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162. Can we speak about 'The Jews'?

Alex Jones who criticises the American government like few others do, does not want to attack them, because he thinks they don't differ from other groups.

He says: " Some people say the Christians run the show. Others say the Mormones run the show.
I tell what our government does wrong, and let everybody decide who is behind it."

Jones is attacked many time for his 'protecting' the jews.
His answer is maybe a honest one: if he would attack the jews he might not have so much influence, or get more trouble. ( I am not sure how well Jeff Rense, who attacks the jews very openly, is broadcast in the States.)

Here is my opinion on the question: May we criticise 'the jews' ?

If Christians would run the show, that would be quite democratic: most people are christians.
If mormones would run the show, that would be odd, and should looked at crtiticalle: are the mormones serving all of us, or just the mormones?

As it happens, jews are very influential in most western societies, although they are justr a small part of the population. Also in Communist Russia they were heavily over represented, as Yuri Slezkine showed us.

Is this a problem?
Well, we don't know.
Why not?
Because all we think we know is coming from jewish owned Media.

And there is more to it: they have made it a carnal sin to criticise or accuse them as jews.
So we live in a world where jews decide what the MSM tell us about this world.

Most of the people living now have no idea that jews did the Russian Revolution, where they cleansed the old elite and took their place.
Most people living now have always believed that the Palestinians fled Palestine in 1948, because the arab countries told them to do so. Only now some Israeli 'new historians' have shown us that this was not at all how it happened.
Most people think that the French Revolution was an idea of the French, but several authors have shown us that it was a jewish plot.
In fact, Benjamin Disraeli wrote that jews were at the center of almost all revolutions in the nineteenth century. ( Citaat ..)

Here is a rough sketch of the jewish people as I see them:
It is only 1 % of the jews that are dangerous to the rest of the world: the Bad Guys.
I think that 49% of the jews really have no idea what is happening. The 'Innocents.'
And 49% of the jews do have an idea about what is going on. The 'accomplices.'
Yet only 1% of them criticises their Bad Guys. These I call the Good  Guys.

Lets look at it from yet another angle.
I have a confession to make.... deep in my heart I want to rule the world.
Is that important to you ?  Should you be warned?
Must we be afraid for the muslims who supposedly want to conquer the world?

It does not make sense to be afraid of things that will never happen.
Just like many other folks the jews dream about ruling the world.
I think that 1% of them is able to reach this goal.

Here is , in a few words, how they did this , for I think they are almost there....

If you want your descendants to rule the world, you have a few options.

1)  The jewish ancestors chose this: to bread for  intellingence and deception. 

They bread for high IQ, by having religious books (the Talmud ) that had to be studied and endlessly interpreted.
The best Talmud students would marry the dougther of  rich men..  This gave high IQ a much higher chance of surviving, in the hundreds of years where child-deatrhs were high and often the result of mal nutrition.

If you bread a population you try to prevent mating with non-stock.
Hence the strict clothing rules, the kosher food, the non proselytism etc.  A jew who marries a goy is cast out of the family. Not an attractive fate.

The difference between ingroup (us, the jewish people) and outgroup (the rest of the world) is kept very big. There are a lot of double standards:  ( see Israel Shahak) ( Shahak)
- killing a jew is murder, killing a goy is hardly a problem.
- Taking interest from a jew is forbidden, from a goy it is OK.
-  Cheating or stealing from a jew is bad, from a goy it is OK.
- Jews are God's chosen people, goyim are more like a horse than like a jew.

Jewish children are often indoctrinated with these ideas. ( Richard Forer)
They think that the whole world is strongly against them. ( Defamation )

The result is that they think to have the right to cheat and mistreat the goyim.

This negative attitude is helped by the fact that jews in the Ashkenazi culture loathed history. It was not advised to study history. But every pogrom or killing of jews was told from one generation to another. All  this was to glue the people together and make them hate the outside world.

Jewish elite and working class had a strong loyalty, but in times of pogroms, it was the elite who had to survive and they may have offered the poor jews like pawns. ( Think of the moral of the Jewish Councils).
Max Nordau  (the second man after Theodore Herzl) wrote in 'Entartet' that he did not care if the poorer jews got killed. ( reference ...?)

2) The high intelligence was used in the following ways:

- They were able to understand money and interest. Not many people understand this, although everybody is convince that he does. Einstein called compounded interest the biggest force of Nature...

Through 'fractional reserve'  the goldsmith's could lend out 9 times more than they had in their vaults, at about 10% per year.  In theory it took them one year to double their possessions. After 5 years they had 32 times the amount of money that they started with !

- They were often in symbiosis with a ruler: Hofjuden, tax collectors etc.  This was because the local population lacked intelligence and education.
This must have been an impetus for the jews to leave Israel and wander through the world. In Israel the competition was high, but in other countries it was low.
Also their  ingroup loyalty and their literacy gave them good information about the situation and prices in the next country, which they could use for trade opportunities.

-  The high verbal IQ allowed them to controle the Media, and give the goyim a view of the world which benefitted the jews and their exploits.

I once read that a jewish father leaves a kind of 'advice for life' to his children. I think this is very well possible, and can be very useful information.

Jews knew long ago that it is the amount of money in an econ0my that decides whether the economy would flourish or a crisis would come. That is why they have privatised the Central Banks all overr the world and control almost all of them.

Jews knew long ago that the media were the clue to power over the people: let them strive to the goal that you set out for them. Do not force them. Give them the idea that it is their own plan.

Jews knew long ago that different races have different IQ 's and behavior.  The first evolutionary psychologists were not at all welcomed, because they would kill the doctrine that 'all people are equal', which jews proclaimed for decennia.

Jews knew al;ways about the 'confirmatuion bias' ,which means that you  can convince the people of anything you want, but once they have a certain conviction, it is difficult to change it.
Most people still believe that muslims did 911, because that is what Bush told us on the evening of 911.  There is no proof for that, whereas there is a lot of information that should make us doubt this proposition. Yet: people do not want to change their conviction:  we all suffer from confirmation bias.

I will finish this blog at a later time. 


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