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America's role:
May 2014: 

Pepe Escobar: A difficult to read author for a non native english reader. So the article cannot be read, but has to be studied.  Worth your time though.
- American exceptionalism ( because we are better , we may do illegal things, as they are for the good of all people. Just a cover for killing the people who refuse to be their slaves.)
- The US new focus on Russia and China, while giving the war on terror to befriended governments.
-  The growth of a multipolar world: Countries trading with each other and not using the US $.


Ukraïne  and recent history:
Ray McGovern :  Nice historic overview of the not so good relation between Russia and China, and how Obama made them to become friends.

Andrew Kreig: Don't be fooled by 'Conspiracy Theory' smears.
In the 50's the CIA started to plant stories in the MSM. (Operation Mockingbird)
The good news is: There is a JIP, Justice Integrity Project now. Example: lots of info on JFK.
Also: The 'conspiracy theory' that the CIA was behind the killing of Dag Hammerskjold is discussed now in teh Wall Street Journal!

Rwanda massacre:
James Corbett: Corbett interviews a lawyer who worked in Rwanda for 14 years, defending a Hutu official that was accused of genocide.  In the first years of the trial all judges were very partial and very much against the idea that the Tutusi's were the real killers, together with Western backing.  But after 10 years the judges began te change their mind: tehre was too much evidence. They realised that they were misled, and the Huto official was declared not guily. ( This is what I remember from listening the first hour ot the tape, a month ago)
Dr. Lasha Darkmoon:

These are the people that are most powerful now in Ukraïne.
They are all jewish, as can be read in mrs. Darkmoons article.
The website is clearly and openly anti-semitic, which makes it less usable for me. I prefer my information from jewish sources, as they have less reason to invent things  or lie about things.
But the authors on Darkmoon are very well informed, highly intelligent and they give space to critics. And: the message in this photograph can be easily checked. Its true , as we all know.
Remarkable: After the 300 years when jews treated the Ukraïnians as slaves (or worse probably: impalement..) , after the Holodomor, after a revolt where antisemites like Jarosh and Tiagnybok were used (badly needed, indispensable in fact) we see that jewish people are still in power. Remarkable...

Darkmoon: A remarkably long list of all the cities and countries where jewish people were killed or attacked or expulsed during the last few thousand years. The publisher says that he got the list from a jewish person. The years between 1938 and 1948 are not mentioned in the list.
Is this list proof that all goyim are really bad people?
Is it proof that all jewish are really bad people?
Is it proof that living as a guest among other peoples is a risky way of life?
Or is it proof that having as your ultimate goal to rule all nations of the world, not by force but by deception and cleverness is a risky strategy?  To 'breed a clever people'' one has to prevent genetic mixing with the goyim, and this requires that there is hatred between the groups (between the jews and the goyim). I think that all these killings, attacks, and expulsions go with the strategy.
The peoples living in the host-nations never askeed the jews to come over to live with them. Their kings maybe did, but not the peoples.

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