Monday, January 30, 2012

Some witness from a communist country..

When I looked at Amazon to some reviews of Israel Shamir's book 'The Masters of Discourse' I came across this reaction. 
It is a person who seems to have lived in the communist Czechoslovakia all his life and he tells us that the leaders in his land were jewish, and were tough. 
It reminded me of the letter that Bertrand Russell sent home, when on his way homefrom St Petersburg, where he witnessed the communist revolution with his own eyes. He always was a filosemite and in priciple a sdupporter of the communist revolution. Russell wrote:  "Bolshevism is a close tyrannical bureaucracy, with a spy system more elaborate and terrible than the Tsar's, and an aristocracy as insolent and unfeeling, composed of Americanised Jews. No vestige of liberty remains, in thought or speech or action."

Posted on Jul 28, 2011 9:10:17 PM PDT
Kimberlin says:
Firstly, please excuse my imperfect english. It is my fourth and not my first language. ...What is the ultimate form of the mastery of "discourse" Where do its masters want to lead us ? What is their goal? I grew up in what is here in "the West" usually called "communist" country ( now Slovakia, formerly one of the two republics within Czechoslovakia) and went through the grinder of Jew conceived and built marxist educational system. How did the "discourse" of civic society look like after communist coup d'etat in 1948 ? Jews, whose numbers in the country were a few tens of thousands, were the head, the backbone and the main organs of the Golem that was the communist party. Majority of posts in the government were held by them, with one Salzman alias Slansky ruling from the very top, wielding the iron rod of power and smashing the clay pot that was the country under his feet, like any good (for them) mesiah smiting the goyim. (Psalm 2,9) "The discourse" was now forbidden, replaced by a monologue or better to say by commands. The libraries were ransacked, books by wagonloads burned or turned to pulp. ( And aren't we being reminded constantly by masters of discourse how evil nazis organized a public burning of jewish, by the large part paedofiliac , books ? ) Book publishers, newspapers, magazines, independent media were closed. If you resisted, protested or even just complained you were set on the road to a morgue, to a jail or to a special corrective-educational (concentration ) camp. This messianic supremacist cabal concentrated their murderous zeal especially on followers of Jesus Christ in the Catholic church. The monasteries were destroyed, bishops jailed, religious instruction and education outlawed. But the communist Jews respected and heeded their own jewish religious writings; Talmud calls non-Jews cattle. (Tosefta, tractate Erubin VIII.: House of Goy is like a house of cattle) So Jews-communists ordered historically and artistically valuable, beautiful monastery in Jasov to be used as stables for the cattle. For the semites christian art of the non semites had no value, so the frescoes could and did rot. All this made a great mirth at the Passover tables. It was not possible to print one single sheet of paper with a name of Jesus on it. The communist party confiscated all printing presses, radio transmitters and stations. The party Jews achieved complete mastery of discourse. As a warning to others three high school students from Trencin were hanged when they also wanted to engage and independently in this "discourse". When Israel Shamir writes about practices of "discourse" manipulation and to a (already) large degree of control here in established "democracies" (do common people really rule ?), useful idiots like mr. James Eaves Johnson (note : "Useful idiot" is not my term and i do not use it here as an insult, i use it to describe, see further. The origin of the term goes back ,as far as i know, to the beginning of 20th century and was coined in the jewish communist cafeterias (the nazis had beerhalls) to describe derisively an idiot goy who unwittingly helps his enemies) dismiss this few snapshots of political reality. They go even further; by way of pervert reasoning and malicious intent they call white black. In charity to one's fellow and not to be too hard on mr. J.E. Johnson I think he is only half (useful) idiot. What is his other half ? Jews hate those who do not agree with them and call them bigots. They hate those who talk and write about their misdeeds and call them hatemongers. In the centuries before our modern times the word "antisemite" used to describe somebody who hated Jews. In our times "antisemite" is somebody whom Jews hate. Jews hate Israel Shamir for writing truth about them and that makes them real bigots and hatemongers. Mr. J. E. Johnson agrees with them and that makes him, judging by his comments, in his other half a bigot and a hatemonger. To all right thinking "non-semites" and to all semites of good will. Listen to Israel Shamir. Be aware and careful about how and to what degree your public/society discourse is twisted, manipulated and controlled. Be aware and careful so you won't end up one day waking up into some another version of jewish bible inspired communistic slavery. Slavery created by Masters of your discourse.

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