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250 The host and the parasite

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Greg Felton is a Canadian author who whose subject is the Jewish influence in American politics, especially in relation to Israel.

I think he has an enormous knowledge of 'hidden facts' and if we want to  have a worthwhile opinion about this world, we should know ALL the facts, also those that were hidden till now.

From an amazon review I copy this:

Felton's book integrates a remarkable range of relevant material, including:

- the decline of American republican government from Viet Nam to the present;
- the rise of American fascism since the Reagan years;
- the rise of the pro-Israel lobby in America and its growing influence on the presidency from 1948  until now;
- the subjugation of America's Congress and Senate by the pro-Israel lobby;
- the anti-democratic philosophy of Leo Strauss and its corrosive influence on America via the neo-conservative movement;
- the growth and goals of the Project for a New American Century (PNAC) and other right wing think tanks;
- PNAC's search for a new 'Pearl Harbour' to permit the restructuring of America;
- The Israeli foreign policy goal of dismembering Iraq to ensure Israeli regional domination;
- the demonization of Islam;
- the origins and rise of the religious right in America and its obsession with Israel;
- the planned attack on Iran that is being pushed by Israel and its proxies in America;
- the extremely gloomy prospects for America to "return to normal".

This is a video ( 54 min) where Felton speaks for 30 minutes and then answers questions:  

A more recent book from Felton is :

Exploding Middle East myths: 15 years of fighting zionist propaganda.

From an amazon review:

Felton has grouped the essays in this book under five main headings:

- Zionism and History - the origins and evolution of the Zionist ideology.
- Palestine and Beyond - Israeli aggression in Palestine and Lebanon, and Israeli influence over American policies and intervention in the Middle East.
- Hasbarats and Quislings - Israeli propaganda ("hasbara") and the willingness of North American media and governments to parrot it.
- Distraction and Disinformation - Hollywood's massive pro-Israel bias. I particularly enjoyed two of these essays: Felton's scholarly demolition of the movie "300", in which he demonstrates that the film is propaganda for a war against Iran (p. 138); and his scathing satire "Oscar Preview With Lance Boyle" (p. 146) which proposes an Oscar award for best pro-Israel propaganda film. Kudos to Felton for selecting Quentin Tarantino's contemptible "Inglorious Bastards" as a recipient of the "Leni Riefenstahl Award¨.
- Censorship and Intimidation - Zionist efforts to silence all criticism of Israel.

Here we see Gilad Atzmon discussing the book:

Gilad Atzmon mentions Lenni Brenners book '51 documents: Zionist collaborationb with the Nazi's.

He also mentions Hannah Ahrends 1962 book 'Eichmann in Jerusalem"
Quote from a review: "Evil, she( Ahrendt) insists, is not an inevitable aspect of human nature, but instead arises from an unwillingness to understand".

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