Friday, December 06, 2013

319 Michael Ruppert and David Duke


Michael Ruppert was an early whistleblower about drugs-bussiness done by CIA or FBI.  He also published about police scandals.
His parents also worked for organisations like the CIA.

His book 'Crossing the Rubicon' was an early and very well documented 911Truth book. ( 600 pages, with 1000 footnotes)

His method of working is stringent: He uses the official government-sources.
He found out that the news as it appears in the MSM is almost always a lie.
It covers the truth. But what is in the hundreds of pages of the official reports, can be trusted and often reveals  what the real truth is.

I heard an interview with Ruppert on Global Research where he was extremely pessimistic: He says it is too late to save the world.
He is sure that global warming will be too much to survive.
And  he is sure that in Fukushima already an awful lot of radio-activity has entered the environment, much much more than in Tsjernobyl.
His source for thsi information is a researcher who had the same method of working aqs he, Ruppert, has:  study the official reports, and draw your own conclusions. ( I could not understand the name of this researcher.)

I think Ruppert is worthwhile to be mentioned here, because he tries to find the truth, because he has decennia of experience, because the destruction of his offices and the poisoning of him adds to his credibility.

Also he says that it is no longer possible to have a good result with the 911 movement: it's too long ago now.
Like in the JFK case the truth will never become 'common wisdom'.

He said the media are flooded with lots and lots of alternative explanations: disinformation or/and misleading information.'
He cited Peter Dale Scott: "For disinformation to be effective, the misleading theory must be 90% correct."

This brings me to my only critique on Michael Ruppert:  he never mentions Israel or the Jewish Lobby. So Iraq was just a plan for controle of the oil.

This is a bit suspicious, of course, because he must know that the big pushers for Iraq were all jewish, dual citizens, and several of them had been accused of spying for Israel
On the other extreme there is David Duke, a man who sees jews asd the only actors on the world stage.

Here are the sources on Ruppert: 
Podcast, (59 min) starting at 30 minutes.
     About the lost 911 battle, about misinformation ( Alex Jones), the Media owned by Corporations,  and about the very bleek future ( climate, Fukushima), Arnie Gunderson,  Hatrick Penley:  using documents and transcripts ( showing that the situation is very different from what MSM tell us), about preparing to die ( !!)

Ruppert on Media Mayhem : speaking about 911. ( Video, 50 min.)
( About it beïng too later for a real 911 'trial')
There are lots of video's with Ruppert on youtube.

Here are some David Duke video's : 
Duke in Iran , attacked by Wolf Blitzer ( CNN, jewish) : ( Video , 7,5 min)

Duke with prof. Kevin MacDonald: both men are extremely knowledgeable about the jewish question:
( Video,  95 minDr. David Duke interviews Dr. Kevin MacDonald on April 23rd, 2012.)

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