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198. Bahrain: The Proof of Western Hypocracy.

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Here is a 50 minute documentary by Al Jazeera that shows us very carefully what happens to a real  'Arab Spring' in a country that is already a client state of The West.

Some information: 

650.000 Bahrain nationals (and 600.000 guestworkers).
30% are Sunni's and they are in power.  Saudi Arabia has also a Sunni government.
70% are Shiites, the same islamic religious group as in Iran.

The Sunni Al Khalifa family reigns for about 200 years now.
The US has a military base and port in Bahrain. ( Juffair)
There have been e few mild uprisings in the last 20 years.

Officially only 72 people got killed. Even if that is true, reduced to the same scale and time-period - it would be five times more lethal than Syria.
Syria has 35 times as many people and the rebellion is now 11 months underway:72 x 35 x 11= 27000

The uprising:
Beginning of the uprising:  14 febr. 2011.
On 14 march the Saudi troops entered the country and ended the uprising.

It starts with a demonstration at a roundabout.
Some people get shot.
Talking starts between the vice King and some rebels.
The people continue to rebel, and every now and then they are subdued by a cruel police force.
Sunni and Shii doctors stand united and help the wounded and alarm the world about the atrocities.
There is terrible suffering and it becomes clear that the people will not stop.
The vice King goes to Saudi Arabia, and later they send troops to subdue the revolt.
After the definite loss for the rebels, the government starts a large publicity campaign of accusing rebels, arresting them, torture, killing, etc., etc.
It is certain that Bahrain will never be the same again.

Here is an incredibly rich elite suppressing a majority of 70% of the population.
The elite is cooperating with America, and therefore is allowed to stay in power: No press coverage of the atrocities, no alarm about peaceful demonstrators being shot, no UN council etc. etc.
Even if they have to suppress the majority (70%) of the people, the word 'democracy' is never mentioned in the media.
It is all so contradictory with the official American policy.
They have long wars 'to bring democracy' to the world, because : "Wherever people long to be free, they will find a friend in the United States". ( Obama ).

Some items in this doc: 
- The beginning of the documentary: ( begin)
- Violence at the university, around end of febr. ( university )
- The terrible revenge after Saudi Arabia stopped the uprising: ( revenge )
- President Obama with his hypocritical promises: ( Obama


Here below is an exchange of arguments in Dutch about the difference between the Bahrein revolt ( which I support) and the Syria revolt ( which I do not suppert).

Question: Why do ypou support the bahreini's, and not the Syrian revolt? 

1. The Bahreini people were unarmed and unsupported by 'foreign agents'. 

2. The Syrian Sunni's are a majority in their country and would deserve to be in power, but I have the impression that the Alewites / Assad is obliged to be a rather neutral ruler, exactly because he belongs to a minority.  For the Sunni this will not be necessary.  Driuze, Christians, Shiites, Alewites and even some Sunni feel safer under Assad's rule.  That undermines the legitimacy of the Sunni revolt. 
 3. Plus of course that this Sunni revolt is so cruelly supported byu foreign weapons and mercenaries.  

Question: If the arab spring was supported by the US and Israel, why would they support the overthrow of their puppet regimes?

First of all : In every country there was a genuine peoples-revolt.  But that in itself is not enough.  Some tactics, some communication and organisation is essential. A revolt has to be organised by some people. 
The US was present, as Hillary herself said:
Also OTPOR is an agent from the US:

 Second: This is the Middel East, so the US policy is completely dominated by Neocons and the Israeli interests.  Why would they throw out Mubarak and run the risk of a Muslim Brotherhood taking his place ?

Here is my answer. I am influence in this by the Yinon Plan, ans also by the fact that immediately after 911 the Neocons announced plans to destroy seven muslim countries. ( Yinon ) ( Wesley Clark )
Why ? 
I think the Israeli's don't bother much about what the regime is in this or that muslim country. 
They will take every opportunity to create chaos and internal strive. Anywhere. 
That will leave them the hegemon. 
And if -over time - in one of these countries a real power grows that threatens Israel, then they will await or sollicit an attack from this country, after which they will 'defend' themselves and occupy or destroy the 'agressor'. 
(An Iranian bomb would make this scenario more difficult.) 

@Jan Verheul: Mag ik uit Uw reactie opmaken dat U wel begrip kan opbrengen voor de opstand in Bahrein, maar niet voor die in Syrië? Zo ja, wat is dan het verschil? En waren de volksopstanden in Egypte en Tunesië volgen U ook onderdeel van het grote Joodse/Amerikaanse complot? Zo ja, waarom steunen zij dan een opstand tegen pro westerse regeringen, zelfs trouwe bondgenoten, terwijl zij ook weten dat na de opstand, anti westerse en vijandige regimes een grote kans maken om aan de macht te komen?
18/02/12 13:10
Beledigend? Ongepast? Meld het ons.

Jan Verheul
@ wjager. Klopt. De docu over Bahrein toont een volk dat ongewapend in opstand komt tegen een minderheid die schatrijk is. Democratisch en qua uitvoering is dit een rechtvaardige opstand. In Syrië komt een meerderheid in opstand, maar de uitvoering is overgenomen door buitenlanders die hun eigenbelang behartigen. In Syrië zijn veel meer minderheden, en Assad is behoorlijk rechtvaardig, wat zijn bewind legitimiteit geeft. Christenen, druzen,Alewieten en zelfs Sunnieten zijn bang voor de rebels.
18/02/12 16:35
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Jan Verheul
@ wjager. De opstanden in elk arabisch land waren natuurlijk óók deels oprechte volksopstanden. Maar enige planning en organisatie zijn cruciaal. Hillary zei zelf dat de VS overal opstanden voorbereidt: -Ook OTPOR dat US gecoached en betaald is,coacht revolts -In Bahrein, de zuiverste oprechte volksopstand, heeft de VS geen steun aan de opstandelingen gegeven. Ook in S. Arabië zal geen Arabische Lente uitbreken. Wees niet bang.
18/02/12 17:16
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 Jan Verheul
@ wjager: "Waarom zou Israel een opstand steunen in een land als Egypte, waar een bevriende dictator mogelijk wordt vervangen door een vijandige." Bestudeert U nu eens het Yinon Plan! Israel is alleen veilig als alle moslimlanden in de regio zwak,ziek en misselijk zijn. Zorg dus voor chaos en strijd. Een sterk land kan na één coup in handen vallen van 'n anti-Israel-bewind. En mocht er toch een Vijand opstaan,lok hem uit tot agressie en vermorzel 'm dan met het op 3 na grootste leger.
18/02/12 17:33
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