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140. Osama     More Osama: Blog 139.

Update: {aul Craig Roberts, november 2014: Osama was dead in 2001. No marines ever saw that Osama was buried in teh Sea. The Seals who 'killed Osama' said it was not true and after that  aal died in an accident. See: below. 

To really understand 'the case Osama' we have to put it in a wider context.

Since the Credit Crunch started in 2008 I began to read about money and banks etc.
My main question was: who rules the world? Is there an invisible power behind our politicians? What could be their objective?

I read many jewish authors: The old Testament, Israel Shahak, Livia Rokach, Victor Ostrovsky, Finkelstein, Israel Shamir, Gilad Atzmon, Naeim Giladi, Benjamin Disraeli etc. etc.
I read Anthony Sutton, Caroll Quigley, Archibald Maule, Ellen H. Brown, William Engdahl, The Protocols of Zion, Kevin MacDonald etc. etc.
I read blogs of The Vinyard Saker, Gordon Duff and newsletters and the website of Peter Myers.

All these together convinced me that it would be a good method or hypothesis to look at the unfolding history as if it were steered by jewish interest.
After all: that is the overwhelming impression that I get from reading all these authors.

Now to Osama.

Al Qaida was invented by the Americans, for judicial reasons.
In a book and a BBC documentary we see that Al Qaida was an invention of American lawyers.
Of course there are lots of angry young arabs, but there was not an organised network led by a man like Osama. The Americans invented it, in order to be able to accuse Osama. American laws made it possible to accuse Maffia bosses only if there was a 'network' that they were leading. In order to accuse Osama, they needed the network.
So far the BBC and Jason Burke.

I think that jewish agents already were in search for a credible figurehead, a symbol, an icon  of
'Islam Terrorism'.
They planned this War on Terror. Why?
Erets Israel, Greater Israel, the conditio sine qua non for the coming of the Messiah ( due in about 230 years from now, according to Rabbi Evers from Amsterdam), can only be realised when many arabs are chased away and possibly killed. That is only possible if the whole world believes that they are the bad guys who threaten us all.
So: what they need is (perceived) arab Terror. That makes them the bad guys.
Killing them is an heroïc act. Not a crime.
Osama was the symbol for that Terror.

Then came 911.
The terror attack was, within the hour, blamed on arabs. Telephone-calls from the hijacked planes spoke of arab hijackers. Later it proved to be impossible to make calls from these planes. ( Griffin)
But our questions were answered: we had the culprits.
Due to the psychological fenomenon called 'confirmation bias' it was, from now on, very difficult to convince people of the irrationality of their belief.

Some of the alledged hijackers had done some flying lessons, but many experienced pilots later told us that they could never fly the planes into the buildings as perfect as these amateurs did....

Building WTC7 fell down - for some time- with the speed of free fall, as the videos show us.
Not one scientist in the world can explain how this could ever happen. It has never happened before.

There is a long list of miracles that are necessary for the official explanation to be the truth. (Miracles)

People have no problem to believe in miracles, as long as everyone around them believes the same
miracles. This was the core-bussiness of religions for centuries.

It's now the core-bussiness of the Masters of Discourse ( 1 ).
It's like Bertrand Russel wrote: "There is no nonsense so arrant that it cannot be made the creed of the vast majority by adequate governmental action." 

This controle and manipulation over the Media was documented for the first time officially in 1917 bij Congress man Oscar Callaway. ( 16 , see also 11 to 15) 

I agree with Dr. Alan Sabrowski, the former director of studies at the US Army War College. He says: "Israel did 911".
They are the only-ones who have the motives and have the abilities to let 911 happen. And have the media-power to keep the truth out of the MSM.

Osama clearly stated he never did 911, and openly disapproved of it. 

Robert Fisk wrote about this on his website, but the link is no longer working. ( )

Gordon Duff wrote about a 24 sept 2001 statement from  Osama which is translated by the CIA. In this statement Osama says ( a.o.) :

  • “I have already said that I am not involved in the 11 September attacks in the United States.”
  • “Neither I had any knowledge of these attacks nor I consider the killing of innocent women, children, and other humans as an appreciable act. . Islam strictly forbids causing harm to innocent women, children, and other people. Such a practice is forbidden ever in the course of a battle.”

In a world where every little act of terrorism is used a thousand times to accuse the terrorist of being a sub-human, terrorism is not a good strategy.
In the case of Israel it is different of course, as their terrorism is hardly mentioned in the media. See Livia Rokach. See Alison Weir.

The Malaysian president Muhammed Mahathir made a very good speech about this in 2003.
Terrorism is not a strategy. It is a wild emotion that is counterproductive in many cases.
Osama never gave me the impression that he was irrational and overwhelmed by emotions.

Like Alan Hart and like Peter Myers I believe that the 911 attack may have been an idea that started in a group of Islamic rebels or if you want: terrorists. But they could never fulfill the job without support from insiders in the US. Who gave the stand-down order so that all four hijacked planes could fly around for over an hour?  Who guided the planes at exactly the right spot into the Twin Towers, if not the computers of Dov Zakheims SPC firm ?

911 was the starting point of a campaign to destroy or at least weaken the arab world.

And it was done with the help of Mossad and Neocons.
Also other terrorist attacks have suspicious aspects. The London subway bombing for instance.(Video)
The 2010 Christmas would-be terrorist  could get on a plane without a passport, with the help of Israeli  security !   See lawyer  Kurt Haskell. The Bombay attack was done with the help of a former DEA affiliate. Etc. Etc.

This campaign to destroy or at least weaken the arab world was accompanied by a world-wide moslim-bashing campaign. Bashing is like bullying: when you spread negative news about one person or group time and again and leave out the negative news of other groups.  
This bashing is initiated and fired up by jewish authors. Read about it in Jeff Cohens article and in Max Blumenthals  article.
And then there are people like Joseph Cohen who pretend to have converted to Islam and then start a very extreme muslim group that generates a lot of negative publicity for the islam.  Cohen ( who called himself Al Khattab) said he would be happy if Israel was hit by a nuclear bomb.  Said he had sympathy for the Huston killer. Said that the makers of South Park would end up like Theo van Gogh if they would not take Muhammed out of the series.
Then there are people like Adam Pearlman, who change from jew to muslim and produce all these Osama tapes ( As Sahab) ( Adam Pearlman)    Etc. Etc.  

What happened to Osama after december 2012 ?

Either Osama was killed during the attacks on Tora Bora, with the very lethal thermobaric bombs, as Ferndale wrote.  Or he survived.
David Ray Griffin gives a lot of good arguments to believe that Osama died in december 2001.
The head of the CIA, Leon Panetta, confirmed that after december 2001 there was never a reliable sign of life of Osama. Obviously the CIA did not consider all the tapes and videos of the fake Osama, that were published by SITE intelligence from Israel, of any value.  ( The Israeli's don't care: its these video's that gave Bush his reelection. That's what counts.)

I think Osama was killed in 2001. 

Why ? He was a danger to the War on Terror.
Suppose the most evil terrorist would succeed in getting a video in the Media in which he explained to the world that he did not do 911, and to the moslims that terrorism was very counter-productive .....
that would be a disaster for the Jewish agenda: for the War on Terror.
Israel could not afford to let him live.

But also: it could not afford to have him officially dead in 2001 either.  That too would seriously hinder the coming 'War on Terror' , which was meant to destroy some arab countries and the muslims dignity, and the deployment of laws that diminish the rights of civilians ( Patriot Act).
Osama was needed as the mastermind that was a danger to the world.

Ferndale and David Ray Griffin gave us good arguments to believe that Osama indeed was dead.

What if Osama was indeed killed in Abottabad, on may 2 ? 

There are 3 possibilities then:

a) Osama was undetected untill a few months ago, and the story is as the Americans tell us now.
    As the story changed a few times since may 2, we do not know the exact details, of course.

b) Osama was protected by the CIA ànd ISI.  The Americans did not want him dead yet, as that would impair their War on Terror, but prevented him from any communication to the outside world. The Pakistani went along with that.

c) The CIA did not know where Osama was, and Osama was helped and protected by sympathising high ranking Pakistani army-people.

There was an interview on Al Jazeera, probably aired directly without any censoring, in which a man who lived in the street of Osama's hideout says the following: "to be honest: it is not true.... maybe some other people ( live there) but Osama .... it is not like a bird who can fly inside, because this is a restricted area... when we came here from outside, all this army will say ( = all the soldiers asked every time: ) "hey, where is your ID card ?" So it is not believable...." ( Jahangir Khan )

These are the kind of sources that I value very high. A comment given in the 'hour' of the event, not censored ! (the anchorman in the TV studio speaks life to the interviewer. Indeed: 'life from Abbotabad') , from a person who knows the place very well.

Therefore I do not believe that possibility a) can be true. It is impossible that Osama was hiding unnoticed by anyone. Why would he take the risk of living in a restricted area where the Army wants to see the ID card of everyone who walks into the street?  Wouldn't they become curious and suspicious if one family lived there who never left the house?

Now suppose b) was the truth.  The US ànd Pakistan knew about Osama's whereabouts.
Then the animosity and accusations from the US to Pakistan are just acted !?
I cannot believe that.  Much too risky. Before you know it some Pakistani comes with a proof that the Americans knew all the time where Osama was.... The Americans cannot take that risk.

This leaves possibility c):  that Osama was helped and protected by sympathising Pakistani Army people. (Not the official government. They knew nothing about it.)
All right. Sounds plausible.
But that would mean that these Pakistani, who hated Bush and America,  would see one fake Osama video after another appear in the Media, and never be tempted to end the farce by making a real interview with the real Osama.  If they had Alan Hart or John Pilger or Robert Fisk make a two hour interview with Osama, they could have  completely changed the world. No Bush re-election. A re-opening of the 911 investigation.   End of the War on Terror.
Why didn't they do it?
Too risky?
If that is too risky, then why did they allow the youngest wife and the children to come to Osama's hideout ?  Thàt  is risky.  Of coùrse the Americans were following this wife Amal all the time.
Do although it was plausibel that Osama was helped by sympathising strongmen in the Pakistani Army, I find it unlikely.  For the reasons I give above.

Osama was long dead and the whole 'Osama-palace' and raid were acted. 

I think therefore that the whole affair was a stage play. It gives the Americans the possibility to spread a lot of bad news about Osama ( from his 'diaries' etc.)
They changed the information several times.  ( Osama was fighting back... Osama was not fighting back. All the witnesses were killed..... there were  women and childeren wo survived)

It was not difficult for the Americans to have this 'palace' built and have some people living there.
After all: they had Osama killed in 2001 but did not find it opportune to tell the world.  So having a house very close to a Pakistani Army base might come in handy, later on..... when we decide to kill him, like the plot of 'Whose afraid of Virginia Woolf".  Makes it easy to accuse the Pakistani of betrayal.

The main proof was thrown into the sea..... for the wrong reasons. It is not done to give a muslim a seamans grave, I read.  And: if you really respect the muslim tradition and send the body back to his place of birth, you can monitor exactly who visits the grave: useful information.
So this is another reason for not believing the official story: they did not have Osama's corpse.

Now we hear some statements of the younger wife and of a young daughter.... but we did not see them .

Will we ever see them, giving evidence of their life together with Osama?
Are there photos and video's of the children growing up, pictured through the years, together with their father Osama?  That might convince me.
Are these alleged children DNA tested ?
Will that happen?

I hope it will happen, because then I know my theory was wrong.

Now we are not sure.

And in such a case it is not wise to believe the voices that have been betraying us time and again.
Think of the reasons for going to Irak:
First:  Weapons of Mass Destruction,
then: Saddam has ties to Al Qaida,
and finally: bringing democracy...
All of them were lies.
The only motive was: spreading chaos and civil war for the benefit of Israel.

As long as there are no proofs, I believe the story as outlined above.


Last updates:
Alex Jones:  High US gov. insider says:  Osama was dead since 2001. ( Pieczenik ) ( Global Research

Was the raid in fact a complete disaster? ( Veterans Today)

ICH, 2013:  Mohammed Bashir, neighbor: One helicopter landed, and let 10 to 12 men out. These  people spoke pashtun.  They told us to stay in the house.  After some time the helicopter came back, together with 2 other helicopters.  Only the original one landed.  When they were all aboard, the helicopter exploded. All the dead bodies lay in teh compound. Me and people from the neighborhood went on the compound and saw them.   The two extra helicopters never landed. It is impossible that Osama was taken away by the Americans.  If he was in the helicopter he died in the explosion: ( Video )

Alex Jones: New Osama tapes identical to those of 4 years ago. Made by SITE or Intel Center.  ( SITE) ( Intel Center )  Note: Alex Jones never criticises Israel. SITE is not a 'Pentagon front group'. It's a jewish organisation that produces fake Osama tapes for years.

In a 7 mai 2011 CNN news report they know quite a lot about Bin Laden's wives, but it looks like they do not have even one photograph of even one of the wives !


Paul Craig Roberts: 

Another Fake Bin Laden Story

  210  34 
obama bin laden
RT, one of my favorite news sources, has fallen for a fake story put out by the Pentagon to support the fantasy story that a SEAL team killed Osama bin Laden, who died a second time in Abbottabad, Pakistan, a decade after his first death from illness and disease.  
This fake story together with the fake movie and the fake book by an alleged SEAL team member is the way the fake story of bin Laden’s murder is perpetrated. Bin Laden’s alleged demise at the hands of a SEAL team was a propaganda orchestration, the purpose of which was to give Obama a hero’s laurels and deep six Democratic talk of challenging his nomination for a second term.
Osama bin Laden died in December 2001 of renal failure and other health problems, having denied in his last recorded video any responsibility for 9/11, instead directing Americans to look inside their own government. The FBI itself has stated that there is no evidence that Osama bin Laden is responsible for 9/11. Bin Laden’s obituary appeared in numerous foreign and Arabic press, and also on Fox News.  No one can survive renal failure for a decade, and no dialysis machine was found in the alleged Abbottabad compound of bin Laden, who allegedly was murdered by SEALs a decade after his obituary notices.
Additionally, no one among the crew of the ship from which the White House reported bin Laden was buried at sea saw any such burial, and the sailors sent messages home to that effect.  Somehow a burial was held onboard a ship on which there are constant watches and crew on alert at all hours, and no one witnessed it.
Additionally, the White House story of the alleged murder of bin Laden changed twice within the first 24 hours.  The claim that Obama and his government watched the action transmitted live from cameras on the SEALs’ helmets was quickly abandoned, despite the release of a photo of the Obama regime intently focused on a TV set and alleged to be watching the live action. No video of the deed was ever released.  To date there is no evidence whatsoever in behalf of the Obama regime’s claim. Not one tiny scrap.  Just unsubstantiated self-serving claims.
Additionally, as I have made available on my website, witnesses interviewed by Pakistan TV reported that only one helicopter landed in Abbottabad and that when the occupants of the helicopter returned from the alleged bin Laden compound, the helicopter exploded on takeoff and there were no survivors.  In other words, there was no bin Laden corpse to deliver to the ship that did not witness a burial and no SEAL hero to return who allegedly murdered an unarmed bin Laden. Moreover, the BBC interviewed residents in Abbottabad, including those next door to the alleged “bin Laden compound,” and all say that they knew the person who lived there and it was not bin Laden.
Any SEAL who was so totally stupid as to kill the unarmed “Terror Mastermind” would probably have been courtmartialed for incompetency. Look at the smiling face of the man Who Killed Bin Laden.  He thinks that his claim that he murdered a man makes him a hero, a powerful comment on the moral degeneracy of Americans.
So what is this claim by Rob O’Neill about? He is presented as  a “motivational speaker” in search of clients.  What better ploy among gullible Americans than to claim “I am the one who shot bin Laden.”  Reminds me of the western movie: The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance.  What better way to give Rob O’Neill’s claim validity than for the Pentagon to denounce his revelation for breaking obligation to remain silent. The Pentagon claims that O’Neill by claiming credit has painted a big target sign on our door asking ISIS to come get us.
What unbelievable nonsense.  ISIS and anyone who believed Obama’s claim to have done in bin Laden already knew, if they believed the lie, that the Obama regime claimed responsibility for murdering an unarmed bin Laden.  The reason the SEAL team was prevented from talking is that no member of the team was on the alleged mission.
Just as the ship from which bin Laden was allegedly buried has no witnesses to the deed, the SEAL unit, whose members formed the team that allegedly dispatched an unarmed Terrorist Mastermind rather than to take him into custody for questioning, mysteriously died in a helicopter crash when they were loaded in violation of procedures in an unprotected 1960s vintage helicopter and sent into a combat zone in Afghanistan shortly after the alleged raid on “bin Laden’s compound.”
For awhile there were news reports that the families of these dead SEALS do not believe one word of the government’s account.  Moreover, the families reported receiving messages from the SEALs that suddenly they felt threatened and did not know why.  The SEALs had been asking one another: “Were you on the bin Laden mission?”  Apparently, none were. And to keep this a secret, the SEALs were sent to their deaths.
Anyone who believes anything the US government says is gullible beyond the meaning of the word.


  1. A very well informed blogger, The Saker, complimented me with the above article!

    It is a rare thing so I proudly quote it below:

    VINEYARDSAKER: said...
    @Jan Verheul: very good article! I basically agree with almost all of what you said. I would just add that besides the US, Israeli or Pakistani government there are semi-independent players INSIDE these government structures which can act largely on their own, in particular if they are protected by a layer of secrecy. It is well known that secrecy tends to breed corruption and, in a similar manner, it breads "rogue agendas". So rather than looking at "the Pakistanis" you could also make a thought experiment and think about "some high level Pakistanis of the ISI".
    In the USA for example, there is no doubt in my mind whatsoever that 9/11 was an inside job, but I don't think that all (or even most) of the government knew about it.

    My 2cts.

    Thanks for the great pointer, kind regards,

    The Saker

    15 MAY, 2011 19:58

  2. Osama's buurman verteld een ietjes ander verhaal als de Amerikanen: