Friday, May 02, 2014

342 Mission Statement

I do not believe in a God.  Can't help it.  I wish I did.
I have nothing against a God, generally.

Also I do believe in evolution. I do have some doubt though:  I find it sometimes impossible to comprehend how some adaptations could develop ( how could they be effective when they were only in their first stage) , but maybe one day we will understand that too.

It seems very logical to me that chance-mutations happen, and that mutations that give the organism a better chance to survice and procreate, are genes or have genes that will slowly spread in the population.

Humans are a part of this evolution. A part of the struggle of the genes to survive and thus to spread into all humans.

I am afraid that one group will win  this struggle: the jewish race.
They have a religion that makes it all possible: selection for high IQ and for traits that make it possible for this group to become masters of all people in the world.

They use banking and the media as their biggest tool. And the use of other people's armies that they can conbtrole.
I will not go into all this here.  Many of my blogs deal with that.

I think that the only way is to fight them. Not to agree to their supremacy.
Will we loose?  Probably.
But if they win, it will be bad fpor everybody, even for the winning jewish people. Of that I am sure.

So the most important thing is : spread this news also among jewish people and get them on our side: to fight the crazy- programmed zionists.

We have seen how many millions people die when these 1% of the jewish people (the real crazy part of the jews) get in power:  In Persia all Persians were wetting their pants when they found out that Mordechai had become boss in their land.  Read Esther.
In Russia the Revolution killed about 60 million of the population. That includes the holomodor : 8 million.
In Irak ( See Sniegosli: the Transparasnt Cabal)  1 million men were killed,  millions of families  became very unhappy.
In Libya: the same. In Syria: the same. In Ukraïna:the same. In Iran: the same.

And if you doubt that this were all jewish wars, then read about the PNAC people: they are almost all jewish: ( PNAC essay by Stockbauer)

I know that 100 year ago there were intellectuals who favored a one-world -government ( Toybee, Bertrand Russell).  I might also like the idea if the power were given to the brightest man with the biggest heart. ( Plato)   But that will of course never be the case: bright men with big hearts rarely have knives to defend themselves.

So it will end with a group of Zio-crazies who will controle the world.
And they will be so scared of all these billins of people that they will find it reasonable to kill most of them, just as a pre-emptive measure.

That will leave a small group. Then again they will get afraid and kill a lot of them.
The last jew will die from hunger, I suppose. And that will ten be the end.

It's a case worth fighting for, don't you think ? To contain the zio-crazies, I mean. In collaboration with the 99% of jews who understand that they, in the long run will also be the loosers.

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