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519 Creëer instabiliteit en neem de macht.

Op de blog van de Saker schrijft een gastschrijver, Scott.
In dit artikel vertelt hij dat een joodse organisatie probeerde een ( joodse) kunstwerk-colletie terug te krijgen van de Russische overheid.
Putin heeft geantwoord ( sept 2014): "de collectie is genationaliseerd in de eerste jaren van het communisme, en toen bestond 85% van de regering uit joden." (Toen Putin dit uitsprak was daarbij een flink aantal documenten om dit te onderbouwen.)
Verder zegt Putin: " Die ( joodse) regering heeft destijd een holocaust uitgevoerd op o.a. Russen. Misschien moeten we een eist tot schadevergoeding indienen? "
De claim van de joden stopte meteen, maar enkele maanden later ging een archief in Moskou ( met heel veel info over de rol van de joden in Rusland)  in vlammen op...
Verder vertelt Scott over de grote invloed van joden in Rusland, ook nu nog.

Verder zijn er op deze blog een aantal informatieve reacties gekomen. Enkele daarvan zal ik hieronder plaatsen.

A curious case of Moty Cristal, Chabad, and Israeli militants in Odessa, by Scott

On Sunday, February 14th, an English RT’s Senior Political correspondent Anissa Naouai interviewed Moty Cristal, a self proclaimed specialist on terrorism, an attorney, founder of Israel-based Nest Consulting LTD. On his twitter account Mr. Cristal names his fields of expertise as “Negotiator. Trains & consults worldwide on complex negotiations and crisis management. Political activist & designer of operational networks.”
Normally, I would treat this sort of interview as a self-advertisement, at the expense of Russia’s taxpayers. However, Mr. Cristal went way far from the beaten path of national security officers peddling their business. He presented an ethno-genesis theory for the modern jihad movement, only very slightly reflective of Lev Gumilev’s, and concluded that Islamo-fascism is unbeatable, as long as Islam exists, because Islam today is the same “age” Christianity was at the time of the Inquisition. He offered to examine the age of culture. He also implied that Islamo-fascism is a historical and logical development of Islam, and that’s why there are no methods to stop terrorism and to defeat it.
Drawing parallels between terrorism and religion, Moty Christal forgot to clarify what age Judaism was at the beginning of 20th century, when followers of this religion orchestrated the Red Terror in Russia after the anti-government coup, or “color revolution” in 1917.
Very recently, during the blunt attempt to take over the Schneersohn library, Israel and the Chabad-Lubavitch organizations had threatened Russia with prosecution, similar to the process over Hitler’s Germany, claiming that Soviet government was persecuting people of Jewish nationality. Since Germany has reduced to a trickle its enormous payments to the state of Israel and other Jewish organizations, they have decided to find another cash cow, and to milk the Russian people instead. I have very few doubts that if Russia had surrendered the Schneersohn collection to Chabad, it would then face claims of a holocaust of Jews in Soviet Russia.
In August 2010 a federal judge in Washington, Royce Lamberth, ruled that the Hasidim proved the legitimacy of their claims to the ancient Jewish books and manuscripts, opening a very curious precedent for treating ownership of arts and antiquities in accordance with their creators’ provenance and nationality. Say, British museums are packed to the brim with stolen art, manuscripts and artifacts. Using the decision of this court, the countries of origin should just immediately demand the return of all those treasures that were stolen from them by the British. First, the British so called “royal family” should return one the Russian Imperial crowns that was stolen from Russia, and that their queen is not ashamed to wear publicly.
The case of the Schneersohn library is relevant here, due to the message that President Putin conveyed at a meeting with representatives of the European Jewish Congress in September 2014:
“The decision to nationalize the Schneersohn library was made by the first Soviet government, members of which were Jews. There was about 80 to 85% of Jews in this government. However, it was them who, directed by false ideological considerations went to conduct repressions and arrests of many Orthodox Christians and followers of Judaism, and representatives of other religions, including Muslims. They combed up all.[meaning, they were repressing and arresting everybody in the country.] These ideological blunders and false ideology, thank God, have collapsed.”

What’s not in this video is a statement of fact that they collected an enormous amount of documents to substantiate his statement. Essentially, President Putin told to the representatives of the European Jewish Congress that it was Russia that might start the tribunal process on the account of the holocaust of Russians by the first Soviet government that was 80 to 85% Jewish, the rest were ethnic Ukrainians, militants from the Baltics, and also Georgians, and Polish militants.
Considering, that 90% of my family had perished during the Red Terror, and considering that my parents have never received any compensation for the death of their relatives neither from Jewish organizations, nor from Germany, I am in full support of such undertaking.
Notably, President Putin’s statement made the right impression, because claims for the return of the collection and other reparations had died out immediately. But not without some terror acts, like an arson at the library of the Russia’s Academy of Social Sciences INION in Moscow in February 2015, that destroyed a huge amount of documents pertaining to the holocaust and also to the history of Jews in Russia, and the Soviet Union.
Coming back to this very curious actor, Moty Cristal, who has been a professor of Professional Practice in Negotiation Dynamics at the Moscow School of Management Skolkovo since 2011.
In one of his tweets, Mr. Cristal complains that his “client” “cynically inserted him into Hotel Ukraina in Moscow” with the view of the flags of the EU and Israel, and the view of Russia’s Parliament building. The same building that was targeted and burned during the US takeover of the Soviet government, with the direct participation of the Israeli security services.
What Israeli national security people are teaching Russian specialists, poisoning their minds with fallacies and recruiting future members of the Russian elite as Israeli secret services agents?
Are there any Russian Orthodox military or national secure officers teaching in the Technion, in Jerusalem University, in Haifa University?
What kind of views do theses “political activist” have towards Russia and it’s government?
I also would want a disclosure on what kind of “operational networks” this “political activist” designs in Russia and for whom? Who are his clients?
What propelled me to write this post, is not just a statement by Mr. Cristal that violent Islam follows in the footsteps of violent Christianly. The Islamo-fascism from its very beginning was socially-engineered and funded by the governments of the US and EU members and Israel. It’s useless to keep insisting that jihad is a historical process coming from the within of the Islam, when the US authorities openly admit that it was them who midwifed the terrorists into existence. “… the US and Turkey created ISIS, are arming and funding it to this very day, and are using the existence and atrocities of their own proxy forces.”
I find it uncanny that the Russia Today interview with Mr. Cristal coincided with the February 14th 2016 SANA News report on a seizure in Syria of a large amount of ammunition made in Israel. ” Earlier on Saturday, the Syrian government authorities, in cooperation with the popular committees, seized hundreds of U.S. and Israeli-made anti-tank mines loaded in a pickup in the western countryside of Sweida. The weapons were bound for the terrorists in eastern al-Badiya (desert). The arms and ammunition which were confiscated included 7 Israeli-made anti-tank rocket launchers, 62 shells, 128 RPG shells of different kinds, 43 120 mm mortar rounds, 42 82 mm mortar rounds and 100 23 mm machinegun bullets.”
I was also intrigued as to why Moty Cristal has never mentioned one of the most horrific terrorists attack in the past two years, the burning alive of over a hundred Russian people in Odessa by Ukrainian ultra-nationalists who weren’t Muslim fundamentalists.
Coincidentally, as if in response to the reports of the seizure of Israeli shipment of arms to the terrorists in Syria, a Ukrainian journalist Vladimir Kornilov
posted his research into the burning of people in Odessa on May 2nd, 2014.
“Immediately after the Odessa Khatyn, I reported on the curious Israelis who actively participated in the events of May 2.
If you remember, I have reported about the video that a British journalist recorded in the center of Odessa with the use of his Google glasses. In the video, we can see a group of English speaking foreigners in the midst of a crowd of Ukrainian Nazis. One of them says to the journalist that the group was directly participated in these events. (He states it openly on the video). Speaking in a fluent English he says that he is a citizen of Israel and the USA. Suddenly, he realizes that he is being recorded on video. He loses his mojo, his English suddenly “deteriorates” and he retreats. His hands are protected by rubber gloves, and his accomplices are holding some tubes, bottles, packages.
When I reported this video, I was suddenly attacked from different sides. At first, it was said that I made it up, and that there was no video with the Israeli in it. After I presented this video showing the guy who clearly calls himself a citizen of Israel, I got screamed at that this guy “just misspoke”, that he “blurted it out without thinking” and that most likely he was an Arab, and not a Jew. Even so, I have never said anything about his ethnicity.
Well, getting back to the subject. I just found some photos of this gentleman by the name Gonen Siboni. In first photo, he is in Odessa on may 2, 2014. And on the other three images. He is in 2008. Do you recognize the uniform he is wearing? Is it Palestinian or the IDF?
In anticipating of “so what?”, I just want to note: neither in my first post, nor today do I argue that this fighter of the IDF is guilty of something. It’s possible that he, being a medical student, happened to be in the crowd of murderous Nazis, and accidentally started to help the wounded. As he now claims. But, there are a number of legitimate questions. For example, why did they accidentally walk through Odessa with medical equipment, and wearing rubber gloves? How did they know in advance that someone will be killed and wounded? Or, why did this fighter suddenly forget English when he realized that he was being recorded?
Back, in May 2014, I had recommended to question these IDF soldiers, in order to clarify their role in the event. (I reiterate: Siboni voluntarily told to the British journalist that he was participating in this event!). At the very least, it was the Ukrainian SBU that make a statement that for the burning of Russians in Odessa some kind of strange chemicals were used. In this regard, it is legitimate to ask those Israelis what kind of substance was in their tubes and bottles, right? Do you think authorities have asked this question from this activist? Oh, I doubt!..
On May 7th, 2014 he had posted on his page in the social network vkontakte (Russian facebook): “Home!” (Presumably, was quickly evacuated to Israel). Since then he has been laying low. He’s silent to this day. Curious, isn’t it?..”
The victims of terror and their families deserve justice and swift revenge. If terrorist wannabes knew that revenge will come to them fast and furious, they would be less inclined to participate in activities like burning women, children and men alive in Odessa. There is an investigation conducted by Russia’s law enforcement. If Gonen Siboni is not a terrorist, he has nothing to hide. He should go to Moscow and talk to the investigators about what had happened in Odessa. If he had helped injured people, as he claims, those people should be alive and they should be able to confirm that he and other Israelis from his group helped them. He should reveal who were the other people in his group. Law enforcement should be able to question them also.
Since he is hiding and refuses to talk to law enforcement, it means that he lies and that he was killing people along with the Ukro- terrorists.
I don’t understand why we have to treat Islamo-terrorists differently from Ukro-terrorists and Judeo-terrorists? They all work for the same organizations.
I also beg to differ with Mr. Cristal, on the account of persistence of terror. What does it tell him when CIA Director John Brennan says that they knew about upcoming acts of terror in Paris?
If we see terrorism for what it is, the Western governments’ psy-ops to destabilize countries, then we will find the way to put an end to it.
In his interview to Anissa Naouai, Mr. Cristal talks about the comprehensive strategy of the fight with terrorism. He suggests that we have to go after the terrorists and physically kill them, we have to go after their leaders and physically kill them, we have to go after their money and bank accounts, and we have to go after the members of their families. He also says that we should only negotiate with terrorists to gain time to gather intelligence. There are no reasons why we would have any agreement with terrorists. This is what Israel does. Those are acceptable international practices.
This baldy claims to be a expert, maybe we should start following his recommendations?

I looked at the list of about 15-25 current political, economic, and other “leaders” of Ukraine who are all of Jewish background, and I couldn’t resist the echo of Marx’s aphorism which states:
History repeats itself first as tragedy (as in 1917 Bolshevik revolution) then as farce (as in 2013 Maydan Bandera revolution).
What a symmetry! In both events, Jewish participation was dominant, Jewish money not as much (see Anthony Sutton: Wall St and the Bolshevik revolution).
One more comment: although the book “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” has been shown to be forgery , and a composite plagiarism of different sources, I am beginning to be amazed at the accuracy of its prediction for the last 50 years.
Regards, Spiral

had connection issues, not certain if my comment made it through, so am sending it again –
Just look at the history of Turkey during the collapse of the Ottoman Empire at the turn of the 1900’s till say 5 years after the end of WW1. The Committee of Union and Progress, a grouping with a strong Jewish presence, started taking over Turkey. During this time period the Armenian massacres, the first genocide of the century, started.
After lots of chaos, including the Greek invasion of Turkey post WW1, the nationalist Mustafa Kemal took over and promptly hanged most of the Committee of Union and Progress, unconcerned about the outcry from international “finance” in New York, Paris and Berlin, and banking house’s of the Rothschild’s in Vienna and London.
So it seems some people enjoy sticking their noses into other people’s business, they started with the collapse of the Ottoman empire first, done lots of killing, and got smacked on their noses by Mustafa for their effort. Then they stuck their noses into the collapse of the Tsarist empire, done lots of killing (as Bolshevik’s), and got smacked on their noses by Stalin for their effort.
Come to think of it, our Jewish brother’s seem to circle around collapsing empires / countries like vultures. At the collapse of the USSR they were there as oligarchs. At the collapse of Ukraine they are there as oligarchs. At the collapse of the British empire, pre-ww1, they probably took over then as oligarchs (Rothchild’s). Their presence at the end of the Ottoman and Tsarist empires is mentioned above. So that’s the reason they are circling so much around the AngloAmericanista empire now, its collapsing. They are in fact circling around the AngloAmericanista empire so much that it looks like its the AngloZionist empire :-)
  1. We don’t need to go too far to find a summary of Zionist Terrorism in the Near East — 1944-1948
    And let’s not forget what the Roman Empire did in the end — demolished the central temple (of magical thinking) and practically plowed salt into the earth the solve the ‘problem’. Basically following on from the Egyptians and Persians.
    With a biological-cultural ‘identity’ linked only to the ‘X’ chromosome it pretty much does not matter what happens to the “Y” — and that, along with new born infant genital mutilation, pretty much self-selects an evolutionary path of hyper existential anxiety (at least in the “Y” side of the economy) and a bias towards domination/slave relationships and away from peace and harmony. This comment is about cultural system’s bias (that would crucify a good man to save the tribal system) and not specific individuals who may (or may not) survive and transcend the local conditions.
  2. My condolences for the ancestors you lost, but this Jewish conspiracy theory is nearly as silly as the Islamic conspiracy/pseudo-numerological theory of this dorky Christal dude you’re so aptly mocking.
    Communism /= Judaism. That’s the basic problem. Communism is an ideology with a strong underpinning; agree with it or disagree with it (For the record, I broadly agree with Marx’s critique of capitalism but strongly disagree with the centralist approach of Communism as a response), it can stand on its own feet. It is foolish to underestimate ideas in the history of political struggle, not to mention class and the structure of society. All that you discount, in favour of . . . what? History as driven by a small cabal with no real structural role, some of whose most prominent members were drastically at odds with each other? Consider that Lenin and (any given major Rothschild) would have cheerfully murdered each other if given the chance.
    The notion of the October Revolution as a “colour revolution” is a nonsense. Partly because it’s a poor idea to talk about events of the past as if they were echoes of the present. But mainly because if the term “colour revolution” is going to mean a thing, it refers to the creation and use by foreign powers of local catspaws to overthrow otherwise not particularly revolution-worthy government, to install instead governments which can be counted on to serve the ends of those foreign powers. OK, so in 1917 Germany would have wanted to weaken Russia–but nobody wanted Communists to gain control of any country, and that would certainly include the establishment, financier Jews. And the government of Russia at that time sucked. Sorry, but it did; it was nasty and also inefficient, ineffective and out of touch. There were plenty of people with plenty of reasons to want big changes, and the secret police, while unpleasant, were insufficient to hold together a status quo that had too little sticking it together. What happened was a real revolution, and largely home grown, not a “colour revolution”.
    And Lenin’s bunch ended up on top of the result because they were tough, organized, and had an ideology strong enough that it had a significant following. Many of the results were nasty. That’s history for you. When one group loses power and another group gains it, bad shit happens, especially when the groups involved are large and have longstanding grievances. It’s true whether it’s an ethnic clash, a religious one, or as in this case mostly class based. One hardly requires conspiracy theories about Jews to explain that.
    Jews have been prominent in 20th century history–but they’ve been prominent on all sides of most political and intellectual struggles. It shouldn’t be surprising; 20th century history has been mainly a history driven by urban, Western, educated people. Jews are disproportionately all three–with a long, strong tradition of education and a history of often being forbidden to own land. Medieval history was driven largely by rural uneducated elites–knights and landed nobles. Jews were barely a footnote through much of that time for exactly the same reasons they’ve tended to be prominent more recently. Meanwhile, in the modern era anywhere you find history being driven by rural folk, you don’t find a lot of Jews. Not a lot of Jews among the Zapatistas, as far as I know, nor were Jews particularly big in the Chinese Communist revolution.

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