Saturday, August 08, 2015

480 Wat willen die Neocons?

In een lange toespraak op UCLA in 2004 (!) omschreef Seymour Hersh de doelen van het  kerngroepje  van Neocons als volgt:
het gaat hen niet om de olie. En zelfs het beschermen van Israel is niet de essentie. Het is als een cult groepje dat een Utopia nastreeft. Daarbij gaat het niet zozeer om democratie die moet worden verspreid.  Het is veeleer een streven naar permanente revolutie. Te beginnen in het Midden Oosten.

Hieronder het stukje waarvan ik hierboven de essentie probeerde samen te vatten, in het Nederlands:

The Neocon Cult [ In de video op 1:16:47]
So, rather than deal with the obvious stuff about Bush and this election and what it means, I think the real question we have to answer, and this is the question I'm inchoate about, I don't have an answer …
The question we have to say to ourselves is, ok, so here’s what happens, a bunch of guys, 8 or 9 neoconservatives, cultists — not Charles Manson cultists, but cultists — get in and it's not, with all due respect to Michael Moore, and you’ll read it, his movie’s fine, but it’s not about oil, it’s not even about protecting Israel, it’s about a Utopia they have, it’s about an idea they have. Not only about — democracy can be spread — in a sense, I would say Paul Wolfowitz is the greatest Trotskyite of our time, he believes in permanent revolution, and in the Middle East to begin, needless to say.
And so you have a bunch of people who've been for 10, 12 years have been fantasizing since the 1991 Gulf War on the way to resolve problems. And of course Israel will be a beneficiary and etc. etc., but the worldin their eyes — this was Utopia. And so they got together, this small group of cultists, and how did they do it? They did do it. They’ve taken the government over. And what’s amazing to me, and what really is troubling, is how fragile our democracy is. Look what happened to us.
[In the press, there is] self-censorship, which is the beacon word for me, you know I always think it comes more, you know there is a corporate mentality out there, but there’s also a tremendous amount of self-censorship among the press. It’s like a disease.
But also — they not only — they took away the edge from the press, they also muzzled the bureaucracy, they muzzled the military, they muzzled the Congress, and it’s an amazing feat. We’re supposed to be a democratic society, and all of those areas of our democracy bowed and scraped to this group of neocons who advocated a policy.

Hier de hele toesprtaak van Hersh in 2004:  (Tekst

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