Friday, November 15, 2013

303 Iraq was destroyed on purpose, not by mistake

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Even Philip Zellikow said it: 'Of course Iraq was invaded for Israel's benefit, not because it was a danger to the US.' ( Words he spoke on some university).

Oded Yinon wrote a Plan with the same strategy: 'Lets create internal strive in the countries that surround Israel, let them kill each other and Israel will be safe..( to do what it likes).

Daniel Pipes wrote it in 2013 about Syria: Lets help the weakest party in the civil war, so that the destruction of the two parties goes on as long as possible. ( Pipes)

And now I read this article from Nicholas Davies on ICH: 
( )

"US built powerful organisms of State Terrorism in Iraq. "

The strategy goes like this:  The  Israeli's Americans stimulate the Shiites to terrorise the Sunni's. The Sunni'swill, of course, take revenge: a cycle of Civil War  has started.

here a quote from the article:

The CIA sent a retired colonel by the name of James Steele to Iraq in 2004. He eventually recruited 27 brigades of special police commandos who then waged a reign of terror that killed tens of thousands of mostly Sunni men and boys in Baghdad and around the country. They have since been rebranded, first as the National Police, when one of their torture centers was discovered back during that period, and now as the Federal Police. They are still effectively run by Adnan Al-Asadi, who has been the deputy interior minister there since 2005.
So that regime of state repression and terror that the United States installed in Iraq is still functioning, and still conducting extrajudicial executions, in addition to one of the largest numbers of supposedly legal executions in the world.
You know, in Iraq, you can be sentenced to death for property crimes; you can be sentenced to death on accusations of terrorism, in trials that only last, at best, an hour or two, with very little legal representation. Human rights officials from the UN have absolutely condemned the justice system – so-called justice system – that the US has established in Iraq, and have demanded – the UN Human Rights Council has demanded – that Iraq immediately cease these hangings.
Sometimes they hang more than 40 people in one day, including women as well. This is just a reign of terror. And in that sense, some of the worst aspects of the US occupation are still continuing today.

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