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292 America and Al Qaida work together

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Al Qaida is the symbol of Muslim Terrorism.
And: America's fight against Muslim Terrorism has dominated the news in the last 12 years.
Two wars  and an almost financially broke America.

Would it be spectacular if we found out that America and Al Qaida work
together ? If they team up, in all secrecy ?

The official story is that the Americans started to train and send weapons to the Afghan Mujaheddin in 1979, under Carter and Brzezinsky.
But the goal was kosher: to give the Russians their Vietnam in Afghanistan.
And the Russsians were the big Evil in those days.

From this cooperation,  however, Al Qaida was born.

And when Russia disappeared 10 years later, Al Qaida slowly emerged as the new Evil, as the new enemy for America.

True ?

Of course. That is the official story.
Everyone knows it.

But is it really true?

Well,  the remarkable thing is that in almost all terror attacks against The West  we come across some Western Intelligence people who seem to have a role in the Terror attacks.

I may write a  blog about that one day. But for now: 
- Twin Tower attack 1994: Emad Salem.
- 911: Mohammed Atta receives 100.000 $ from  ISI boss Mahmud Ahmed.
- The Underwear bomber ( Amsterdam-Detroit) had no passport, but was helped.
- London underground: MI5 did not want 7/7 brain Haroon Aswat arrested.
- The Mumbai attacks were possibly done by an FBI agent: David Headley

From the above, I think,  we may conclude that America helped terrorists to be succesfull.

It seems that America has a big need for Terrorism.
Why ? 
- Since 911 the defense industry definitely had some wonderful years!
- Since 911 Iraq, Libia and Syria,  a few of Israels enemies, have been ruined.
( graph)  (Eisenhower: M-I-Complex) ( Jewish interest)

So..... America helped the terrorists..... but it may be that the terrorists were genuine, and did not know they were supported by their arch-enemy America......

Not quite !

Whistleblower Sibel Edmonds told us that she had information that even the highest Al Qaida man,  Dr. Ayman al -Zawahiri, was working hand in hand with the CIA !
I quote a summary of an interview with Edmonds: ( part 1: But another ....)

Ayman al-Zawahiri.  Known as the "brains" behind al-Qaeda in many circles, Edmonds says that NATO ( through Gladio)  worked closely with Zawahiri and Bin Laden.  
From 1997-2001, Plan B of Gladio included dozens of operations with Mujahadeen.  
Edmonds points out that during this time they were never called al-Qaeda within official circles, always Mujahadeen.  
NATO asked President Mubarak of Egypt (where Zawahiri is originally from) to release anti-regime people (friends of Zawahiri) who they had tasks for in Turkey
During this time, Zawahiri had come to Turkey, but was also working in Albania and Kosovo.  
Edmonds mentions an interesting fact regarding the FBI: they keep tabs on all countries (their diplomatic arms) through monitoring (i.e. wiretapping) except four.  These four countries are 1) Turkey 2) Azerbaijan 3) United Kingdom and 4) Belgium, the seat of NATO.  The Cold War within the context of a "war over resources" didn't end.  The ultimate prize, as Zbigniew Brzezinski wrote inThe Grand Chessboard, is Central Asia.

I did find it difficult to believe that Dr. Zawahiri, man from an elite family in Egypt, who turned into a fierce enemy of the West and even spent years in jail, would secretly work together with the Americans.
I remember images of the young  Zawahiri,  shouting in a prison-court in Egypt,
as I saw them in the documentary The Powers of Nightmares.
I remember having seen Zawahiri's brother in Egypt: just as convinced as dr. Ayman.
How could Zawahiri ever work for the Americans?

Today I got the answer.
I saw an interview (blog 291) with Nabil Naiim, one of the founders of Al Qaida and now ex-Al Qaida.

From Nabil Naiim's words it is clear to me:

There was a deal between the USA and Al Qaida: if the Mujaheddeen (later called Al Qaida) would fight anti-American governments in the Arab world, they would be rewarded with the possibility of creating a Califate in those countries , after their victory.  The US would help, but not fight herself.

Zawahiri is still 'in the game' with the Americans: he calls for jihadi's to go and fight in Syria.
Nabil Naiim is no longer in the game, he left Al Qaida. 
He considers the Americans as liers. 
They promise a caliphate, but it never materialises !
Where is the Caliphate in Iraq? In Yemen? In Sudan ?

In my blog 291 you can read the whole interview.

One of the crucial quotes from Nabil Naiim is:

"The story of the Khilafa (Caliphate) is just another Lie created by 

the US to deceive you in  fighting the war for them. "

There can be no other interpretation than what I wrote above: Al Qaida was promised a Caliphate as a reward for fighting America's enemies.

Of course the Ameriucans could never admit that they ever cooperateed with Al Qaida ( except in Afghanistan, but that was in another era.
And just as well: Al Qaida could never admit that they cooperated with arch-enemy America. 
The secret was safe! 
Except for an ex-Al Qaida boss like Nabil Naiim, who - between the lines- spills the beans. 


In an earlier blog I wrote about 3 other sources that tell us about the cooperation between the USA and muslim jihadi fighters: professor Peter Dale scott, prof. Wiebes and professor Schindler. ( blog 283 )

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