Friday, July 01, 2011

151. Greece

Max Kaiser:  When Greece had to enter Europe ( EU) it did not qualify.  Then Goldman Sachs came in and cooked the books. Then Greece was accepted in Europe. 

Dutch TV documentary: The battle for Brussels.
Markarkis, author: “ Each time that  a new Party came to power they put their own people in government- departments. But the ones already there were not dismissed. Instead of 10 people in one department, you end up with 100 people. (Minute 16
In Greece, very recently built railway tracks , stations and brand new trains have been taken out of bussiness. The reason: there were not enough clients. In the documentary ( min. 9) there were 10 passengers who were served by 1 train driver and 4 inspectors.  The new train-lines lost 3 million € a day. Total loss untill now: 10 billion €. (8 min. )

Dutch tv program: Knevel en vd Brink.
M. Stellinga (Dutch Economist): "The money that will be given to Greece is mainly important for the banks who lent money to Greece. It goes directly to these banks."  ( min 2 to 11.)
Dutch government gave 3 billion to Greece, the CB 4 billion, Dutch Banks 3 billion. In total Holland gave 10 billion to Greece. It may be expected that half of that will never come back.
It's mainly the French and German banks who lent to Greece. It would be better if these governments helped their own banks,and its very important that banks do loose a lot of money instead of beïng helped: if we keep helping the banks, they will do it again: lend money to insolvent countries."

Jan Kees de Jager ( Dutch minister of Economics): "We will press the banks to lend money to Greece." He can force the banks by giving guarantees to these banks. In the end it will be the taxpayer who pays these banks back.   

Video (may 2011) by Greek people : Debtocracy.
For a short description: here.

Sahra Wageknecht ( 59 min) ( Left wing, Germany): One year ago, when Germany pressed Greece to cut hugely on spending (education, social help etc.) it dif forbade Greece to skip weapon-import-contract with Germany.

Daniel Cohn Bendit: "France is hypocrite. In the last months France sold 6 fregats to Greece, for 2.5 billion ! Helicopters for more that 400 million,  Rapale aircrafts for 100 million each! (min. 60)

Wagenknecht: "A part of the national debts incurred in Eurozone countries are illigitimate, because they resulted from policies against the peoples interests. So these debts must not be paid by the people." (min. 64)

Wagenknecht speaks here about Odious debts: If a regime lends money from banks and spends this money not to the benefit of the people, but to their own benefit (to stay in power, for instance) , then it may not  be expected from the people to pay this debt back. Certainly not if also the provider of the money knows that the money will be used for other things than the benefit of the people. 

A person in this documentary said: "When Greece entered the EU it could not at all compete with most of the other countries. It was like having a fight between a featherweight and Muhammed Ali. " 

A study by a French banker: Greeks work harder than Germans. 
Die welt. 
Economics Newspaper.
This is a statistic. Also the 100 govt. servants who do the job of 10 people are included in these statistics. ( See: Markakis.)
But it strengthens my opinion that punishing the Greek workers is the wrong solution. Its their leaders and journalists who are to blame. 

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