Thursday, November 28, 2013

316 Who is the real Power behind the facade?


The proverbial 'man in the street' has the impression that his government has all the Power.
If this civilian lives in a Democracy, he will tend to feel happy. After all: 'the people' are in controle.

If you read alternative history and non MSM sources, you will begin to understand that behind governments there are 'Powers' that controle or manipulate these governments.

In a dictatorship the civilians know who is in power: the dictator.
But sometimes he is just a puppet for Powers within or outside the country.

In a Democracy it is more 'elaborate' to controle a country.
Luckily its only a small percentage of the decisions that are relevant to the Powers behind the throne. ( usually they are named:  'The Powers that Be' or 'The invisible government' or 'The Deep State' or, if they are more visible: The Power Elite.)

How can we find out who is really in power? 

This is not so easy.
Also it is not a static situation.
And it is not one homogenous group.

But I think that these two questions can help:
1. Cui bono ?  
2. Who is protected by the Taboos in a society ? 

I am convinced that in the USA Jewish people have the most power.
Not only do they controle the media ( where they allow only the usual crtitcism of Israel, just enough to give the impression that Israel is not protected by 'the press'), which is necessary in a democracy, but also the cui bono criterium and the 'taboo'-criterium  are met:

For instance: the cui bono criterium:
 'Irak'  was devastating for the American people, ànd for the Iraqi people.  But it was great for Israel:  one strong potential adversary OUT.

For instance the 'taboo' criterium:
here are some black-listed books:
- Mein Kampf ( Hitler)
- All holocaust studies that are critical of the existing dogmatic information.
- Alternative information about the Arendar system, about the Holomodor, about the origins of the Russian Revolution: all this info is never appearing in the MSM.

In a later date I may elaborate on this subject.

If we had a democracy, then our demonstrations would look this :

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