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341 The last taboo about the jewish question

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Gilad Atzmon is one of my favorite jewish teachers. I have learned a lot from him.
When they call him a 'self hating jew' he says: "Sorry, I am a proud self hating jew."

One aspect of jewish people is that some of them are very very clever.  Also jewish verbal IQ is remarkably high: 128 IQ points, if I remember it well.
If one needs an IQ of 128 to be a good journalist, a good lawyer or a reasonable author, this means that 50% of the jewish people will qualify, whereas from caucasian people only say 5 % will have an IQ higher than 128.

I knew for a long time that jewish tradition is responsible for this.
I must have read it in Kevin MacDonalds books or maybe I deduced it from Paul Johnson's book 'History of the Jews'.
I don't remember where I read it first. Or was it a conclusion I drew myself from the things I read? However, I was always on the outlook for this theory but never came across it anymore.

Till yesterday, in a video of Gilad Atzmon.

He said this:
"For more than 1500 years the jewish people in the shtetls are creating a very clever top segment.  How?
They have the tradition that the daughter of a rich jew must always marry a very talented yeshiva student.
In this way you get really clever people: not just theoretically clever, but also clever in real life: because the father of the wife is rich this means that he knows how to handle in real life.

Goyim have professors who are good in theory, but they can be clumsy in real life.  They have rich bussinessmen but these sometimes cannot understand a theory or an abstract explanation.
But jewish top segment people they can do both: theory and practice.

That is about what Atzmon said on this lecture in Geneva.

You can see it here:

Atzmon does not tell the whole story.
Because the father is rich, his grandchildren will have more money to survive difficult times ( hunger, pogroms etc.)  So you not only get children who are very clever ( practically and theoretically) , also their relative presence in the population will grow and grow.

In combination with other aspects of jewish religion and culture ( I think that the elite jews are convinced  that they have more rights to survive than the poor lower classes.  Maybe even the lower classes agree on this and know about this) this makes the jewish strategy to become rulers of the world a very strong one.

If you want to become rulers of the world (which is after all what Yehova expects of them, so its their Holy Mission: see blog) its is not a bad strategy to become the most clever group.

But how could they test for theorethical IQ ?
For that they had their Talmud.
And their schooling.
Each young jewish boy has to study very hard in the Talmud. He has to spin words and twist meanings of words. And to try to win arguments from other students or teachers.

Someone once said: The jewish religion is about the jews trying top outwit their God.
If God says: "You may not leave your house on sabbath", the jews will think of a solution and finally come with a new definition of 'house":  The house is defined by an iron wire that circles around the jewish ghetto.  So now they may leave their house, but may not leave the jewish Ghetto on sabbath.

Another aspect is their concentration on 'beïng effective '.

Do not work the land. Go into money lending.

Do not build armies. Try to controle the armies of other groups and let those do your job.

Do not speak the truth, work 'by way of deception', unless the risk of discovery is too high.

And above all: use psychology. Use the weaknesses of the human mind.

- When something happens: be the first to give your interpretation of what happened. Give it a 'spin' so that it is in your best interest.

 Then, when the real truth comes out, nobody will believe it. Why?  For a person  to change your conviction is like admitting you were wrong. We really hate that. We prefer to keep believing what is not true.
As Leo Tolstoi said: "The most difficult subjects can be explained to the most slow- witted man if he has not formed any idea of them already; but the simplest thing cannot be made clear to the most intelligent man if he is firmly persuaded that he knows already, without a shadow of doubt, what is laid before him." 

- Use propaganda. Use bluff.  Tell a big lie, not a small lie. Keep repeating it.  And accuse everybody who does not agree of whatever you want. It always works.
If propaganda is abounding, everybody will begin to believe it.

Like the famous philosopher Bertrand Russell wrote: "There is no nonsense so arrant (enorm) that it cannot be made the creed of the vast majority by adequate governmental action."

The reason that this trick works is as follows:
To survive in the Ere of Evoution people lived in groups ore tribes, led by one man. Whenever the group was attacked oit was important that all members listened to the leader. Groups that are devided in itself, wil be erased from history.  Now, to agree with a leader is easier if you do not start to think about the world, but instead: agrees with the most common opinion.  If the leader is good enough, most people will support him. Independent thinkers are a threat for the leader, ànd for the survical of the group when it is attacked.  Groups with individuals who develop their own opinions are weaker groups.  So:  all surviving groups consist of people who tend to believe what the majority is believing. 
(Or: what they perceive the majority to be believing. Important : because if you manage to controle people's perception of what 'everybody thinks' ,  you can controle their opinion.) 

- Keep group- cohesion high by making the group hated.  If every member of the group is disliked by the outside world, they will stick together more, and intermarriage will be assured. The the real capital of the group: High IQ and certain character traits, will not dilute and spread over competing groups. 
One way of making the group hated is by having different standards for jews and goyim.  Particularism in stead of universalism. Jews are people, goyim are more close to horses.  One may steal from goyim, not from jews. One may kill goyim but never jews. Etc. Etc.

This article can be made much longer, which I may do one day. 

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