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210 Men in Black.

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There are several techniques to start a war.

1. You can take the initiative and attack the opponent. This is the old-fashioned way.

2. Much better is it to cause or stage a 'casus belli' :  think of the 'Gulf of Tonkin' incident. And think of 911.

3. You can also commit a small attack and hope that the other will react with a counter-attack. Only the counter-attack will be aired in the media, and gives legitimation to retaliation.  ( Livia Rokach)

4. Send in 'men in black'. Let them commit atrocities and then use this as a reason to invade.

5. You can use false accusations, false intelligence and say: if we don't attackj them now, they will attack us later on and we may loose. ( To pull this off you must controle a big part of the MSM)
Examples: 2003 war on Iraq. The coming war on Iran.

Here I want to give you several instances where these 'men in black '  were at work, probably.

a. Srebrenica. 
Nasser Oric was a muslim warlord who killed many people in 50 villages around Srebrenica. I read or heard that he was helped by muslim-extremists from several muslim countries. I think it was Sibel Edmonds ( or Sy Hersh) who stated that American planes were used to fly these muslims in to Yugoslavia ....
I am not sure wheter they were dressed in black, but I seem to remember they were.
Here is a good video about the whole story: A town betrayed.
Srebrenica was a combination of 3 and 4.

b. Kosovo.
In Racak,  Kosovo 45 innocent civillians were killed, executed, by the Serbs. That is the official story, and this was the 'casus belli' for Nato to go and bomb Serbia.
Later it turned out that these 45 dead men were terrorists from Kosovo who were killed in action. That is the conviction of many people who write about this.
Remarkably we read  about 'men in black' ( wearing masks) who commit the murders:
"Surviving witnesses were able to describe the methods and demeanour of the men who organised the killing - they wore black uniforms, balaclavas and gloves and carried walkie-talkies." ( Telegraph
If they were men that cannot be recognised, they cold as well have been in service of the USA......
That is my guess. 
And here you can read why they would do this: ( Engdahl : the Kosovo Strategy)

c. Syriƫ
A Belgian priest who lives in Syria made a long speech in Dutch on youtube where he states:"The terrorists are ever more brutal.  First they kill. Then they kill and mutilate. Then they first torture, kill and then mutilate the victims. They are dressed in black with covered faces. Webster Tarpley said that they look like the death-squads that were utilised in South America earlier years by the CIA.  ( Priest

d. Toronto. 
In june 2010 there was a G20 summit in Toronto. There were many peacefull protesters, and then suddenly men in black appeared on the scen and started to demolish cars and shops etc. The police stood back and let it happen. Then suddenly the 'men in black'disappeared into a park, where shortly after, their black clothes were found in the grass. Then the police started to hit the peacefull demonstrators. The Media advertised how destructive these G20 demonstraters were. 
Men in black ...  Who hired them? ( Video

e. Benghazi,  Libya : Unknown  snipers and unknown men with yellow helmets
The Libyan revolt really started around 21 february when snipers and 'mercenaries from other ( black)  African countries' started to shoot on the protesters. ( Video

By definition it is almost impossible to know who the snipers are, unless  they are caught. How did these Media know they were Ghadaffi's men? 

Why would Ghadaffi use snipers and mercenaries from other countries? 
His army was strong and able enough to contain people and protesters. 
Why would he put the flame in an already hot pan of oil? 
Libyan tv immediately showed the protests and immediately blamed 'foreign forces who were trying to destabilise the country' : ( Video
By definition it is almost impossible to know who the snipers are, unless  they are caught. How did these Media know they were Ghadaffi's men? 

Thierry Meyssan is a journalist who is not working  for the Main Stream Media.  
He writes about  Italian snipers that 'worked' in Libya on the first day of the rebellion: 
Thierry Meyssan, wrote:  On February 15, 2011, Salafists organized in Benghazi a demonstration commemorating the massacre during which shooting erupted, an incident that marked the beginning of the Benghazi insurrection that opened the way to the NATO intervention. The Libyan police arrested three members of the Italian Special Forces who confessed to having fired from the rooftops on both demonstrators and the police to sew chaos and confusion. Held prisoner throughout the war that followed, they were released when NATO seized the capital and smuggled them out of the country to Malta in a small fishing boat on which I was also a passenger.

On 21 february the pundits say that Ghadaffi had african mercenaries in place, but would he be able to bring them in  just a few days after the demonstrations began ? ( video

How about these mysterious 'Yellow Helmets' who contributed also to the ignition of the revolt? 
Who were they?  Who sent them ?  The BBC has a documentary which shows that on 17 february a group of people decide to protest in Benghazi. On that first day they were attacked by men with yellow helmets who were said to be Ghadaffi's mercenaries..... But how could Ghadaffi prepare these mercenaries in such short term?  The people who organised the protests had planned it long before and had contacts with 'foreigners'.  I think Washington and Tel Aviv knew about this demonstration lots earlier than Tripoli. ( Yellow helmets
The BBC says that policemen and army soldiers were also firing on the people, but was that true? We do see the yellow helmets, but nowhere a policeman or a soldier.
 In june 2011 Amnesty International declared that there was no  evidence for massmurder and use of planesagainst innocent civilians by Ghadaffi, and that the protesters were not really a peaceful lot. 
( Trouw, de Wijk.) 
The Nato attack on Livbya  was a mixture of method 4 and 5. ( Read point 9)

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