Sunday, June 03, 2012

207 Some good video's 2012

Here you find video's that I saw after may 2012.

Here  and here you see video's from the last one or 2 years.  Not all links are working:  many video's are taken off the Internet regularly. Sometimes I search for them again on the web and refresh the URL.  John Pilger's 'The War you don't see'  I have published myself on you tube, but after half a year it was taken off, because of 'Copyright infringement'. 
If you search on you tube or google, you may find it though. 

The media: Anthony Lawson: How The Media ( CNN) give you biased information. ( IBODS)

Srebrenica: ( A town betrayed)  ( The Sakers blog)
Milosevics was not complying with the US, and yet Yugoslavia is the place where oil enters Europe. So the US used the old trick: use an 'agent provocateur' and only publish the revenge to the provocation.
Nasser Oric killed a few thousand Serbs, (helped by muslims that were flown in with US planes! as we know from Wikileaks )  and then let Milosevvics and Mladic all opportunity to take revenge. Only this revenge was widely aired in the Media and used to destroy the Serb resistance to the US. Now the US control all of Europe's oil supply: (Engdahl

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