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142. Mladic.

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Update 12 may 2014: The whole story that you will find below was written much earlier, in another way, by professor Peter Dale Scott.  Look at the blue/purple part of this blog: (Peter Dale Scott)

Update :

Today the Serb government has decided to send Mladic to the tribunal in Holland. 
( Written may 2011. Updated june 2012.)

Another big player in the Yugoslav drama,  Bill Clinton, will arrive in Holland too, the day after tomorrow. He will give a speech for Achmea, a big insurance company that has its 200 year anniversary.  ( He will receive like 200.000 $ for this speech).

I am not sure which of the two is responsable for more deaths: Clinton or Mladic.

In this documentary we see that a muslim warlord, helped with American weapons and fierce fighters flown in by American planes,  killed Serbs in 50 villages around Srebrenica. Thios massacre was kept out of the news. Then Mladic was given an opportunity for revenge. Mladic was only trying to kill the perpetrators. But the Media state that he killed innocent muslims.  He may have, but he tried to take revenge on the culpable fighters, which is probably what he did. ( See Johnstone, below) 

Serbia was unwilling to accomodate to the international bankers and wanted to stick to socialism.  Their loyalty was always to Russia, and not to America.
The Serbs put up the fiercest resistance to the Germans in WW2.

The Americans want to keep their hegemony intact and that means: miltary control over the main oil pipelines, the bloodvessels of the world. These piplines come from the Caspian Sea and enter Europe via Southern Yugoslavia. Now the Americans controle the region, as they have a huge military base in Kosovo, and as the government of Serbia is subservient t the US. ( Engdahl)  

The Serbian ruling elite had to be eliminated.
How to go about it ?

Let's listen how the Mossad goes about these matters.
As the ex-Mossad agent Victor Ostrovsky wrote in 1990: ( page 117 )

"After the bombing of Libya, our friend Qadhafi is sure to stay out of the picture for some time.(*)
 Iraq and Saddam Hussein are the next target. We're starting now to build him up as the big villain. It will take some time, but in the end, there's no doubt it'll work."

(*)there is strong evidence that Ghadaffi had nothing to do with Lockerbie ( point 5 and 6) , nothing to do with the Discotheque bombings, and nothing to do with the attack on the French plane ( Framed) . The Israeli's did the discotheque bombing, according to Mossad agent Ostrovsky ( point 1). 

This is what you do: you take your time to damage your victim. 
In negotiations you give your opponent a choice that he can not possibly agree with. Tell the world that he is a stubborn fool. 
You make a video of a 'concentration camp' where people seem to be starving.  
What else ? 
You stir up and fund all resistance against him. His most cruel opponents (Nasir Oric)  must be financed and protected and instructed.  But their killings will hardly get in western papers. 
Is there more? 
Well, you can stimulate internal division.( See David Gibbs,  below) Like the Americans decided to help only Yugoslav republics that left the federation. ( Engdahl) 
Is that enough? 
No. After you have humiliated and killed a lot of the Serbs ( 50 small villages were massacred ! ), you give them an opportunity to take revenge. Before the eye of the world-camera's, if possible.  Do NOT prevent this revenge. A small genocide would be perfect.  Like 5000 people.
( Witnesses declared that Clinton litterally asked for 5000 muslims to be killed, which would give the 'international community the possibility to 'help the muslims' ) ( Witness )

No regime can ever survive the accusation that they have killed 5000 innocent people. 
Of course Mladic did kill people.
But was it his own initiative, or was it in reaction to atrocities from the other side? 
Were his killings sollicited ? 
I am sure they were. The people of 50 villages were tortured and killed by Naser Oric and his men.   Here Nasser Oric confirms the killings in the villages.
And I am sure he wanted to takerevenge on the men who committed the atrocities: ( Searching Naser Oric's 5500 men army

I think the Americans wanted Yugoslavia to be destroyed, as it was not willing to give its sovereignty over to the Americans.
The Americans dropped weapons into Srebrenica (John Schindler
They allowed that the muslims did shoot at the Serbs from out of the safe areas. ( Stoltenberg )
When the muslims and Serbs had a peace agreement, the Americans veto'ed it ! ( Owen-Stoltenberg

Mladic was let into Srebrenica and the Americans had done everything to make him kill muslim murderers. I find the Americans more guilty that the Serbs. 

In Kosovo it was almost the same story: 
Just like Saddam was lured to attack Kuwait , so Milosevich was triggered by subversive Kosovars and Bosnians to become more and more a Servian Nationalist. ( point b
Here is some extra corroboration for this point of view: 
A high ranking UN officer working in the area,   Phillip Corwin,  said: “What happened in Srebrenica was not a single large massacre of Muslims by Serbs, but rather a series of very bloody attacks and counterattacks over a three-year period. Which reached a crescendo in July 1995.  Moreover it is likely the the number of Muslim dead was probably no more than the number of Serbs that had been killed in Srebrenica and its environs in the three preceding years by Naser Oric and his predatory gangs.”
John Norris, director of communications for  Strobe Talbott who was then U.S. Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs, in charge of the Balkans. Norris wrote in his memoirs : “What best explains NATO’s war is that Yugoslavia resisted the broad trends in political and economic reforms (it means : refusing to give up Socialism), and it is not our duty to the Kosovo Albanians. “ 

Some well informed people with a professiona background dsecided to do research themselves and make a report.

Here is a summary of this report.  
This is the front page and index.

Here is the Dutch version of the Srebrenica Report from the Dutch investigators: NIOD: 

Here is the English version. 

Some books about Yugoslavia: 

First Do No Harm: Humanitarian Intervention and the Destruction of Yugoslavia. 

Some quotes from the amazon review of William Podmore ( top 500 reviewer):

Gibbs shows how in the 1980s the IMF, under US direction, imposed its usual programme, cutting Yugoslavia's living standards by a third to amass capital to export to pay off debts. A World Bank official called the debt crisis a `blessing in disguise', enabling the USA to impose changes letting capital move more freely.

As Gibbs shows, "external intervention was one of the principal causes of the conflict. Interventions helped to trigger the breakup of Yugoslavia and the various wars that followed the breakup; later intervention served to intensify the war, and to spread the fighting." From 1990, before the June 1991 war, Germany fostered the secessions of Croatia and Slovenia. From February 1992, the USA fostered the Bosnia's secession. The USA also wrecked the March 1992 Lisbon agreement, precipitating the war in April.

Of the US intervention in 1999, former British defence minister John Gilbert said, "I think the terms put to Milosevic at Rambouillet were absolutely intolerable. How could he possibly accept them? It was 
quite deliberate." 

Gibbs reminds us how propaganda lies won public support for the wars. He notes that Alija Izetbegovic, president of Bosnia-Herzegovina, admitted in 2003, "Yes, I thought that the claims [about extermination camps] would help trigger a bombing campaign [by the Western powers against the Serbs] ... my claims were false. There were no extermination camps ..."

The Kosovo war, like the Iraq war, had no UN approval, so was illegal. Gibbs notes that New York Times warmonger Thomas Friedman admitted, "Any war we launch in Iraq will certainly be - in part - about oil. To deny this is laughable."

As Gibbs observes, NATO "was nominally a military alliance to guard against external military threats. But its real function was to maintain US predominance in Europe." He cites the 1992 Defense Planning Guidance document, by Wolfowitz and Cheney: "we must seek to prevent the emergence of Europe-only security arrangements which would undermine NATO."

Gibbs concludes, "alleged humanitarian interventions in the Balkans helped establish a new rationale - however spurious - for militarism. The Yugoslav case served to define US intervention as a benevolent and even altruistic activity, and this image has proven useful as a justification for virtually all overseas action." As Gibbs shows, "in most instances, the legacy of military intervention has been appalling." 


Another well known book is:

Fools' Crusade: Yugoslavia, Nato, and Western Delusions, by Johnstone

Steven Landman wrote a review on her book: 

The alleged Srebrenica victim count reflected lies and half-truths based on what's known but omitted in official and major media accounts. The 8,000 number included the Red Cross estimate of 3,000 "witnesses," allegedly detained by Bosnian Serbs, as well as another 5,000 Red Cross accounts said "fled Srebrenica, some of whom reached Central Bosnia."
In other words, they fled. They weren't killed. Yet, they were added to the mythical death toll to inflate it. Years later, in fact, forensic teams discovered 2,361 bodies in the area where heavy fighting occurred, including combatants on both sides, not massacred civilians.
Johnstone explained that "(n)either the Bosnian Serbs nor the Muslims were ever forthcoming with whatever information they had, (yet) the '8,000' figure (became) an established total of 'Muslim men and boys executed by Serb forces. "

Afterward, Washington exploited Srebrenica to:
-- conceal "the US-backed Croatian offensive," forcefully removing Serbs from Krajina, an operation approved and supported by Washington, perhaps killing larger numbers than the alleged Srebrenica numbers, including women and children ruthlessly; and
-- "implicate Bosnian Serb leaders in 'genocide' (to) disqualify them from negotiating the future of Bosnia-Herzegovina."
Exploiting the alleged Srebrenica massacre facilitated waging 1999 imperial war by blaming UN inability to protect it, so NATO's humanitarian war had to intervene. In addition, Milosevic was falsely criminalized for alleged genocidal killings "against non-Serbs for purely racist reasons."
Claiming Serbian caused genocide was, in fact, used "as an effective instrument (to) restructur(e) Yugoslavia," balkanizing it under US control. Official and media propaganda repeated fabrications, exaggerations, and half-truths about what happened, portraying victims as perpetrators to this day.
Heading for a Hague tribunal lynching, Ratko Mladic is already guilty by accusation before he arrives. Washington, of course, insists on it to perpetuate the official lie, a massacre invented out of whole cloth.
Yet most people still believe it, the same ones perhaps thinking Washington's led NATO war on Gaddafi is another humanitarian intervention, when, in fact, it's more imperial aggression, slaughtering civilians daily, not protecting them!


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