Sunday, July 15, 2012

224 Tremseh

On july 12 there was a massacre in Tremseh, Syria.

Both parties accuse each other of being responsable.

Assad does not deny that there was fierce fighting. (*)  
But he denies that there were helicopters used.

The Opposition says again and again that there were helicopters.
It is repeated again and again by our News media. 

My position is: If Assad used helicopters, they must have  been filmed. 
So many people ( and rebels?) have a telephone that can fiulm. A helicopter can be heard and seen from very far. If there was a helicopter, it must be filmed!

Such a video is crucial proof for the accusations of the rebels. 
Without such proof, it is really wrong of our MSM to quote the rebels on this. 

So I looked at every youtube video with 'Tremseh' in the title. 

Not one has a  helicopter in it.  

Here is a very early messge by Al Jazeera. No -video's yet. The anchor man compares it to the Houla massacre. Remarkable is that he says that the UN investigators said that Houla 'May' have been done by Assad's army. That is not what the MSM told everybody, for weeks. They were sure all the time, even thought all evidence shows that it were the rebels who did it. 
Here is one Tremseh video, aired on Al Jazeera.  We see no helicopters and no tanks.
Here is a one minute video. It promises us tanks in Tremseh. No tanks.
Here is a video that shows us dead and wounded. Why did he not use his video recorder to document Assad's helicopers?
Here another video activist who did not use the opportunity.
Here is a Spanish photographer who saw tank tracks, but forgot to photograph them. He does not forgetr to mention them though.
Here are dead people, but 90% look like rebels.
Here we hear again: 'according to activists'. They only tell you unverified lies. And are not ashamed of it.  A Brittish tv broadcast.
Here is a BBC video. No tanks, no helicopters. 
Here is another BBC video. 
Here are angry Sunni  people and damage, but no helicopter.
Here is lots of damage, but no helicopter. The Gulf  States keep accusing Assad.
Here is Al Jazeera with a spanish photographer. He has a non convincing small video from a tank track.
Here is another video maker who did not bother to film the heliocopters.
Here is a video from the governbment with rebels who confess that theykilled to people, for prpopaganda reasons.
Here is a bloggrer that shows us tanks, and they are welcomed by the people.

(*) Assad has a duty to keep peace in his country, so fighting against an armed revolte is legal. Lets start with noting this. But it has to be done carefully, with as little civillian casualties as possible. 

Just today ( 16 july) we hear on the news that UN investigators found no proof that Assad's people have targeted civilians. 
That is at least something, but the story about an agressive Assad using helicopters to kill helpless 
people is repeated all over the world for 4 days.  

Again and again these rebels have made false accusations, while it was them who did the cruel killings in Houla, and probably in many other cities. 

There is a very good summary on Global Research about this. 


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