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225 Sheikh Imran Hussein

Sheikh Imran Hussein is a well educated older person, who has proven that he can look far into the future.
In 2003 he predicted the Arab Spring.

Now he is even more bold and predicts that the Zionists -- who have used up 'The West' completely, and are afraid for the moment when The West realises itself that all these wars and crises were plotted for the benefit of the jews--  that the zionists will ferment a war between The West and i.e. Russia, in which The West will be decimated by atomic bombs.

Another remarkable prediction is that the overtake of muslim countries by fundamentalist regimes is exactly what Israel wants.
Then they will use The Threat of these fundamentalist regimes as a legitimation for decimating the population in those countries as a matter of self defence.
( This scenario was already put forward by Sheikh Imran in 2003: here)

I am glad that I don't agree with Sheikh Imran about the atomic bomb on The West, but I think it his prediction about Israel being glad with Muslim Brotherhood regimes is correct, and possibly for the reasons the Sheik gives.

First the 2012 interview with a jewish blogger, Morris:   ( from Information C. H.)
Below that : the 2003 interview

On The Brink Of A Bitter Fire
Turkish Threat of Invading Syria - Sheikh Imran Hosein
Video Interview By 
The  Sheikh  Imran N Hosein answers questions from YouTube Subscribers. The questions are listed below:
Posted July 13, 2012

Does the Sheikh Imran Hosein think the crisis in Syria has caused the foretold split between Gog and Magog - Anonymous

1. It seams more and more clear that the islamists such as the muslim brotherhood, and the NTC in libya, the rebels in Syria, ....The Islamists in Pakistan . All are working together with the zionists. It seams after every overthrow of these arab regimes the goverments are more open to western influence and to invite the capitalists into there country.  - dinapoli123

Is there an end of the world prophecy in islam regarding Damascus? - Syrian Girl


There have been increasing rumors and signs of a Zionist Attack this summer in the London Olympics and the Big Ben, what is your opinion on this matter? What Advice would you give to the people living in the UK? -  Daring Deen

How do we survive the coming wars? Can Remote Villages in the countryside guarantee the safety of Muslims from the upcoming destruction of the Nuclear Clash between Gog & Magog? - Daring Deen

This is clear cut war for israel.. Nothing else... Syria is one army which can take care of israel.. Every American has to look into this angel..Who is benefitting.. Neither saudia . or syria nor america only one country israel...Either its luck for them or is well played them..


I would like to know if the Sheikh Imran Hosein thinks Turkey has been 'secretly' encouraging and supporting the anti-Assad terrorists from the beginning already. - Quoriana Green

The Sheikh wants to build villages for only Muslims to live in and have their own system.
the globe and lived among different people. If somebody sees something bad taking place, he should not run and ignore it otherwise he will be part of the problem. -  snowc3ed

The Question for Sheikh Imran Hossein
2.Whats your view on the future Of the Kurdish Conflict between Iran,Turkey , Iraq and Syria? How will the Kurdish conflict shape the interests of zionists or will it be a blow for zionists? - Regards - Umer Bhatt - Kashmir (Jammu and Kashmir )

my personal question would be:
what kind of new rule for Tunisia is planned in the new arab world scenario of the times of a greater Israel coming?
and for Algeria? There are voices on tunisian news saying that Tunisia has become a platform for terrorists coming from everywhere since the borders to Libya and Algeria are not so safe. Thank you! - javagurk

Can you please ask the following question to Sheikh Imran Hosein?
Today Iran and Armenia (the first nation to adopt Christianity as its official religion) signed a security agreement. Does this signify what Sheikh Imran Hosein has been predicting [that] Islam and Eastern Christianity will join hands?
Iran-Armenia sign security agreement Moscow, July 11, IRNA -- A security agreement between Iran and Armenia was signed in the presence of Iran Interior Minister Mostafa Mohammad-Najjar and Head of Armenian Police force Lieutenant-General Vladimir Gasparyan. Thanks, - Rush from USA
About Imran Nazar Hosein
He was born in the Caribbean island of Trinidad in 1942 from parents whose ancestors had migrated  as indentured labourer from India. He is a graduate of the Aleemiyah Institute in Karachi and has studied at sevaral instutions of higher learning including the University of Karachi,the University of the West Indies, Al Azhar University and the Graduate Institute of International Relations in Switzerland


The 2003 video: 

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