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285 Reasons for muslim terror: lets look at the Woolwich butcher Adelbolajo

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The Koran, the Old Testament and the Torah advise their people to use as a rule for behavior :
"An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth".

Nowadays we call it: proportional retribution.

The idea is: If you do to the other the same evil that was done to you, it will prevent the  beginning of crime, as  people do not want to get hurt or killed in revenge.

But retribution has to be proportional, otherwise it will escalate, and cause more damage than it prevents.
For example:  If your enemy knocks your tooth out, and you take revenge by killing him or one of his family, the family will certainly take revenge: a chain of cruelty will start.

( Christians live by the New Testament, which says: If you are hit, turn the other cheek. In other words:  no revenge. Accept the damage done. A fine strategy for among Christians among themselves, but when they have to deal with Koran or Torah adepts, it may not work so well.)

The Woolwich butcher, mr Adelbolajo, has clearly explained that he wants to stop the killing of his fellow muslims, and that he believes the 'golden rule' from Koran, Old Testament and Torah will be the best way.

It all depends on  how his deeds are explained to us. What do the Media tell us?
Most people in the West have no idea that we have caused a million deaths in muslim countries, and that many millions of lives are destroyed.
All we hear over and over again is muslim-retribution: in Boston, in Woolwich etc. etc.

I am afraid it will not at all be enough to change policies in The West, simply because western people have no idea about what is happening in the world.

Muslims are blamed for terrorist acts which they probably did not plan or do themselves.  Almost every well known terror attack shows involvement of FBI or CIA or Mossad people.  For example:  911,  7/7 in London, Mumbay,  the underwear bomber, etc: always there were some shady Intelligence actors behind the scenes.
Even Adelbolajo was contacted by MI5, but under the flag of recruiting him he was in fact made more furious towards the Brittish.
It is always possible to bring an already furious muslim to commit a cruel crime: just a friends who tells him what he should do, of maybe even hypnosis can be used to do this.

What Adelbolajo did was not only cruel and bloody, but he was also very bad prepared. He was lucky that a woman took his statement on video, otherwise the Media could have told us anything they wanted.
In a way they already did that.
But thanks to a video on the SUN website we have the complete text of why he did what he did.

HERE is the video on the Sun website.

This is what Adelbolajo said:

The only reason we have killed this man today is because muslims are dying dayly by Brittish soldiers. And this Brittish soldier is one.  It’s an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. By Allah, we swear by the almighty Allah we will never stop fighting you untill you leave us alone.  So what   if we want to live by the Sharia in muslim-land.  Why does that  mean you must fool us and chase us and fool us and kill us ?  Yòu are extreme. When you drop a bomb, you think it takes one person?  Or rather your bomb wipes out a whole family? This is the reality.

 [Next two sentences: impossible to understand]   

We must fight them as they fight us: an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth. We .. I apologise that women had to see this today. But in our land our women have to see the same ! You people will never be safe! Remove your government ! They don’t care about you !  You think they will come and get caugt in the street? When we start ‘bossing’ our guns, you think a politician is gonna die ?  No , it’s gonna be the average guy like you.  And your children.  So get rid of them. Tell them to bring our troops back, so …we can (?). .  live in peace.  Leave our land and you will live in peace. That is all I have got to say.

[ then he ends with some religious wishes, I think. I cannot understand them.]  


So the system 'An eye for an eye' may be not such a bad system. 
But IF one actor nevertheless starts cruelties, it may cause a chain of cruelties. 
That is why some authors have stressed that those who start wars for almost no reason but selfishness, are the vilest people in the world. ( See the * quote below
Now we immediately think of the Anglo-American agression: they invaded 90% of all countries in the world, and almost never out of self-defense.  

The question here is: 
Who started the feud between America ( The west) and the muslims? 
There is no doubt that is was America that started this war. 
They gave Saddam the green light to attack Kuwait, and then suddenly changed their opinion and attacked Iraq, using a.o. false accusations about incubator babies.  
The two attacks on the Twin Towers, in 1993 and in 2001 were for sure organised by American intelligence. 
The wars that caused civil wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were the result of that. 

Intelligent muslims like Adelbolajo understand this chain of events, and can do nothing but act according to their possibilities: as they say: 
'An army is the terror of a government. Terror is the army for an individual'. 

I think Adelbolajo was more justfied in his cruelty that the Western agressors. 

From  the Global Research article  I want to quote some lines.
The first shows that MI5 is probably trying to cause muslim-terror, while posing as if they hate muslim-terror. 

( According to his friend Nusaybah, Adelbolajo was tortured and sexually abused in a prison in Kenya. He did not get any help from the Brittish government though.  Yet upon returning in England MI5 asked a favor of him, which of course made Adelbolajo even more angry to the Brittish Goveernment) 
I quote:  

Nusaybah’s account was confirmed by Adebolajo’s brother-in-law. Immediately on hearing of his arrest in Kenya, the family “contacted the British government and essentially, they refused to do anything and the Kenyans were saying they were going to kill him, behead him,” he said. “We had clear proof that he was being tortured … violently and sexually.”
On his return, Adebolajo had changed and become “a lot quieter and quite bitter towards the fact that he wasn’t getting any help from anyone,” his brother-in-law continued. “They [the British authorities] did the opposite of what they were doing really. If they wanted help [with information on jihadists], surely they would have given him some support first?
The security services had approached Adebolajo to work for them, his brother-in-law continued. “They obviously asked him would he be a spy for them … You’d expect maybe they’d say ‘Can you tell us about Kenya, can we do anything for you?’ But instead you know, they basically pestered him for years, when he was trying to recover from something psychologically damaging.”
Allegations that MI5 “pestered” Adebolajo are backed up by the Guardian, which disclosed that he had seen lawyers last year to complain of harassment by the security services.

Second quote from Global Research article shows us why these young muslims may be driven toward cruel acts: 

In what amounts to a form of collective punishment, this assault targets Muslims—although its broader aim is to undermine the democratic rights of all working people.
Home Secretary Theresa May has set out new measures to prevent the “radicalisation of British Muslims”, including “pre-emptive” censorship of the Internet, banning radical Muslim groups even if they disavow terrorism and violence, and a further crackdown on freedom of speech, especially on university campuses.

 In the words of the chief American prosecutor at Nuremberg, Robert H. Jackson: 
To initiate a war of aggression, therefore, is not only an international crime; it is the supreme international crime differing only from other war crimes in that it contains within itself the accumulated evil of the whole.

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