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288 Atrocities are a good alibi to cause millions of innocent deaths.

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It is not easy to start a war. 

People don't like wars.
But of course people can always be manipulated into a war.

Just spreading rumors about atrocities is generally enough. 

Here are some historic and recent examples: 

( Later I will translate Dutch into English, and add links) 

Voorbeelden WW1: ( gruwelverhalen van beide kanten)

Kosovo:  45 Kosovaren in Racak gedood door Serviers, of door ‘onbekenden’, men in black? Onderzoeks-leidster gelooft niet in Serviers als daders. DE geruchten waren voldoende om Servie plat te bombarderen.

Timisoara massacre: it disappeared. Weall knew about it, and heard about it, but it probably never happened. The rumors were used to create the revole nation-wide.

Iraq is bad!  Lets destroy it !
Saddam was accused of atrocities: his soldiers are throwing babies out of incubators, left there to die.  A young witness told his story  in Congress and in the UN.  This was decisive to start the first Guldf War.
Later it was proven that it was a lie, and it was produced by well known PR firm Hill & Knowlton. 
Saddam was unwilling to destroy weapons of Mass destruction, and therefore Iraq suffered from sanctions: 500.000 very young children died, according to The Lancet ( UNICEF publication.)  . The Brittisch diplomat Carne Ross told John Pilger that he found out there were no reasons for the sanctions : In 1997 he heard from the foreign Office that they thought there were NO weapons in Irak. The sanctions were just because they had ‘unanswered questions how the weapons were deestryed in the past’
So, these were no sanctions, it was deliberate murder, or can we say : genocide ?

Then Saddam was accused of thes facts: (Colin Powell “ We know for a fact”)
Saddam hasWeapons of Mass Destructiuon
Saddam can throw a bomb on London within 40 minutes
Saddam buys uranium in Niger ( to make an atomoic bomb)
Saddam made contact in Prague with terrorists
Saddam supports Al Qaida.

None of these ‘Facts’ ( Not rumors, facts)  were true.

But it was enough to destroy Iraq.
Why ?
Because Iraq no longer wanted to cooperate with America.  Because of the oil. Because a strong Iraq may not tollerate what Israel does to the palestinians.

Investigator Adriaensens  wrote: 1,6 Iraqi’s died from the sanctions between 1990 and 1997.  Another 1,3 million Iraqi’s died from the civil war after the USA created anarchy and civil war in 2003.

Ghadaffi’s atrocities:
Lockerbie: The two people who did most to get Libian culprits in the court in Zeist, Holland, were later convinced that the man who was convicted of  Lockerbie, was innocent: Judge Brown and father Dr. Swire.
Ghadaffi will ( in the future) throw bombs on defenseless citizins. Prof. Max. showed us that he did not do it, even when he  was able to.  But the French did bomb and kill civilians!

Ghadaffi was accused of stimulating rape of women.  Amnesty Int. later concluded this had never happened.  Also bombing of protesters had never happened.
But the accusations were enough to bring the vcountry into chaos. Millions of lives are damaged severly.  Lybia is like a hell now.

And now: Syria.
Everybody agrees that use of chemicals by Assad would be like suicide.
Everybody agrees that if the rebels can find a way to accuse Assad of using chemicals, it will make chances of military helo from the west a lot higher.

Surprise surprise:  Every week we hear a new story of use of chemical weapons by Assad.  They do not say exactly when or where, but they are sure.

Some history. 
In the Korean War the Americans have used a false rumour about Koreans who killed 5.500 American prisoners.  You can read it here: (Korea)  
This is the relevant text: When the North Koreans and Chinese had ceded on Nov. 4, 1952 to the three demands of the U.N. side, the U. S. military spread a story that “The Communists had brutally murdered 5,500 American prisoners.” The talks were being dragged out, the U.S. military argued, because “The communists don’t want to have to answer questions about what happened to their prisoners” and they are lower than “barbarians.” (pp. 324-25) At no time after these reports were these “atrocities” reported again or documented. But hope of a ceasefire subsided.

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