Wednesday, September 14, 2011

164. NINE ELEVEN - 911.

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On dutch tv and in Dutch papers the '10 years after 911'  programs were a disappointment for me.
I did not see even one program or read one article that was about the Truth organisation.
( Except for some derogatory remarks.)

We may conclude: The Masters of Discourse have 'The West' firmly in their hands.

On the other hand I have seen a lot of very good video's and I hope the ad campaign in october in the American Media will be a success.

Here I want to give some information that I consider up to date and very good.

== First the official theory about 911:  9/11: A Conspiracy Theory corbettreport

== From the 911 Truth movement: THE TOP 40 REASONS TO DOUBT  ( written text)

== Since 4 years there is the Architects and Engineers for 911 truth organisation.
They have these video's"

Interview with Richard Gage: Architects Question 9/11 Richard Gage 
 15 minute Trailer of AE video: Solving the Mystery of WTC 7

The homepage of the Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth:  homepage.
   Here you find the lists of architects etc. etc.: Take Action.

Here you find many experts videos: Evidence - Experts Speak Out

Here is the 2 hour video: AE911Truth Experts Speak Out

Here are some of the Architects and Engineers: 

Tony Szamboti (M.E. - Mechanical Engineer)

If you go to Evidence - Experts Speak Out you can choose from about 20 more scientists. 

== Then there is the work of David Ray Griffin, who wrote many books about 911:

 Left-leaning despisers of the 9/11 Truth Movement: Do you really believe in miracles?


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