Thursday, December 03, 2015

502 The Traveling Defamation Circus

There is a group of people travelling around the world and appearing on TV programs and in local papers who's job it is to tell lies or at least unconfirmed accusations about Putin.

On Dutch TV I have seen these people :

Bill Browder
Gary Kasparov
Edward Lucas
Mikhail Shiskin

There are more of them, like Oksana Chelygeva, but they are not well known.

They all have their personal motivatiobn to be angry at Russia or at Putin. And now they are happy to do what they are doing.

They travel around the world and repeat their extremely negative message about Putin.
Again and again.
They write it in the New York Times, are interviewed by hundreds of local TV programs and appear at public meetings.
And they are doing it for a few years now. Like if they are circus artists, they travel the world.

They will tell you that Litvinenko was 'of course' killed by Putin, and that Nemtsov was 'of course' killed by Putin.  Etc.
Of course they have no proof at all.
(Kasparov's proof: 'Nemtsov was killed in front of the Kremlin! ")

Their power and function is to repeat and repeat the lie in the Media, so that in the end everybody will consider this to be true. That is how the human mind works. You need  repetition.

Because there are no critical journalists left in the MSM, they are invited time and time again.

What can we do?
I have no idea.
I have written in the comments sections of papers for several years. It has little effect, I think.
And  one word about Israel and you are banned forever from these comment-sections.

Many media websites have cancelled these sections.  Under one ant-Russia article you could find 30 reactions, 25 of them being pro-Putin.  I think that is why they stopped many of these sections.

In The Netherlands I have never read one article in a newspaper that was in defense of Putin.
Journalists who understand that Putin is a hundred times better than the Neocons, just get no entry to the MSM.

There are two entities being bashed and defamed these days: Putin and the islam.
The actors are mostly jewish, and if not jewish they are occupying powerful positions ( in politics or media). It is nowadays more of a career-booster to be very critical about islam.
Ten years ago, when most people were still programmed to be Politically Correct, it was not good for your career to be anti-islam.  (PC-ness was the mindset that was necessary to be able to have mass-immigration. And mass-immigration was necessary to be able to destroy our countries, later on.)  

Some back-ground information.
Would Putin benefit from killing Livinenko or Nemtsov?
Clearly: No.
Both of them had no real influence at all anymore.  Putin has hundreds of enemies like these two. Besides: I do not know of one person being murdered byPutin. I think this is simply not a very wise thing to do in Putin's eyes.  Putin killed a lot of muslim extremists in Chechnya. Lots of them. Because there simply is no other way to solve this problem.

Would 'The West' benefit  from killing Litvinenko and Nemtsov?
I suppose I do not need to answer that.
These killlings were one of the many aspects ( many lies in ther media)  that  together created the image of Puin as 'the new Hitler'.
They needed these killings,as they needed all the other lies ( like about Russia attacking Georgia, annexing Crimea, starting a war in Donbas etc.)
Nobody knows who killed Litvinenko, but the 'cui bono/ answer is clear.

Just recently I saw a video where 3 people were interviewed, concerning the Litvinenko murder.
It convinced me that  it was not the Russian agent Loegovoy who killed Litvinenko, as 'the west' is now telling everybody.
In short:
-One lie-detector specialist says: Loegovoy did not lie when he denied the murder.
- One MIT professor says: Polonium 210 can be bought at every big textile plant in the world. Not only Russian agents can use it.
- One owner of a restaurant and club said: Litvinenko was here one week before he got sick, so also one week before the Russian agent supposedly poisoned him. Police investigators  came to our club and found traces of polonium, exactly at the places where Litvinenko had been sitting. So this is proof thah he was poisoned before  his meeting with Loegovoy. I do not understand why this information never was made public.
Here is the video: ( Litvinenko murder)
Or go to youtube and search:

BOMBSHELL VIDEO: Vital Litvinenko Murder Clues Unearthed by Amateur Sherlock Fans

Verder: Kasparov in Brandpunt, 1 dec 2015: ( minuut 21)

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