Tuesday, December 06, 2016

570 Did Wall Street create the USSR and comm. China to avoid competitors?

In the books of Antony Sutton we can read how Wall Street has supported the creation of the USSR.

See: http://www.voltairenet.org/IMG/pdf/Sutton_Wall_Street_and_the_bolshevik_revolution-5.pdf  

Why did the bankers create the USSR ? 

Sutton: Because they did not wat to have in Russia another free-enterprise society. That would be competition. 
And maybe because they want people not to be free. 

I think it is very well documenteed that American bankers suppoted the Revolution. 
They were even interrogated by Congres about it. 

( See Sutton's book. Ch 11. U.S., Senate, Bolshevik Propaganda, hearings before a subcommittee of the Committee on the Judiciary, 65th Cong., pp. 679-80 )

Also Sutton wrote 3 books in which he described how much technology was sold by American firms to the Russians.  It seems that in reality they were not afraid at all from the Russians. (*) (*) (*)

So we see on the one hand that financial Elite who do what they like, and succeed to do that. 
And on the other hand the people of the USA who are scared for 70 years, and have to pay a very expensive army and finance all its wars.  


But that is not all. 

It seems that the same trick was done in China ! 

Freda Utley was in China from 1945 to 1947. And she had a very clear impression that the American help of the government that was fighting Mao always was too little and always came too late. 
As if the USA wanted Mao to succeed and create communism in China ! 

Here is Utleys book which she wrote in 1947, warning her fellow Americans about the coming victory of the communists:  Copy of book.   or : HTML version

Recently I found a source which states that Mao has tried many times to start 'working relations', or even economic trade  with the USA, but the USA did not react to that. 
They preferred this huge country as an enemy, not as a partner. 
And the last thing they wanted is to help it on its way to industrialisation: 

 China presents exquisite ironies, not least the house in Shanghai where Mao and his comrades secretly founded the Communist Party of China in 1921. Today, it stands in the heart of a very capitalist shipping district; you walk out of this communist shrine with your Little Red Book and your plastic bust of Mao into the embrace of Starbucks,Apple, Cartier, Prada.
Would Mao be shocked? 
I doubt it.
Five years before his great revolution in 1949, he sent this secret message to Washington. “China must industrialise.” he wrote, “This can only be done by free enterprise. Chinese and American interests fit together, economically and politically. America need not fear that we will not be co-operative. We cannot risk any conflict.”
Mao offered to meet Franklin Roosevelt in the White House, and his successor Harry Truman, and his successor Dwight Eisenhower. He was rebuffed, or willfully ignored. The opportunity that might have changed contemporary history, prevented wars in Asia and saved countless lives was lost because the truth of these overtures was denied in1950s Washington “when the catatonic Cold War trance,” wrote the critic James Naremore, “held our country in its rigid grip”.


After the dead of Mao the new leader Deng  Xiaoping did start industrialisation, and we see what the Chinese are able to do. (Example)
They have a higher IQ than Europeans and they can work very hard.
The Americans always knew that the Chinese would be fierce competitors, and chose to side-track them.
That is what I think.


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