Sunday, August 21, 2016

547 Why was Syria destroyed? Here are the facts.

Ray McGovern who worked all his life for the CIA has become a source of information about what is really happening in the world.

Here he explains why Syria was destroyed:
- To protect Israel, of course !
( No longer a 'crazy' idea of the Conspiracy adepts, since we read it in Hillary's 'secret' emails, where she uses the same words. )

Ray mentions the Neocons who advised Israel with their report 'Protecting the Realm", which was written by them in 1996.
They were jewish Americans with primary loyalty to Israel, not to America.

In 1999 the same jewish Americans publish 'Project for a New American Century', which says in essence:  America must bully the world for the next 100 years, into submission.
( Of course Israel will be the main beneficiary. The Americans are just paying and their safety and furure is offered for this goal.)

In their 'Rebuilding America's Defenses' they write how their army must be made stronger.
In 'Training Circular 18-01' we can read how they will work: using Smart Power: a combination of real weapons ( hard power)  and weaponised other instruments ( soft power)  like: the Media, NGO's,  Hollywood, false flags,  supporting rebels  in the target country, etc. etc.

The result: In the last 15 years 6 out of 7  targeted countries ( Listen to colonel Wesley Clark  in 2007) were destroyed.
Why?  Nobody knows.  But rumours are sent out all the time:  To fight terrorism,  to help sufferiung populations from a dictator, for the oil, etc. etc.
Official Talking Headfs will never say 'it's for Israel'.  You only read that in de-classified or hacked emails. Or in the alternative media off course.

Here is a fine interview with Ray McGovern ( 32 minutes):

Ray McGovern: The Rest of the Story behind U.S., Israel, and Syria

And here is an article which explains what I just wrote here above:

 How We Know ISIS Was Made In The USA


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