of the US government have told Fox News that to suggesst that Israel is spying on the US by means of the Comverse  programs, is career suicide" ( video)

Fox News had more alarming news about possible Israeli spies at 911, but the Cameron- information was taken from the Fox website after one day. Here it is still available: ( Cameron -Spies

Then there is the strange story of Odigo. Odigo was an Israeli SMS service company whose employees received a warning just hours before the 911 attack. "The messages said something big was going to happen in a certain amount of time, and it did ­ almost to the minute." said Alex Diamandis, Odigo's vice president. ( Paradise Post)
Some months later Odigo was bought by Comverse, and less than a year later 5 high ranking Comverse employees were known to have profited by 267 million $ from insider trading.   ( Bollyn
There is a Kurdish man that the Turkish government would love to arrest. This was finally done because there were telophone-taps that were incriminating.  But Dutch lawyers and IT specialists and even judges can hear quite easily that these taps were constructed.  Nevertheless theman went behind bars for life.  The falsification of the taps was almost certainly a service from the Mossad to the Turkish rulers. ( false taps)  

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