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327 Homosexuality is used to destabilise countries.

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We all know how Russia is flooded with NGO's that stimulated homosexuals in Russia to start a fight for emancipation.
Not a natural way to act, of course.
Emancipation of homosexuality has to be endogenous, and has to grow within the population.
I think it can only grow when a country looses its old habits and values, and replaces them for new ones.
We saw what happened in Russia:  The Government had enough of it and and made a law that forbode it to make publicity for homosexuality amongst youngsters.
A safe and modest law, one would think.
Not so, it turned out.

It was used as a tool to bash Putin and Russia.
From the news one would get the impression that homo's had a terrible life in Russia.
Not true.
Their life was OK, untill the Masters of Discourse started to attack Russia.
It angered the right wingers who started to threaten and molest homo's.

But..... this is old news today.
The reason for this blog is a TV program I just saw on Belgian TV.( Video)
A Dutch author, Monique Samuel  (from Egyptian Christian ancestry), herself a lesbian, has lived in Uganda for some time in the last few years.
Her goal: to see the changes in treatement of homosexuals in Uganda.

Here is what she  said:

Life in Uganda was never too difficult for homosexuals.
They were not popular, but they could live their lives.
Two women could live together, and people would not even think anything of it.

Then came some very extreme religious preachers from the USA.
They were forbidden to preach in the USA ( where freedom of speech is like the most important 'right' known to man) .  That's  how fanatic they were.
They started to preach hatred against homosexuals in Uganda.

It made the Ugandans alert on homosexuality.
Now they said: Why are those two women living together in that house?
This caused politicians to be more and more anti-gay. A proces of the last two or three years.

The result of the more  negative publicity towards homosexuality in Uganda had an important consequence:  Western countries like the USA,  Sweden, Belgium, Denmark and others started to criticise Uganda and above all :  Ugandese politicians.
They were pictured as primitive and backwards.

That was the reason for the recent new laws: outlawing homosexualty.
Ugandan politicians felt paternalised by The West, and reacted.
A paper publicised the names of 200 homosexuals in Uganda.

The homosexuals were the victims.
In recent days  some were lynched, some killed themselves, some flew or disappeared from public life.

In the TV debate with mrs Samuel the Belgian minister of Foreign Affairs, Didier Reinders,  said that he is working on sanctions against Uganda, and will stop sending monmey to Uganda.

Mrs  Samuel pleaded for non interference of the West.
She says it is exactly the Western 'humanitarian measurements' that cause all the trouble.


Being a conspirationalist by profession I ask myself:
Was this all scripted?
I think it was.
I do not think that people like Reinders understand the game that is being played.
But I think it was no coïncidence that these American extremists were sent to Uganda.
And it certainly was no coïncidence that all these NGO's in Russia stimulated the Russian gays to start to fight for their emancipation.

Mrs Victoria Nuland recently admitted that the USA had spent 5 billion $ in the last 25 years to split the Ukraïne away from Russia. The USA did everything to create chaos in that country. All the time sayi8ng they are working for the good of the people.
They did the same to Afghanistan,  Iraq, Libia and Syria.  All thes e countries have changed to hell holes after USA-paid snipers created civil war.
For the Ukraïne they have the same future in mind.  And for Russia and Iran, no doubt.
It has to do with Global Power for America and even more with complete regional hegemony for Israel.
About Ukraïne:
Israel Shamir:
The Saker has many great blogs on Ukraïne. Here is one in a series:

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