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9. 'The Israel Lobby", VPRO 2007 

Vijf minuten die aantonen dat Amerika geen democratie is.

Ik heb deze 5 minuten uitgeschreven: In de video vanaf minuut 26 tot minuut 31.

Nederlands: ( VPRO documentaire)

Speeches van Walt en Mearsheimer: ( Video 1.40 uur) 

Drie mensen komen aan het woord:
     Michael Massing  ( investigative journalist)
     Kolonel Wilkerson,  rechterhand van Colin Powel in 2002.
     Tony Judt,  Brits historicus, joods. Iemand die de wereld wil verbeteren.

Michael Massing over de jaarlijkse AIPAC bijeenkomst.    (Minuut 26.00- 26.20)
“It has become like its a ritual.  Where they have, the officials have to go ….to show that they are on Aipac’s side. Half the Congress shows up …. top administration officials,   and they have a keynote speaker every year who is invariably at the very top. 
Michael Massing : Over het noteren van de loyaliteit.  26.45-27.50
AIPAC does an excellent job of constantly testing the loyalty of people in Congress to their cause, and so there is a constant stream of resolutions that get proposed on the Middle East: expressing support for Israel … eh about something that is done or sympathy with victims of a suicide bombing or  condemning Iran or other people in the region who are being hostile to Israel.  And these become tests of sort of loyalty of people in Congress on this issue. And those who vote in the way that Aipac wants, will in many ways be rewarded ultimately with campaign contributions from people sympathetic to Aipac. Aipac itself does not give money, but they sort of …… this whole series of votes and their very careful cataloguing of how people vote --- very much affects where people make decisions  about who to give the money to.

Kolonel Wilkerson over het omkopen van het Congres.  ( min. 27.50)
“ Money does not flow into a congressman’s coffers or a Senator’s coffers, unless he supports positions taken by the Lobby. That is their first….major influence .. I think is money. And this administration ( Bush)  is awashed ( overspoeld) in money. More so than any administration in American history.

Michael Massing over Senatoren die toch NEE gestemd hebben, waar Aipac JA had geadvisserd:
VPRO:   “For 2 month’s we have been trying to get in contact with Congresspeople who voted NO on the bills that were supported by Aipac, but nobody wanted to speak to us. Is that normal ? “
The, this is an issue where a Congres person will see no gain by speaking on it … just even voting against Aipacs recommendend positions is perillous ( gevaarlijk) to them, because it can lead to reduction in campaign funds, it can lead to all kinds of problems in their home disctict….
VPRO: But they voted NO
They did… eh but they don’t wanna go even more public about it  ….. a film clip in particular… can you imagine a campaign opponent using that … it can become the basis of a negative campaign ad….. “Look: this person is against Israel’s interest”… so whenever I have spoken to people on Capitol Hill about  this it was almost always on a ‘not for attribution’ basis. (anoniem )  


Tony Judt :  (minuut 29.20 – 31)
“ I was told off the record once, by a very prominent democratic Senator—we were at a meeting in Paris – and it was late in the evening, we were sitting in a hotel, he was talking about the Middle East,  and he was saying things about Israel which were very similar to the criticisms that I would make. And so I said to him “but you never say these things in the Senate…why not … is it because you are worried about the jewish vote…?”  He said “forget it, it has nothing to do with the jewish vote …. I come from a state […] where there are very few jews, and they are all going to vote for me anyway. So it does not matter. So it is not the jewish vote. That is not the issue. It’s not money..I don’t get money from the Israel Lobby. That is not the issue. But ( he said) suppose that I walk on the senate floor and say in a moving speech why we need to take our distance from Israel and understand better what has happened to the Palestinians……  maybe I would win five or ten Senators over to a general motion criticizing Israel. Maximum. That is all I could get…..and ( he said) in return, I would be finished in the Senate. Because no one would ever vote again for my needs… if I wanted something to move for my state..or an education bill, or a financial bill or a tax bill. Anything to do with domestic policy.. nothing to do with Israël.  I would be punished.


Tot zover de citaten uit The Israel Lobby.
Er zijn nog veel interessante quotes uit deze documentaire te halen. De hele documentaire bekijken is meer dan de moeite waard.

Paul Findley heeft in 1985 al gelijksoortige informatie beschreven in 'They dare to speak out."
Hier is een lang interview met hem:


Iemand zei ooit: " America rules the world, but Israël rules America." Dit is in elk geval wel juist volgens oud premier Sharon en volgens de Israelische woordvoerster Tzipora Menache :

Ariel Sharon: “ Don’t worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control America, and theAmericans know it.”
Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon to Shimon Peres, October 3, 2001, as reported on Kol Yisrael radio. 
Israeli spokeswoman, Tzipora Menache, stated:  ‘You know very well, and the stupid Americans know equally well, that we control their government, irrespective of who sits in the White House. You see, I know it and you know it that no American president can be in a position to challenge us even if we do the unthinkable. What can they (Americans) do to us? We control congress, we control the media, we control show biz, and we control everything in America. In America you can criticize God, but you can’t criticize Israel.”

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