Thursday, October 23, 2014

395 Some very interesting articles

Here are some good articels from last week:

Erik Walberg:  Review of Israel Shamir's book: "Masters of Discourse."
This review has a lot of information about Jewish Power in just 3 pages.
Some quotes: - "Did you write about Jewish supremacy and world dominion?" a policeman asked angrily, to Shamir. "So what if I did?" he replied. "Every second Rabbi has expressed this view." "Yes, but they see it in a positive light!" said the policeman.
labeled anti-Semitic, Shamir counters "every idea stands or falls on its own merits,"
- today's Judaism is a descendant of rabbinic Judaism, which developed as a reaction to Christianity in the 4th-6th centuries, and is the basis of this "dangerous and troublesome ideology" that has culminated in the financial ruin of America and the desolation of Palestine.
As for hatred, it is such a mother-in-law word: "Son, I know you hate me and want me dead!" "No, mama, but I want us to control our lives ourselves."
Is there a Jewish world conspiracy? The concept is not needed in order to understand Jewish influence. As a rule, Jews seek to make things better for Jews — but it is not a "conspiracy". There are many Jews in the world media; they have differing views, but they usually agree on certain things; for instance, they try to spike news items which are unfavourable to Jews. The majority of Jews are sympathetic to the US, dislike Christianity, prefer muticulturalism, support Israel -- this is not a "conspiracy", but just their preference. 
the US Zionist financial and economic elite control both the dog and the tail. They make sure Israel gets its $3 billion a year (and much more on the side) and conducts its unending wars, as a symbol, a unifying force for American and European Jews, their raison-d'etre, to keep them and their shabas goy allies true to "the faith". In effect, both the US and Israel are pawns on their worldwide chess board.

And this supposed truism that Jews are natural allies of the left. This is only from the period of the French revolution till 1948, a necessary alliance of convenience to secure a strong hold on political and economic power during a period of change. Before that and afterward (and even during that period), Jews have alligned themselves with ruling despots as their personal financiers. Where did all the progressive Jews go?
Only a fool refuses to change as the world changes and his understanding of it deepens.

NGO's work for The Empire.  They are corrupted. 
The saker: The fact is that western human rights organizations are below contempt. Some are political tools in the hands of the Empire (Human Rights Watch), some are full of western intelligence agents (Medecins Sans Frontieres, OSCE monitors), some are lead by cynical bureaucrats who use idealistic young delegates as cannon fodder (ICRC), some are used by big business as a tool (Greenpeace) while others are quasi-official CIA tools (NED, Freedom House, Open Society Foundation, etc.). Also: Counterpunch on HRW.  
Also: 'Weaponization of Human Rights'. 

 The Forgotten Coup 
How America and Britain Crushed the Government of Their 'Ally', Australia
By John Pilger
Toen premier Whitlam de baas werd in Australië begon hij de oorlog in Vietnam te bekritiseren. Hij wilde onafhankelijk worden van de VS.  Maar via de Geheime Diensten en corrupte Hoge Ambtenaren  is hij ten val gebracht.  Onthullend.

Occupythe Synagogue

By Michael Lesher

Hier volgt een citaat van Ilan Pappé, waarin hij doelt op de onthullende informatie van Israel Shahak’s boek ‘Jewish religion, Jewish History’. 
Pappé:  “No one could ignore anymore the fundamental role the Jewish religion plays in the making of Israel’s criminal policies.”

MH-17:The Untold Story 

Video Documentary By RT

Redelijk goede video van 22 min. 

Canada, At War For 13 Years, Shocked That ‘A Terrorist’ Attacked Its Soldiers
Wij terroriseren de moslimwereld al 13 jaar. Miljoenen doden. Miljoenen kogels. En als enkele moslims uit wanhoop een keer iets terug doen, dan gebruiken we dat en zeggen: “Zie je wel!” 

 How to Start a War and Lose An Empire 
By Dmitry Orlov

De beste passage uit dit goede artikel:    
The Americans invaded Afghanistan because the Taleban would not relinquish Osama Bin Laden (who was a CIA operative) unless Americans produced evidence implicating him in 9/11—which did not exist. Americans invaded Iraq because Saddam Hussein would not relinquish his weapons of mass destruction—which did not exist. They invaded Libya because Muammar Qaddafi would not relinquish official positions—which he did not hold. They were ready to invade Syria because Bashar al Assad had used chemical weapons against his own people—which he did not do. And now they imposed sanctions on Russia because Russia had destabilized and invaded Ukraine—w hich it did not do either. (The US did that.) 

Vrij vertaald:

Afghanistan vernietigd, want:
De Taliban wilden Osama (die een CIA-agent was), alleen uitleveren als de Amerikanen bewijs van zijn  betrokkenheid bij 9/11 gaven – dat bewijs bestaat niet, zoals de VS ook toegeeft.

Irak vernietigd, want:
Saddam Hoessein wilde zijn massavernietigingswapens niet afgeven.  Die wapens bestonden niet.

Libië vernietigd, want:
Ghadhaffi  zou hebben gedreigd een genocide op zijn volk te gaan plegen.  Ghadaffi heeft dat niet gezegd en nooit gedaan. Integendeel: Hij bood de opstandelingen in Misrata aan om via een corridor naar Egypte te vertrekken. Volgens prof.  Alan Kuperman heeft de humanitaire ingreep het aantal doden van 1000 naar 35000 doen toenemen.

Syrië vernietigd, want:
Bashar al-Assad zou chemische wapens hebben gebruikt tegen zijn eigen mensen. Zelfs de VN zegt nu dat het de opstandelingen waren die deze chemische wapens gebruikten. Maar het land is door de VS-aanval-by-proxy wel vernietigd. 

Rusland zal worden vernietigd, want:  
Rusland heeft de Oekraïne gedestabiliseerd en is er binnengevallen.   
Nee, niet Rusland maar juist  Amerika heeft al jarenlang de Ukraïne gedestabiliseerd, en lokt al maanden de Russen uit om militair in te grijpen.

US Bio-warfare Laboratories In West Africa Are The Origins Of The Ebola Epidemic.
Enkele zekerheden: 1. Het virus dat nu al 5000 doden vergde komt uit een Amerikaans lab dat in West Afrika staat. Daar doet men onderzoek: hoe kan men dit virus geschuikt maken om miljoenen mensen te doden.. ( Dit is niet wat Boyle zegt, maar wat ik vrees.)

What ‘Democracy’ Really Means in U.S. and New York Times Jargon
Geweldig essay over de bedrieglijkheid van de NYTimes. 

Obama Fights Ebola With A Czar and Soldiers

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