Saturday, June 09, 2012

212 Fact Facts Facts

We have opinions that are built on facts.
If we build our opinions on false facts, our opinions may be dangerous, or, when we are lucky: useless.

When we live in a democracy our freedom to vote is only useful when we are informed with real facts.

This blog aspires in the first place to bring you facts that are not published by the MSM.

Why were they not published by the MSM?
Because the owners of these MSM did spin a web through many many years that benefits themselves, but not the other people on this planet.

Every year hundreds of thousands of people make this discovery, but there are still enough journalists willing to work for the MSM.
And these journalists are the only ones that are seen and heard by 99% of the people.  It's only 1 % of the people that start to search on the internet, or read books and find out about all these facts that are unmistakeably true, but that are nevertheless unknown.

Here below I want to give a summary of facts that are true ( at least they are much better documented that the lies that are their counterpart)  and yet unknown.

( I will start this list later)

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