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185. Jewish religion

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Just a short view on Jewish religion.

Christians learn that they have to be compassionate to other people and they even should 'love their enemies'.
If they live really bad, they will have to suffer in eternity: they will for ever burn in Hell.

How about Jews,  what happens to them after they die ?

I quote WikipediaDaniel 12:2 proclaims "And many of those who sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake, Some to everlasting life, Some to shame and everlasting contempt." Judaism does not have a specific doctrine about the afterlife, but it does have a mystical/Orthodox tradition of describing Gehenna. Gehenna is not Hell, but rather a sort of Purgatory where one is judged based on his or her life's deeds, or rather, where one becomes fully aware of one's own shortcomings and negative actions during one's life. The Kabbalah explains it as a "waiting room" (commonly translated as an "entry way") for all souls (not just the wicked). The overwhelming majority of rabbinic thought maintains that people are not in Gehenna forever; the longest that one can be there is said to be 12 months, however there has been the occasional noted exception. Some consider it a spiritual forge where the soul is purified for its eventual ascent to Olam Habah (heb. עולם הבא; lit. "The world to come", often viewed as analogous to Heaven). This is also mentioned in the Kabbalah, where the soul is described as breaking, like the flame of a candle lighting another: the part of the soul that ascends being pure and the "unfinished" piece being reborn.
According to Jewish teachings, hell is not entirely physical; rather, it can be compared to a very intense feeling of shame. People are ashamed of their misdeeds and this constitutes suffering which makes up for the bad deeds. When one has so deviated from the will of God, one is said to be in gehinom. This is not meant to refer to some point in the future, but to the very present moment. The gates of teshuva (return) are said to be always open, and so one can align his will with that of God at any moment. Being out of alignment with God's will is itself a punishment according to the Torah.

Myths  about how it all began: 
In de joodse traditie ging de Heer bij alle volkeren van de wereld langs en bood hen de Thora aan. Alle volkeren vroegen op hun beurt, "wat staat erin?" Ieder volk was ontevreden met het antwoord. Als allerlaatste vroeg de Heer het de joden, een arm en hulpeloos slavenvolk dat niets te verliezen had. Zij namen de Thora wel aan, en verklaarden, "Na'aseh ve-Nishma" ("wij zullen doen en wij zullen horen").
Later, toen het volk tijdens de tocht van Egypte naar het Land Israël bij de berg Sinaï de Thora in ontvangst nam, wilden de joden die volgens de Talmoed niet direct in ontvangst nemen. Daarop tilde de Heer de berg Sinaï op, hield die boven de hoofden van de joden, en verklaarde: "als jullie de Thora accepteren - goed; zoniet, dan wordt dit jullie graf."

Conclusion: All other peoples in the world were given the chance to become 'Gods chosen people', but they all refused. 
The jews were not very willing, but then God forced them to be his 'chosen people'.

Some more characteristics about the jewish religion: 
  1. God koos het Joodse volk om een uniek verbond met God te hebben; de beschrijving van deze overeenkomst is de Thora zelf. In tegenstelling tot wat vaak wordt beweerd, zijn de Joden niet Gods verkozen volk op zich. Joden geloven dat zij voor een specifieke opdracht zijn gekozen; om een licht te zijn voor de naties en een overeenkomst met God na te komen zoals die wordt beschreven in de Thora. Het reconstructionistisch jodendomverwerpt de idee van verkozen te zijn geheel en al.
  2. Er zal een Joodse messias komen of wellicht een messiaans tijdperk.
  3. De ziel is zuiver bij geboorte. Mensen zijn geboren met een jetser hatov, een tendens om goed te doen, en een jetser hara, een tendens om slecht te doen. Daarom zijn de mensen vrij de weg in het leven te kiezen die zij willen nemen.
  4. Mensen kunnen boeten voor zonden, die slechts fouten zijn in het nakomen van de wetten. De liturgie van de 'ontzagwekkende dagen' (Rosj Hasjana en Jom Kipoer) en de tien dagen van inkeer ertussen, verklaren dat het gebed, boete doen en tzedaka, het verplichte geven voor goede doelen (en in deze verschillend van de vrijwillige liefdadigheid), zonden herstelt. Boete doen wordt alleen zinvol geacht indien vergezeld van een oprecht besluit om op te houden met onaanvaardbare acties en zelfs dan alleen als acties om verontschuldigingen aan derden aan te bieden eerlijk worden ondernomen.

The Jews believe that they have a mission, given to them by God:

They must help the world. ( Tikkun Olam)
They must be a light to the world.
They must lead the world.
They must become leaders of the world
They must rule the world.
All other people must become like servants or even slaves to the jews. ( See below: * )

As we see: there is a continuum which starts as benevolence and ends in terror.

In the countries and era when jews were Masters of the goyim, the goyim were terrified of the jews.

- It happened in Persia, according to the bible, where the Persians were terrified of Mordechai.
- It happened in Poland and Ukraine from 1500 to 1800 where the Poles were less than slaves.
- it happened in Russia where the jews destroyed the christian culture and had terror.(Citation 4)

How can such a small group of people get so powerfull ? How can just a few million wield power over billions?
It has to do with a few things:
1. They keep their gene-pool separated and internal cohesion high.
2. They breed their race for high IQ and skills for deception.
2. They are magicians, not with rabbits or cards, but with words and concepts.
3. They lend out money which they don't really have. It's like a magic trick. ( See below: ** )
4. They cash in on interest in a big way.
5. They cash in on financial tricks and constructs in a big way.
6. They force their own people to give money for bribing politicians all over the world.
7. They have people in high places in many countries and in almost all int. institutions.
8 They always mobilise the masses for a movement that seems to be 'the common interest.'
    Think of socialism, communism, a One World Government ( no more wars !) , globalisation, Europe,
   the United Nations, fighting Terrorism, fighting WMD's, Responsability to Protect,  etc. etc.
9  The masses will destroy their own elite and their own religion.
10. After that there is no one to rule them except for the jews. ( They use their goy assets for that.)
11. Another strategy is to induce or force countries to lend money from foreign banks. ( Perkins).
12. The ages when jewish Goldsmith's could lend out 'gold' ( replaced by 'I owe you's ' ) which they did not posses was a quick road to wealth.  Imagine: they had one kilo of gold, but could lend out 9 extra kilo's at 10 % interest.  Each yaer their wealth doubled !
13 Nowadays it is all a bit different, but not really: they still make everybody believe that only they can safely print money. For that printing they let us pay 3 times for one and the same house: one time we pay the construction company, and in the later years we pay the bank two more houses, in the form of interest, for which the banks have to do nothing at all.  
14. By steering the Mass Media they have virtual controle over the whole world.
Media are copy cats. JP Morgan learned that in 1915 when he inquired how he could controle the American press. ( Callaway )
The best proof for this fact is 911. There are very convincing scientists who explain beyond any doubt that the Twin Towers and WTC7 were blown up with explosives.  Hard facts, easy to grasp even for lay people. A story told on camera by dozens of engineers. But the Media will not spent any attention to it, so the masses will not believe it, nor even hear of it. That is the proof that journalists are kind of negatively selected: only if you are naive enopugh you will stay in bussiness.  ( Architects)
The official investigators are not ashamed to tell lies, on camera: John Gross.

The situation at the end of 2011 is like this:
1) The Jews have taken all power in the USA in the last 30 years, and with their financial hooliganism, war mongering and exportation of industries they have destroyed the country.

2) By willingly creating a financial mess they have brought Europe on its knees: the governments are ready to hand over power to Brussels, where behind the curtains the bankers are in power now.

3) Israel is of absolute vital importance for every jew: the Messiah will end it all , and wake up all ( jewish ) death if and when the Jews have Jerusalem and are in charge of all other people in the world. So we read in the Torah. ( as in the bible).
The main threat for Israel is all the arab -muslim neighboring countries.
So to serve God they should neutralise all arab powers. God even  ordered them to wipe the arabs off the map, as it were:Deuteronomy 25:17-19 (“[T]hou shalt blot out the remembrance of Amalek from under heaven; thou shalt not forget [to do] it”
The way to do this is to create chaos and internal strive in all arab countries. It was written in the Yinon Plan in 1982, and we see it again in 'A Clean Break' ( 1996).
2011 was a fantastic year: After Iraq now also Egypt and Libya are in full self-destruction.  The only real powers still intact are Sudan and Iran. But they are working on that.

4) If they would succeed to destabilise Russia, then who s left to counter jewish power in the world?
I see the Japanes and Chinese and India as countries that will prefer to cooperate with the jews, just like all those Big Corporations ( Monsanto. Bechtel, Rockefeller etc. etc.)  have done in order to survive.

There are prophecies that something big will happen in 2012.  I never believe those prophecies, but if this one would be true, then it could be the 'coming out' of jewish power. I think of America really starting to oppress the people, and rounding up free thinkers like Rense, Brother Naftanael and many others. Any sources that may spill the beans and expose the jewish power behind the scenes, anbd the jewish agenda in all those 'humanitarian missions'.

* God tells the Jews that they should conquer the world, and that he will help them with it.

Psalm 2:8-9 (. . . I shall give thee the heathen for thine inheritance. . . . Thou shalt break them with a rod of iron; thou shalt dash them in pieces like a potter’s vessel”)

Psalm 21:8-10 (“[T]hy right hand shall find out those that hate thee.  Thou shalt make them as a fiery oven in the time of thine anger: the Lord shall swallow them up. . .”);

Psalm 79:6-7 (“Pour out thy wrath upon the heathen. . . [f]or they have devoured Jacob [i.e., Israel], and laid waste his dwelling place”);

Psalm 149:7-8; Isaiah 45:14 (“Thus saith the Lord, . . . in chains. . . they shall fall down unto [Israel]. . .”);

Isaiah 60:12 (“. . .[T]he nation and kingdom that will not serve [Israel] shall perish; yea, those nations shall be utterly wasted” );

Isaiah 61:5-6 (“. . .[S]trangers shall stand and feed your flocks. . . : [Y]e shall eat the riches of the Gentiles. . .”);

Jeremiah 30:10-11 and 46:28 (“Fear thou not, O Jacob [i.e., Israel], my servant, saith the Lord: . . . for I will make a full end of all the nations whither I have driven thee: but I will not make a full end of thee. .

Numbers 25:6-13 (wherein God commends Phineas for his initia-tive in running a javelin through both parties to a marriage of Jew and gentile),
Deuteronomy 25:17-19 (“[T]hou shalt blot out the remembrance of Amalek from under heaven; thou shalt not forget [to do] it”). 

** Jews have different rules for behavior towards jews and towards non-jews. 
For instance:  Deuteronomium -- 
15:6 You will certainly lend on pledge to many nations, whereas you yourself will not borrow; and you must dominate over many nations, whereas over you they will not dominate--  23:19 You must not make your brother pay interest--  23:20  You may make a foreigner pay interest, but your brother you must not make pay interest.

Israel Shahak wrote extensively about the difference between stealing from a jew or from a non-jew. 
Or robbing. or killing a jew or a non-jew.  If a jew kills a non-jew there is hardly any punbishment. But if a jew kills another jew, he will be tortured to death.   This reflects the difference in value between jews and non-jews. Non jews are not real humans, They are closer to a horse than to a jew, many rabbies believe.  Shahak: Ch 5. Rense: Shahak.  Kings Torah

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