Saturday, June 23, 2012

216 WW1, Benjamin Freedman, Douglas Reed

Freedman was born in a jewish family, but became an important critic of the jewish movement. (*)

In 1961 he made a well known speech in a hotel in New York.

Here you can hear it: Benjamin Freedman Speech.

He says that WW1 was started against Germany, as they became stronger and stronger.
(This view is shared by F.William Engdahl: A Century of War.)

After 2 years of war Germany had won the war.
The Germans offered peace and restore the situation to where it was before the war.

But:   England refused !
Because the jews offered to England that they could get the US into the war ( and make Germany loose the war), IF England would give Palestine to the Zionists.

Untill october 1915 all Americans and all Bankers were supporters of Germany, as many jews came from Germany and as they all hated the Russians ( who were an ally of the English).

But after the jewish offer and after the agreement to this offer by the English  ( The Balfour Declaration)   suddenly the whole mood changed in the papers: German atrocities were invented, in short: the Germans were demonised.

The rest is history.....

Listen to mr Freedman's speech. 


Douglas Reed: The Controversy of Zion. 

From an Amazon review: "In researching Zionism for over 3 years there has not been a more thorough analysis and exploration of political Zionism that I have ever read. Not only does Douglas Reed expose the core problem in the world but his writing is the best I have ever read."

Read Douglas Reed's 1956 book about the enormous jewish influence on your and my life:

Reeds book on the internet: ( The Controversy of Zion )

Comments to Reed's book on amazon: ( Comments)

For more information about Germany: read ( Michael Walsh )


(*) Freedman was present in president Woodrow Wilson's  cabinet meetings and saw the enormous influence of the jews on US government in those years. ( speech at 31.30 minutes)

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