Monday, December 19, 2011

182. Video's that will change your life.

Most important question in a man's life "Who's the boss here and now?"
or: "Who decides on my future?"

My favorite video: The Israel Lobby.

It shows you who is in charge of  'the world'. Of all 'nations' or groups of people the jews are the most powerful. They control the most powerful country in the world politically, and they control the 'world view' of all Western people by their Media. ( Which you, reader, will resist to believe. This may well be the result of that control.)

About 911: 
Second best: 1600 Architects and Engineers show you that 911 was not done as the MSM say.

The official investigation to 911 is so incomplete, misleading and dishonest, and these respectable  architects and engineers are so convincing and true, that there can only be one conclusion:  The Government AND the Media are telling us lies !
Most fingers point to Israel. They had the motive, the means and they benefitted enormously.
Prof. dr. Alan Sabrosky (partly jewish). He is convinced: "Israel did 911".
911 Missing links: full Movie. ( Lavon Affair, USS Liberty, jewish Criminals,  A Clean Break, 911, Dancing Israeli's, ICTS, Odigo, dual citizins, SPC, Ptech) The video does not claim to prove that jews did 911. But they give all the circumstantial evidence that points to the jews as prime suspects.

For example: The War in Iraq: 

Yes, the Government and the Media tell us lies: 'The War you don't see'.  ( Seven parts in total)

John Pilger shows us how little we know about the real world. Journalists tell us that they lied to us, and why they did it.
The New American Century is a video that shows how the US did mislead the people in many of its wars.
It has a fascinating piece of information on Iraq: how it was deliberately made lawless and how Cheney's former company stole billions from the US taxpayer.
About Jewish psychology:
A film by the jewish Yaov Shamir about jewish psychology, jewish brainwashing, and jewish influence: Defamation.

Israel and Palestine: 
Over het Israel -Palestina conflict: Peace, Propaganda and the Promised Land. Video.
About Banks and money:
Over Banken, Geld en Macht: The Secret of Oz.

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