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266 Gladio A and Gladio B.

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A rough description of Gladio : 
After WW1 the Western World was afraid of a Communist take-over or invasion.
It was decided that in many Western European countries arms and munition would be stashed away in secret places. Very few people knew that these arms-depots existed. The idea was that IF the communists would take over, resistance groups would get information of the wherabouts of these arms, and thus be able to fight against the communists.
That was the idea around 1950.

The reality was different: In the seventies and eighties the Americans felt that many Europeans were anti-America and anti-Nato.
To change the mood into a more right wing direction they stimulated extreme-right wing groups commit terrorist attacks in several countries, and these groups were using the arms that were in the Gladio bunkers.
Left wing organisations like the Brigate Rosso were accused of these terror attacks. In Bologna 85 people were killed by a Gladio terror attack.
In Belgium the 'Bende van Nijvel' was probably a Gladio operation.

Here you will read a very elaborate description of Gladio:
Here is the Dutch version, not so elaborate.
Here is the BBC documentary about Gladio, made in 1992. ( 2 .25 hours)

Gladio B.

Now there is a new form of US-state-sponsored terrorism, this time in Eastern Europe. My source is Sibel Edmonds.  ( 5 star reviews on Amazon)
Her book is about the CIA and the FBI and about 911.
As US-state-terrorism was until now captured with the concept of Gladio,  mrs. Edmonds calls this new form of US-state-terrorism:  Galdio- B.

Edmonds tells us how Mubarak was asked to let islamic fanatics like
 Ayman al Zawahiri out of his Egyptian prison.
( In 'The power of Nightmares' Zawahiri figures as a prisoner.)
Then Zawahiri started to commit terror attacks in the arab world which were intended to weaken US ennemies.
Edmonds has the impression that in fact Zawahiri was always more important than  Osama bin Laden.

Edmonds tells us how a well know Turkish drugs-criminal 'Chatli' was liberated from a swiss prison with the use of a NATO helicopter.
Here is a summary about him, written on another blog:

 The primary example Edmonds gives of this type of Gladio operative is Abdullah Çatlı.  He was a major para-military nationalist with a criminal record so notorious he was on Interpol's 10 Most Wanted list.  Arrested in Switzerland during the 80's and placed in a high-security prison, he escaped via a helicopter that was owned by NATO!  Çatlı (pronounced Chat-lee) next shows up in London in 1989 where he is granted UK citizenship!  Next he comes to the United States, specifically Chicago in 1990-1991 where he is given a green card.  There are dozens of exits and entrances from America indicating his participation in the kind of nefarious operations listed above, but because he carries 4 or 5 diplomatic passports, he has immunity to do whatever he wants.  In 1995, Çatlı travels to Azerbaijan from Chicago and attempts to assassinate President Aliyev.  The attempt fails to kill Aliyev, but succeeds in Çatlı's real goal: making Aliyev loyal to US/NATO.  Prior to the assassination attempt, Aliyev was loyal to Russia but had a terrible weakness ripe for exploitation: he had big debts with casinos.  Following the assassination attempt, Aliyev became pro-US, so with his mission accomplished, Çatlı came back to Chicago.  He was also heavily involved with organizing terror operations in an area of West China known as Turkestan prior to his death.
Later I may write more about Sibel Edmonds information.
For now I give you the link where you can find the 6 hours of interview with Sibel Edmonds.
The serioes started on january 30 this year, and its not finished yet.
This is number 6, and ithas a short list of links to the other interviews:

James Corbett interviews Sibel Edmonds in 2013. 

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