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320 Geert Wilders and his anti-islam sticker.

The famous muslim-basher Geert Wilders, who is a puppet in Israel's strategy, has produced his latest stunt: a green sticker to put on the door of your office:  

It has, written in arabic, these lines:  
Islam is a lie; 
the Prophet is a criminal; 
the Koran is poison.

It grieves me highly, and I am not even a muslim. 
( I was very unhappy with the mass-immigration in the last 40 years, and tried to instigate a discussion about it: "Is this good? Does it help anyone? What will the future bring ?" 
Of course I was ostracised and had to leave politics. 
That was 22 years ago. ) 

I have always understood that immigration is OK, if in low quantity. 

But a very large and rapid immigration of people from a very different background will create a 'Multi' society, and long-time conflict within that society. 
The immigrant group is big enough to not have to assimilate, so it will not assimilate,

The chances of assimilation depend on these factors: 
- How many immigrants in how much time do enter the country.
- Can they import their spouse from the country of origine. ( Chain immigration).
- What is their genetic distance compared to the receiving society.  
- What is the cultural distance in comparison to the receiving society. 
 - Cultural peculiarities of the immigrants. ( Like: how strong are family ties, how strong is the taboo on marrying outside the group). 

In The Netherlands we have about 1 million people from Turkish and Moroccan descent.  
Assimilation is not happening at all: inter-marriage is almost nil.
Integration is half succesfull. 
The good news is that the chain-immigration is going down. 

But if 2 % of the people in your neighborhood are thieves or vandals or agressive or drunks, you already live in an uncomfortable neighborhood, and you will feel unsafe. 

Well, there are a lot of young Moroccon boys who are little criminals. 

It has nothing to do with their religion or with the Koran, of course, for there are much less problems with Turkish or Surinam youngsters that are also muslims. 

No, its in their genes. They come from mountainous and unfertile area's where the only way to be succesfull and have offspring was to be armed and agressive.  Dutch author Fleur Jurgens wrote that every house in the Maghreb has a turret ( geschuts-koepel) on the roof: a place from where to fire a  gun. 
Of course this selects character traits (genes): these people have different 'behavioral preferences', which they needed to survive in the area where they lived.

I can very well understand the Dutch citizens who are fed up with these young muslims. 
I do understand why young Moroccans act like they do. I can hardly blame them. 
But: Who is to blame?  We,  who asked their fathers to come to Holland, or these young men who find themselves in an environment so different from what their ( behaviour-) genes were selected in ?  

Another problem for integration is the lower IQ. 
Dutch people have an IQ of about 100 points.  
For Turkey and Morocco it's 85 points. 

This lower IQ in combination with a rather high self-esteem ( Moroccan boys are treated like little princes by their mother and sister) causes a lot of frustration when the young men enter 'real life' and have to look for a job. 
Their fathers, who came as 'guest workers' were humble and proud to do a good job.  And these men were respected for it by most Dutch people. 
But their offspring has to apply for a job, and as their reputation is not very good, will often meet with real discrimination. 

I can understand these discriminating employers.
I can very well understand the frustration and anger of the young muslims.

So here we have a problem. 

And Then: in comes the Jewish Asset, this time in the shape of a politician, Geert Wilders. 

We know that:  
Every politician has the duty to solve problems, not to create problems. 
Every politician has the duty to work in the interest of his own country, not of another country. 

Not Wilders, evidently. 
His whole career can be characterised as:  incite the 'Clash of Civilizations'. 

This Clash of Civilizations was planned, its not an accident.

In the early 90's the cabal that sympathise with Wilders ( jewish activists, journalists, pundits, opinion leaders, financiers)  were accusing me of racism,  as I questioned limitless immigration. 

Now his friends use these immigrants to destroy our society. 
They use popular anger (which I understand)  to make our society fall apart.   
Not once did Wilders have a constructive suggestion in relation with the young muslims in our country. 

I am convinced that the 'Masters of Discourse' (jewish activists, journalists, pundits, opinion leaders, scientists, financiers) have deliberately blocked every normal discussion about immigration, in order to make our country more 'Multi'. 
They blocked these discussions ( and thus a normal political decision)  by saying things like: "Being anti-immigrant is being racist. Being racist is what leads to Auschwitz.  All people are equal.  IQ is non existent. Races do not exist."
They took the 'high road',  the noble standpoint. They played the 'humanitary agenda' even then. And just like now the goal of this humanitary agenda was: destruction.  

I am also convinced that these same people are the ones who started muslim-bashing. 
I conclude that from these sources: (Fair) (Blumenthal)( Fear Inc. ) 

I see it also in my country: the most influential muslim-basher is author Leon de Winter. 
Yet, in 1994 he wrote a book called 'Manual on how to win from right wing extremists.'
He gives help on how to rebut 10 standard arguments of the Extreme Right. 
The 10 standard arguments are are also the title of each of the 10 chapters.

Here are 6 chapter titles:  
1. Holland is for the Dutch.   (Dutch = 'Hollanders'). 
2 Our own people must go first. (Eigen volk eerst.)
3. Holland is full. ( Meaning: No place for immigrants)
6 The borders must be closed.
7. They are all profiteers and criminals
8. They do nothing and get everything. 

Now De Winter is the most well known Islam basher in Holland, more so than Ayaan Hirsi Ali. 

But WHY would jewish people want to destroy all existing societies?

Well, it what their God expects them to do, of course: they must be masters of all Nations, and they are supposed to smash to pieces all their enemies. ( Eschatology

But it is also the result of their strategy for survival.
They bet on wit and high IQ. 
They self-select (breed themselves, to put it an unflattering way) for high IQ.
How do they do that? 
Like this:
Critical explanation of the Talmud has been for ages a selective criteria in the jewish community: an excellent Talmud student was entitled to a rich bride, and so his children had not only theoretical talents ( from the father) but also practical talents ( from the rich  mother), and the money of the father of the wife made survival chances in their family much higher. 
This is what brought us the jewish lawyers, and the famous 'Culture of Critique."

If you use genes as your strategy, you cannot do much proselytism, and you cannot have mixed marriages.
Its very hard to keep a group which lives in diaspora apart from its surroundings.
But the jews have succeeded.
The most important help for survival is to become hated by your surroundings.
This prevents inter-marriage. But it also causes the odd pogrom, of course.
And the jews have hardly any objective historic knowledge, but they will never forget a pogrom. This is what breeds their cohesion.
But it is also what makes them hate the goyim and their goyim societies.

( Every religion that survived the ages has a strategy for survival. The jewish strategy is like a martial art that uses the force of the 'other' and twists it in such a way that it benefits the self. 'Make war by way of deception. ' is the Mossad's motto. 
"Let our enemies kill each other, and lets help the weakest party in order to make their war longer' says Daniel Pipes, ans says Oded Yinon and all the others.) 

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