Tuesday, July 19, 2011

153. Murdoch.

Hacking telephones of people is a crime.

But Murdoch's crime is so much bigger.

He is an important part of The Media that are misleading us for decennia now.

For example on 911.

Architects and engineers who have a close look at the event cannot believe what the Murdochs of our world tell us.
They ask for a real investigation.

No one has told it better and with more authority than Dr. Alan Sabrosky.

Sabrosky is former director of the US Army War College.
A professor at Georgetown univ. and at John Hopkins university.
He is a US marine Corps veteran,  and a man with jewish ancestry.

Sabrosky is convinced that 911 was done by Israel.

Look at this recent interview:  video.

Here are some of the Architects and engineers who ask for a real investigation:

( The whole list is here.)

Architects, degreed and licensed.

Architectural Professionals

William Tickell, architectural staff
B.A. Architecture Cal Poly SLO
San Luis Obispo, CA

Engineers. Degreed and licensed.

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